Fate Online: Shadow
168 Beauty!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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168 Beauty!

'Make your way inside then, I just have the perfect job for you'

Michael suddenly had a bad feeling after hearing those words inside his mind, but he's not someone who easily backs away from challenges or else he wouldn't have become a legendary assassin before.

Michael had just trekked half of the pathway leading to the house in the ranch, when a black haired young man suddenly ran towards him with a shovel in hand and quickly blocked his path.

"Who are you? This place doesn't welcome visitors without permission from the owner" the man said coldly, his voice and face would what someone call a typical gangster look.

Michael looked at him, and realized that the man in front of him isn't an NPC but a user instead.

Black Duke

Level: 23


Michael was about to open his mouth and say something, when a woman's shout suddenly came from the two story house that Michael was heading to earlier.

"Well, it seems I do have permission buddy" Michael said as he patted Black Duke's shoulders before he continued on his way, while the latter just watch Michael's back wondering who he is, and how he's related to their strict boss woman.

'This...the game developers really overdid themselves. This woman, if she was in the real world, then calling her the most beautiful woman on the planet wouldn't be an exaggeration. A pity that she's only made of computer codes and nothing more'

Michael thought in shock and amazement, as even he can't help but feel his heart racing just looking at the woman in front of him.

The said woman doesn't have the look of a well bred lady like most noble women in this world, but instead, she has this wild aura around her. She was enticing and pleasing to look at, she has an hourglass figure, and a pair of well rounded soft mounds.

She has a mole under the right side of her lips, and her eyes were half-lidded. Her lashes were thick, long, and slightly curled.

She is mature and beautiful at the same time, and every man would surely line up just to see a glimpse of her.

To make matters short, she's the epitome of a natural mature beauty.

Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein or Forever 21 would surely try to get her as their model if she was real.

But then something clicked inside his mind, 'If someone as beautiful as her is living here, how come no nobleman is even trying to woo her?'

"What? Are you stunned of my beauty? Get used to it"

Millie's voice quickly brought Michael back to his senses, and subconsciously answered her, "Yes, you're one- No, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen so far. How come no one is lining up from your doorstep to ask for your hand in marriage?"

Millie just chuckled and smiled, "It's because I'm using an illusion, and what they can only see is a strict but ordinary looking woman. You should be honored that you are one of the few who's able to admire my beauty in my human form"

'She sure has her own ego' Michael thought.

"Anyway, I have a job just for you little guy" Millie said.

"I want you help around the ranch by milking ten of my cows and sheep, and cleaning the chicken coop" Millie said, which immediately made Michael's expression darken.

Millie just chuckled and continued, "Don't worry, my workers that I hired would also help you"

Help Around The Dragon's Ranch

You're teacher's beast partner, Millie had given you a small job to help around her ranch. Successfully milk ten cows and sheep and clean the chicken coop, and received a mysterious reward.

Difficulty Level: C-

Michael narrowed his eyes and suddenly felt a headache coming. He looked at Millie who's looking at him with a smug look on her face, who seems to enjoy watching Michael's varying expressions.


You have accepted the quest.

Michael just agreed with a darkened look on his face, as he didn't expect that he would actually become a farmhand the moment he arrives here.

'I really regret coming here!'

"You can get the tools you need at the barn" Millie said, as she shooed him away and continued eating with a table full of food in front of her.

'What a foodie' Michael thought before making his way outside of the house.

"Another farmhand?" Black Duke said the moment he heard from Michael that he would be helping them around. Some of them are also curiously sizing up Michael before shaking their heads and quickly continued their chores.

After all, they can't really be bothered with people who are not in the same line of business like them.

"Do you even know a single thing about caring for the animals or farming? And who the heck dresses up like you? Take off your damn cloak" Black Duke said, as he was a bit irritated as he felt that Michael is not respecting their profession by dressing up in a cloak.

In fact, Black Duke actually came from a family of farmers who has acres of land, including the farmhands who are NPCs or users alike who are working in Millies ranch.

These are all people who would inherit their family business. That's the reason why they have different outlooks on life compared to city people like Michael who had never once experienced farming or caring for farm animals.

These people all came to play the game to learn anything worthwhile inside, especially on the subject of agrarian business. They are just casual players unlike Michael and other experts who earn most of their living playing the game.

That's the reason why Black Duke already doesn't like Michael because he already knew that the man before him doesn't know anything in their line of business the moment he stepped foot inside their "territory".

People like Black Duke are already starting to play the game, either for casual or for study. Because of people like them, occupations like farming, fishing, mining or any similar occupations related to agriculture have been booming lately that it's even being broadcasted on the morning and evening news.

After all, the world here is in the era of the middle ages, with the only difference that it has magic and monsters roaming around the lands and seas, while the real world relies on their advance technology to do the heavy lifting.

That's the reason why people like Black Duke came flocking inside this game in hopes to learn something.

Black Duke snorted and went to get something for a moment, and when he came back, he was holding on a folded clothes.

"Take off you damn equipment or whatever you people call it and wear this. If you don't, then don't even think about completing your damn quest!" Black Duke snorted, as he handed the clothes to Michael before walking away.

Michael just watched Black Duke walk away from the barn and looked at the long sleeve green overalls in his hands and sighed.

"Dammit, I really shouldn't have come here" Michael cursed under his breath, as he doesn't even know how many times he had said those words today.

After all, the game doesn't have the so called progress bar while doing some chores or harvesting like in the old RPG games. Where the player would just click on a resource node, and a progress bar will appear. Where the player would just need to wait for the progress bar to become full and would instantly receive the said item or resource.


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