Fate Online: Shadow
177 The People Behind Central City
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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177 The People Behind Central City


"Grr, let me out of this place! God freaking dammit!" Jin yelled angrily while holding the bars of his cell.

"Sir, please refrain from yelling inside the station as you are disturbing our work" the police guarding the cell said coldly, as he didn't even give a damn if Jin is a son of a senator.

"We already contacted your father. We're just waiting for his response" the police officer added.

What the officer said was like a cold water that doused Jin's anger, as he had almost completely forgotten just how much he's in deep trouble this time!

"So what? I'm getting out of this place sooner or later, and you guys won't be able to do a thing about it. After that, I'm gonna make sure to make your lives a living hell, I'll make it sure you people are strip of your duties after this!" Jin said icily.

The police officers who heard him looked at each other at first, then started laughing so much that there were already tears in their eyes, even some of their cellmates were laughing their a** off!

"Hahaha, oh boy. That's probably the greatest joke that I've ever heard in my life!" a police officer said as he wiped off the tears on his eyes.

Jin looked at them baffled, while his two companions just continued to depressingly hang their heads.

Then the officers just ignored Jin and his antics and continued their work, while one of his cellmates called out to him, "Hey kid, you are probably not around here so you probably doesn't know anything how it works around here"

Jin looked at the man with narrowed eyes, "Just spit it out of what you're trying to say"

The man is probably around early to mid thirties just chuckled and looked at Jin with only one eye, and said, "Heard of Shina? Just think of Central City like their Mo Kong, a special administrative region. No matter how powerful you think your father is, his influence would never reach this city even the president of the country can't exert any influence in this place. Why do you think those powerful organizations that has branches here doesn't dare to go overboard in their actions? It's all because of that person"

"What? Who?" Jin raised an eyebrow, as he can't understand what this guy in front of him is going on about.

"Do you know where the headquarters of the Mine Tech. Industries then?" the man said with a smile on his face.

"Of course, who wouldn't know that their HQ is just three kilometers east of here on an isla...nd"

Jin scoffed at the man at first, but then his voice became extremely feeble at the end of his sentence as he finally realized what the man is trying to tell him.

"No...no way"

"Ding, ding, ding! Correct! Sadly, you don't get a prize from me" the man laughed before he lied down on the cold hard floor and started to take a nap.

"How? No matter how powerful they are, they can't control an entire city, especially a City like Central!" Jin almost yelled at the man, while his two accomplices also looked on in disbelief as they can't believe what they were hearing.

"By the way, my name is Sony"

Sony opened one of his eyes and looked at Jin, and gave a huge sighed, "Seriously, shouldn't you know these things? You're a senator's son. Geez, you must be one of those legendary chaebols who think that the world revolves around them and doesn't care about the consequences of their actions"

"You really didn't know anything did you? Mine Tech. Industries controls over thirty percent of the world's GDP. Meaning, they are as powerful as a large country like the Northern Rica Principality, which you already know is our motherland"

"They gained a huge monopoly in the world economy because of the game they had released just two months ago. They were already a huge and influential company even before all of that, just imagine how powerful they are now since then. They had at least monopolize ninety eight percent of the entire gaming industry"

"Let's not even mention their other businesses. Now tell me, are they powerful or not?"

"They...they are, but the police is still part of the government so..."

"Did you even listen to me earlier?Think of this city like Mo Kong. Yes, the police department is a government body, but you're forgetting that this country is a federal government. Did you really think that they don't have people inside the government? I wouldn't even be surprised if the Governor is one of their people"

"This is the reason why politicians can't exert any influence in this city, unless they want Mine Tech. Industries to halt all of their operations in this country and relocate themselves to another country which they absolutely doesn't want to happen. If you still don't get it, then f*ck off!"

Jin looked at the man, and said, "But how do you know all of these things?"

"This is an open secret kid among us kid" the man laughed.

"Among us?"

"Hey, answer me! What do you mean by among us!?"

But the man just ignored him after that as he was already snoring to sleep.

"Shut the hell up!" one of his cellmates who looks like an Olympian Bodybuilder yelled at Jin, which made the latter shut up in fear, as his bravado earlier was long gone after realizing how much he had truly f*cked up.


A dark skinned man in a suit and carrying a briefcase on his hand entered the building, where he was immediately led to where Jin and his companions are held inside.

When Jin heard footsteps behind him, he turned around and his eyes immediately lit up when he saw the person coming over.

"Mr. Jackson!" Jin has a delighted look on his face as he thought that he would be finally freed of this place!

But Mr. Jackson just looked at him coldly, and said, "Do you know how much trouble you have caused Mr. Reeves?"

"I know, I know! Now, get me out of here!" Jin raised his voice, when he heard the man's tone of voice while talking to him.

Mr. Jackson just shook his head and said, "I just dropped by to inform you that you will be staying here indefinitely, until we fix this mess you've created"

Jin's eyes widened in disbelief after hearing him, and then he suddenly burst into a frenzy, as he tried to reach his hand towards Mr. Jackson, where the latter quickly stepped back.

"What the f*ck do you mean by that!? I order you to get me the f*ck out of this place!"

"Sorry, I work for your father, not you, and by indefinitely. Your stay might only last here for a few days or even a few years depending on how the other side's response is "

Then Mr. Jackson left after leaving those words.

"Oi! Get back here, you motherf*cker!"

"F*CK!!! F*CK!!! F*CK!!!"

"I told you to shut the hell up!"

"What do you want?"



Bam! Bam! Bam!

The olympian looking dude immediately walked over towards Jin and started beating him up.


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