Fate Online: Shadow
182 Reeds
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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182 Reeds

Miya is actually the most skilled among them in regards to being a sniper. Even Michael had accepted the fact that he's much inferior towards Miya in regards to using sniper rifles.

During Miya's active years, she had gained a unique moniker called Lady Death from over two thousand sniper kills, and at least over seventy percent of those confirmed kills happened from a two mile distance between her and her target.

That kind of record would have put her in the ranks of One Blade, but it was only because she lacked in other skills that she only retired as Two Blades, or else she would have retired as a One Blade.

Genesis expression quickly darkened when he heard their undisguised disdain towards his bragging of his weapon.

"You do know that Miya could hit anyone within two miles even when she's using the worst sniper rifle there is, right?" Circle laughed in disdain.

"Shut up shortie, do you want me to put a bullet in your f*ckin head?" Genesis growled.

"Yeah? How about I slice your head off so that we can finally have peace in this house?" Circle stood before Genesis while looking up to his face and grinned menacingly.

"Oh yeah? How about I bash your head with a sledgehammer so that you'll become even more shorter?" Genesis laughed disdainfully.

"Are you two going to fight or not? So much b*tching!"

Viper said, who had just come over when he heard the commotion outside.

"F*ck off! Don't even let me start with you!" Genesis snorted.

"It's the sex machine" Circle frowned while glaring at Viper.

"Ahh~?" Viper looked at Genesis with anger painted on his face.

"What do you mean, ahh~? Do you know how many nights that I didn't have any proper sleep? Three!"

Genesis said angrily, while his hand trembled showing three fingers at Viper.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Yeah, our rooms are f*cking soundproof, but we could still f*cking hear you and your woman having sex! Like what the hell? How do you two even do that!?" Circle yelled angrily, as he and Genesis actually had dark eye bags from the lack of sleep.

"You two are just jealous because you two don't have any lovers" Viper spat in anger before making his way inside the house.

Circle and Viper looked at each other, and snorted as they turned heads at opposite directions.


Miya who was watching the spectacle until now just shook her head.

Five in the afternoon.

"Mom! Please take me out of this place!" Jin yelled when he saw his mother coming over.

"Oh son, are you doing okay here? Don't worry, we'll get you out of here soon, but why are your face covered in bruises!?" Jin's mother said angrily.

"When? That bastard Jackson told me that my stay here would be indefinite until they can solve the mess I made"

Jin ignored what his mother said, and started giving her eye signals, as he's afraid that he would get into trouble again. Especially with how poor the living conditions in this cell is, where they can only sleep on the cold floor and that they would wake up the next day with an aching body all over.

Jin's mother was about to open his mouth, when she suddenly saw someone familiar behind Jin.

"Is that...Sony Reeds? From the Reeds Famiglia? What is he doing here?"

Jin stopped then looked back, and his body trembled when he remembered something, "Y-yes mom. I just found out that he got arrested because he got into a huge brawl that involved some large gangs in the city"

Sony waved at Jin's mother with a huge smile on his face, which made Jin stiff, while his mother waved back at him, and whispered, "This is a good chance to make friends with him son, okay?"

"Ye..yes mother" Jin smiled stiffly.

'What do you mean friends!? His lackey was the one who gave me this bruises!'

"Anyway, where and how did you get those bruises?"

"Ahh~ Michael...who is Amanda's friend caused this"

Jin lied, it was because he was afraid that he'd get beat up later after if he ever tells her the truth.

"That Amanada again! She always causes us trouble!" Jin's mother said angrily, as her pair of eyes burned with hatred.

"And who is this Michael? Does he have a powerful background"

"I think he does. After all, I sent a hitman to kill him before, but the hitman died"

Jin whispered to his mother.

"You did?"

"Uhmm, and he's that guy who did "this" to me, and foiled my plans"

And Sony who was watching them just shook his head.

Then a police officer came over, "Sony Reeds, and your friend. You can go now"



Sony was a bit surprised because he knows that he would only get out next day afternoon, but he didn't question them further before he and his goon walked out of the cell.

"A word of advice, whatever you're planning to do against that young man...you're certainly gonna regret it"

Sony said the moment he passed by Jin and his mother, he smiled at them then quickly followed behind the officer to deal with the paper works for their release.

"Was he talking about Michael?" Jin's mother said as she stared at Sony's back.

"Enough about him Mom, when are you going to get me out of here? I don't want to stay here anymore! I can't even get a proper sleep because there's no bed here"

Jin complained, and his mother looked at her son with pity. It was because she really wanted to get her son out of this immediately, but she can't as she wasn't dumb enough to ignore her husband's warning, as she's also someone who's very much afraid of death.

"I can't right now son. Your father said to let this matter slowly die down or else we'd get ourselves in trouble" Jin's mother helplessly said while caressing his son's face.

"What? What about grandmother then?" Jin said.

Jin's mother just smiled and shook her head. It was because she knew that asking for her mother's help on this matter is useless. After all, she knew that the old hag isn't fond of Jin but more on Alexis instead, even though the latter is just a bastard son born from a mistress.

"What do I do then?"

"We can only wait until the other side forgets about this. In the first place, why did you even caused trouble here son? You know full well that Central City is a hostile territory. The people behind this city are your father's enemies"

"I..I just wanted to punish Amanda and force her to give us her inheritance"

Jin lied, as he really can't say that he wanted to f*ck her so bad, and that the thought of doing his own cousin is making him horny as hell.

But his mother didn't know his thoughts so she just said worriedly, "You really shouldn't be doing this kind of dangerous things, and besides, you should let your father deal with her. It's not like she'll be absolutely safe in this city"


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