Fate Online: Shadow
186 Don“t Tell Me She Likes Dark Chocolate?
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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186 Don“t Tell Me She Likes Dark Chocolate?

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

"F*ck! I thought this was just a simple bandit's hideout!?"

Michael screamed in anger towards Viper, who's running for their life alongside him with a huge boulder chasing behind them through a narrow passageway.

"Why are you blaming it on me!? I hadn't gotten this far yet when I was exploring this place alone. It was clearly stated that this place's difficulty is D, and it should've been easy, but I didn't know that it would be this dangerous with traps everywhere!"

"F*ck! I would really prefer running into a rain of bullets rather than getting chased by a huge as* Boulder that could immediately snuff the life out of us!"

Viper was cursing in anger.

If this were in real life, then these two gentlemen would have broken many track and field records by now with how fast they are going!

"Over there! That's our way out!"

Michael quickly pointed towards a damaged part of the wall ahead of them, where they could safely avoid the rolling boulder behind them by stuffing themselves in.

"Quick! My Shadow Blur is finally available!"

"Shadow Blur!"

"Wind Rush!"

Michael's silhouette quickly disappeared and appeared inside the damaged wall, while Viper on the other hand, has breathe of winds swirling around his feet as his movement speed quickly went up a notch, and started running like the wind.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

"Give me your hand old man!"

"F*ck! I'm straight motherf*cker!"

"Me too, as*hole!"

Michael reached his hand out towards Viper, where the latter quickly grabbed it, where Michael quickly pulled him towards him before the rolling boulder could crush Viper into a meat patty as it rolled past by before them, and the two of them looked like two sardines in a can with how narrow the space is, where it was just enough for two people to fit in.

And when the two are finally free from their previous predicament, the two of them quickly came out of the narrow crack from the wall.

"Those damn game developers must be a group of Ms! Is this really a bandit's hideout with a Difficulty - D? More like a king's tomb with how much traps we have encountered so far, and this is only the third floor!"

Even Michael was confused with how dangerous this place is, but he figured out the low difficulty must be because of the lack of hostile creatures inside, and where they had barely encountered five monsters so far since they had gotten here.

"F*ck! That was even scarier than the time I met Zero!"

Viper sighed with relief, and in turn, Michael turned towards him when he heard a familiar name.

"Zero?" asked Michael.

Viper looked at him for a second with a serious look on his face, before waving his hand to dismiss the subject.

"You'll slowly know about him lad"

Michael just smiled, as he was very familiar person with that person called Zero. After all, he was the only one who was on par and stood beside that living legend during his "peak"...from the previous timeline of course.

Then the two of them started making their way back from where they first encountered the rolling boulder.

"Say, did you really get scouted from someone from Dernier Cri?"

Viper suddenly asked Michael a weird question from out of nowhere, considering where they are at right now.

"Ahh, that...Sigh~ yes" Michael sighed.

A smile suddenly appeared on Viper's face, and said with a laugh, "Dernier Cri is actually my girlfriend's company. Let me rephrase that, her parents' company"

Michael looked at him with a skeptical look on his face and said, "Don't tell me that Olivia asked you to ask me to work for them?"

"Not really work for them, but she wanted to at least work for you with one session of photoshoot, after that, it's done. Besides people like us don't dig this kind of things, except for as*hole Genesis" Viper scoffed, remembering Genesis' annoying face.

Michael laughed as he did remember that Genesis was a fame whore during his years as a Rock n Roll star.

"How much for that then?"

Michael asked, besides a single photoshoot wouldn't hurt him as long as they are paying him, especially now that he really needs a lot of cash.

"Seriously? You're not gonna even think about it?" Viper quickly turned his head towards Michael in surprise.

"I'm not, because I'm only doing it once. Besides, they're gonna pay me right?" Michael snorted.

"Of course, they would. Olivia isn't a con artist"

"I didn't say anything, you're the one who said that"

"Shut up, you're really annoying as hell for a man your age"

"Hey, I'm a twenty four year old young man, unlike you who's already dry inside and out. I really wonder what Olivia sees in you. Don't tell me she likes dark chocolate?"

"At least I have a girlfriend~ Kakaka!"

Viper just ignored his insults and laughed like a victor.

"I really hate that look on your face. How did someone like you even became an assassin?" Michael snorted in annoyance.

"I should be the one asking you that question. How did someone like you who's wet behind his ears is already this skilled, huh!?"

"You wanna have a go, old man?" Michael growled.

"Huh!? You think I'm afraid of you kiddo who doesn't have a girlfriend!?" Viper said with an arrogant look on his face along with cross popping veins on the side of his forehead.

"Did someone ever told you that your expression when your angry is funny and annoying as hell?"

"Do you know that I have a beautiful girlfriend?"

"Do you want me to really kill you?"

"Having a girlfriend is so awesome, especially one who's hot, gorgeous and beautiful!"

"Hahaha! I really want to kill you right now!"

"Hahaha! Me too!"

The two of them continued throwing insults at each other all the way until they finally reached the magic circle that would lead them to the next floor.

"I told you this is a bandit's hideout"

"Well, shit"


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