Fate Online: Shadow
174 The Car...
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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174 The Car...

"What the? Freeze!"

The police officers finally managed to regain their senses when they saw the man being flung to the ground.

Michael just ignored them as his mind right now is currently in a mess, while the police officers didn't dare to open fire for now as they felt that something wrong is going on for a man like Michael to ignore them who are literally pointing their stun guns towards him.

After all, Michael looked really and professional right now that even the policewomen couldn't help but blush when they saw him get down from his car earlier, and they didn't dare to pull out their sidearms when they saw that Michael is unarmed, as they are afraid of the consequences based on a wrong judgement.

In fact, no one among them is stupid enough not to realized that something big and wrong is seriously happening right now, so they just decided to watch Michael before deciding on something which to the shock of the onlookers, as they knew that the officers would immediately stun you for ignoring them.

And now, they are seeing a miracle! The police are actually just watching on the sidelines and not doing anything! Which really made the people watching on the side curious on who the hell is that handsome man in blacksuit who looks really menacing right now.

Michael clenched his fist and went on top of Jin and angrily punched him in the face while yelling, "How dare you kidnap my woman, you f*cking bastard!"

Bam! Bam! Bam!

"I warned you to never go near her anymore and you didn't listen, and because you can't do anything about me. Now, you resulted in kidnapping her!?" Michael continued punching Jin in the face, while the latter cried out in pain and anger when Jin realized that it was Michael who was beating him up.

But what truly angered him is that Michael is deliberately screaming about how he had kidnapped Amanda, which is somewhat a bit true, and knew he had f*cked up big time this time!

On the other hand, Michael deliberately yelled while punching Jin so as to give the police officers a reason on why he courageously ignored them, and to treat him more lightly later when they take him into custody for evading them and even went as far as giving them a good car chase like in the movies.

The police officers looked at each other as realization finally dawned upon them, and they quickly put away their stun guns and hurriedly ran to Michael and pulled him away from Jin while the others inspected the car, and saw the unconscious Amanda inside and one terrified driver along with an unconscious man.

The police officers quickly pulled Michael away, while the latter sent another jab to Jin.

"F*ck you Jin! Just because your father is a senator doesn't mean you can ignore the law and kidnap someone in broad daylight! Motherf*cker, this isn't over between us!" Michael angrily said while flailing his arms.

And the people who heard what he said quickly narrowed their eyes when they realized that this matter isn't as simple as it seems, and it even involved a son of a senator, while the police officers suddenly had darkened look on their faces as they knew that the person that controls Central City hates corrupt government officials the most and this matter would certainly blow up.

That's the reason why even though the city isn't really that clean, at least there are no corrupt officials who would make the current status quo even worse.

The civilians could still live in peace even though the city had its own dark side, but they're at least not afraid to walk the streets of the city at night alone while the three most powerful mob group that rules the city in the shadows doesn't dare to caused too much trouble to their respective groups.

Unless… those civilians met a person on the road who truly means to harm them.

After that, Michael quickly calmed down and asked one of the officers with a worried voice, "Officer, is Amanda okay?"

The officer looked at him and said with a bit of admiration in his voice, "She's fine, the medics would here soon and take her to the nearest hospital"

"Can I over and see her?" Michael asked as he looked at the car where Amanda is still soundly asleep inside.

"Of course," the officer said, as he knew that Michael might have gone through a lot when he found out that his "girlfriend" had been kidnapped and the officer thought that he might've done the same as what Michael had done or even worse if he knew his wife or kids had been kidnapped.

"Amanda" Michael said, as he caressed Amanda's face, his eyes full of love and relief.

Then Michael turned to the officer who's tasked to keep an eye on him while the others assessed the current situation as they started arresting Jin and his goons.

"Can I make a call to someone before you guys bring me to the police station?" Michael asked.

"Of course, you'll need it later. After all, you did try to elude us like a criminal, so we'd need to confirm your identity and get your testimony later after victim wakes up, and see if you were telling the truth" the officer said.

Michael just smiled, as he knew that Jin might not have tried to kidnap Amanda but they did put her to sleep with the intention to harm her, and knowing Amanda, she wouldn't let this chance pass by to put Jin behind bars, which would at least lessen her troubles.

"My phone is inside the car," Michael said as he gave his car key towards the officer as he knew that they won't easily let him go back to his car in case he runs away again.


The hands of the officer trembled when the key dropped in his hand, he looked at the key in his hands then at the car still parked in the middle of the road, then looked back at Michael, and said with a bit of excitement, "This...is the key for that car, right?"

"It is" Michael said, then told the officer where his phone is, and the latter quickly walked towards the Ford GT with anticipation, and even some of the officers took the liberty to take a picture with the car earlier.

After all, the car is considered very rare as the current owners of the Ford GT Carbon Series can be counted on one hand.

Then Michael suddenly realized something very important as he quickly turned his head towards a policewoman, "Officer"

"Yes?" the policewoman said, as she even looked at him with flirtatious eyes.

"The car...the car doesn't have any scratches right?" Michael was suddenly worried that the car had scratches on it because of his reckless driving earlier, as he knew Tom would certainly kill him if that happens.

"No worries, there aren't any scratches on it when I checked it earlier" the policewoman said which made Michael sighed in relief.

Moments later, the officer came back and handed the phone and car keys to Michael.

"Thanks officer" Michael said, and the officer gave him a thumbs with a huge grin on his face, as he had taken a lot of selfies while he was inside the car earlier which he would probably show off to his friends later.


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