Fate Online: Shadow
181 No! Why would I lend you my baby!?
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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181 No! Why would I lend you my baby!?

On the other hand.

Michael had a stiff smile on his face as he sat inside a bus heading towards the direction of his neighborhood. It was because he could feel the stares directed towards him, especially the ladies beside him who are blatantly whispering about him as he could even hear them.

"He's so handsome and manly, do you think he's some kind of a model or an actor?"

"I doubt that, with a body and face like that. We would have already heard about him a long time ago"

"Do you think he has a girlfriend?"

"Why? Do you want to be his girlfriend?"

"Of course"

"You wish. Besides, you already have one"

Michael just ignored the two ladies beside him, who's giggling and blatantly talking about him.

Then Michael suddenly noticed a man walking towards him from the back of the bus.

"Hello there, I'm Miz. A talent scout of Dernier Cri" a middle aged man in a business suit said while offering Michael his business card.

Michael looked at the man, then at the card, before reluctantly taking it.

Miz Anin

Talent Scout

The women, especially those interested in fashion looked at the man in surprise.

"Dernier Cri? That high end fashion company!?"

"I didn't expect that we would actually see a talent scout from them, much less someone who's currently trying to recruit someone to join them. This is so amazing!"

"How devilish looking"

Miz commented which made Michael raised an eyebrow towards him.

'Is he talking about me? Well, I do look handsome, but devilish?'

Michael chuckled inside, as he didn't believe one bit that he's that devilish looking.

"An amazing face..body, and a great fashion sense. Thinking about it, he's even better than those international models that I scouted before. If he joins our company, then our brand would surely soar in popularity if he becomes the face of the company"

Miz keeps on shamelessly observing Michael from head to toe, clearly ignoring the fact that Michael's expression is slowly darkening by the second as he could certainly hear his so called "murmuring".

Even those people around them could hear him, which shocked them when they heard what he was murmuring about, and they are now looking at Michael in a different light.


Some even took a picture of him scowling, which made it even worse! The only good thing is that the bus had already arrived at the next stop, where Michael hurriedly got off the bus and ran to the distance.

"Hey! I will find you, and I will make you join us!"

"Goddammit! This again, I was too engrossed in my thoughts that I belatedly realized that he was already gone!"

Miz was pulling his hair back in anger, where the man immediately ran away when he noticed that the ladies from the bus is starting to surround him.

On the other hand.

"Becoming a model? Hmmp!"

Michael looked at the business card in his hands and snorted before throwing it away.



Michael had just gotten home when he was suddenly greeted by an unexpected news.

"I'm going to University? Why?"

"What do you mean why? Hello! It's to study, right?"

Alice playfully said to Michael.


"No buts! Go get yourself changed from that, and we'll immediately go for your interview!"

Alice said as she pushed Michael towards his room.

"But I just freaking got home!"

Michael looked at Tom for help, but the latter just showed him a helpless smile and shrugged his shoulders.

"And I freaking hate school! What about my game?"

"Shut it! You're gonna need this!"

Over an hour later.

"Holy sh*t, I'm really going to school huh?"

Michael nervously laughed as he gazed at the huge building before him, which was a two hundred meter long victorian style building, and around him is a wide space that looks like a park with trees and grass while a lot of students are walking or running around the place.

This place is...Central University!

'How the heck did I even managed to pass the assessment to attend this school?'

Central University is so big that its situated just at the foot of a mountain, at the outskirts of the Central City, just ten miles away from the city and seven miles from the sea.

Around the school are different establishments build around it, which makes the place looks like a small town.

And Central University is considered as one of the top twenty most prestigious schools in the world.

What really confused Michael when he got interviewed earlier was that he was just asked about things that wasn't really hard to freaking answer, that he even thought that a grade schooler could answer those questions.

'Do they know someone here? It was just too easy for them to immediately accept me here. After all, I'm not really that smart'

Michael looked at Alice who was talking to someone on her phone, then frowned at the thought of attending this school that's clearly wasn't part of his plans, and instead would just get on his way!


Michael's phone suddenly rang and saw that it was Genesis calling him.

"[Hahaha, I heard you're gonna be attending school soon?]" Genesis said with laughter.

"Shut up, old man. You know that this would reduce my time playing Fate Online, right?" Michael snorted angrily.

"[Of course, I know. Anyway, I heard from Viper that you want to take care of that Jin brat?]" Genesis casually asked.

Michael's face darkened as he looked around him and made his way over to an isolated area where there is less foot traffic.

"Yeah, you have the equipment for it, right?" Michael asked.

"[Of course, who do you think you're talking to? I'm lending you my McMillan TAC-50, and a couple of armor piercing bullets]" Genesis replied.

Michael didn't say anything for a few seconds before carefully asking, "You are not lending me your Barrett M82?"

From the other side of the call, Genesis had a skeptical look on his face when he heard what Michael said, "No! Why would I lend you my baby girl? You should be thankful that I'm even letting you borrow my things, you poor brat! You should instead buy your own things if you're this choosy. Oh wait, you don't have enough money to even buy a single decent sniper rifle, poor you. So just shut up and don't be choosy!"

"Fine, I'll come get it later" Michael snorted.

"[No thank you?]"

"Thank you!" Michael said before ending the call.

'That old man is still so stingy with his things. I should've just asked Miya about this. It's not like Genesis is a better sniper than Miya. Grr, I'll just make do with the TAC-50'

Michael then went back to the car when he noticed that Alice had just finished talking to her friend.

In the meantime.

"You're really not lending him your M82?" Miya asked as she got out of the pool.

"No! You should know that my baby is modified. It's practically the best sniper rifle out there!" Genesis proudly said.

When Miya, and Circle who was just passing by heard him, they both snorted with a chuckle at the same time.

"Shut up!"


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