Fate Online: Shadow
176 What!?
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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176 What!?

"So that's the person who dared to kidnap my future daughter in-law" Alice gritted her teeth, and Michael who heard her mumblings flinched as he suddenly felt guilty as Amanda isn't his girlfriend...yet.

And he doesn't know what to do if happens that Amanda denies it in front of Alice.

"Hello, it's been a while Mr. and Mrs. Grey" the old officer came over and smiled towards Alice and Tom, as he offered his hand towards Alice for a handshake.

"It's been a while Chief Morrison" Tom quickly intercepted him and shook Morrison's hand instead.

"My, my. You still haven't changed" Morrison laughed.

"You too, you're still a perverted old man trying hit on my wife" Tom laughed darkly.

"Don't say that or else my men would misunderstand. After all, I already have a wife and children"

Michael looked at them, while Alice leaned over and whispered, "He's the chief of police of this place, and was once my admirer and the rival of your father. In the end, Tom managed to win my heart against that womanizer. Well, to be honest, I've never once like him. I just wanted Tom to suffer trying to pursue me"

"Hey, I heard that" Morrison said, while his men had awkward looks on their faces hearing their ongoing conversation.

And Tom who heard his wife, has a bitter smile on his face as he looked at Michael who's looking at him with laughter in his eyes, looking like Michael wasn't even worried in the least that he might at least spend a few nights in the police station.

Tom and Morrison started talking with each other on the side, much to the disbelief of his men as Morrison never talks this long even with someone he knows.

A couple of minutes later, Jenny came inside the police station all by herself, and quickly walked over towards Michael when she spotted her.

"Are you okay? I heard from Amanda that you got detained"

Jenny asked him the moment she was near them. Alice's lit up when her eyes landed on Jenny then she looked at Michael, and asked, "This is?"

"Ahh, this is Jenny. Uhmm, Amanda's friend" Michael said.

"Ohh, so your girlfriend's name is Amanda huh"Alice then looked at Jenny from head to toe.

Jenny looked sharply at Michael at the mention of girlfriend, where he quickly gestured for her to go along for now.

"Hi, Mrs. Grey. I'm Jenny Aniston, the daughter of Rick Aniston" Jenny quickly introduced herself, and decided to question Michael later.

"Ohhh, are you related to War Angel?" Alice said the moment she heard the name of Jenny's dad.

"About that, yes. My grandfather is an executive of the group" Jenny said with a bitter smile on her face as she knew that people who finds out about her background tends to not have a good impression of her.

"Ohh, I see. You have one very interesting friend son"

Alice said to Michael as she also smiled to Jenny, much to the relief of the latter as the people who learns about her background tends to immediately ignore her and keep their distance away.

Then Jenny and Michael talked for a bit, before the former took her leave when she learned that Michael's parents would take care of this incident.

A few minutes later, the officer who interrogated Amanda came back, and confirmed that what Michael had told them earlier were aligned to what victim said, as he handed the recording of his talk with Amanda earlier to the chief of police himself.

Then they released Michael from police custody and they didn't even mention what he did earlier.

"Wait, that's it?" Michael said to Alice the moment they walked out of the police station. After all, he knew that the police of Central City doesn't work like this.

"What? You want to spend the night here? Don't forget, you used my car to do such a dangerous thing. You're lucky my car wasn't damaged at all, you little brat!" Tom hooked Michae's in his arm, and started rubbing the top of Michael's head with his knuckles.

"Ahh! Ah!! Stop!"

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"Right, let's go see my future daughter in-law" Alice suddenly said with a laugh as she drove the car.


Michael who was sitting at the back seat quickly sat up and turned his head towards Alice, and looked at her with shock and a startled look on his face.

"Why? Isn't this a good chance to introduce her to us?" Tom grinned widely from the passenger seat.

Michael flop back on his hair as he suddenly felt a headache coming.

'Shit, I just hope Amanda won't get freaked out when she sees us and would go along with this sh*t for the time being just like what she did when the cops took her side of her story'

'Everything went haywire from the very beginning. Sigh~ damn that Jin. It's all because he can't wait to get inside Amanda's pants! Motherf*cker! It seems I really need to get rid of him soon!' 

Michael thought as his pair of eyes flashed with a vicious glint.

"Anyway, how did you guys managed to get acquainted with the chief of police, except for being the old man's love rival?" Michael asked as he was also genuinely curious about it, even though right now that he really wanted to stop them from seeing Amanda, but he knew that they would become suspicious of him if he does that.

In the meantime, a small car carrier trailer stopped at the side of the police station where impounded cars are parked, and the workers quickly loaded Tom's Ford GT and drove it towards the direction of Tom's and Alice apartment building.

They are the people who worked at the Auto Transport company that Alice's sister owns, and because Michael, not his parents paid for the damage he had caused during the scene earlier, Tom's car wasn't impounded, which is also thanks to his old "friend".


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