Fate Online: Shadow
163 Lionett Household 2
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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163 Lionett Household 2

General Ouki is currently sitting behind a desk while the other two are sitting opposite of each other on a long sofa.

Michael looked at the two unfamiliar people in the room and some of their information immediately appeared before his eyes.

[Colonel] Garona Lionett

Level: ???

Title: ???

[Brigadier General] Brigham Lionett

Level: ???

Title: ???

'I'm starting to not like coming here' Michael thought, as he already had a hunch of what's going to happen.

General Ouki smiled the moment Michael came inside, then turned his gaze towards the old man and young woman before him and said, "General, Colonel. This person before you is someone with a unique status and he might be able to do something about your request"

"This is Shadow, the student of Sage Laura!"

'Crap!' Michael snorted inside as his hunch really came true!


The eyebrows of the old man jumped when he heard General Ouki's introduction, even the woman was so startled that she stood up straight from the sofa.

"Wha… what? Laura's student? This young man here?" General Brigham stuttered. Of course his current actions wasn't because he was in the presence of Michael. It was because he was just shocked to learn that the old hag had finally taken in a student.

'It seems this old man here seems to know teacher' Michael thought when the old man didn't even properly addressed his teacher and just called her by her name.

The woman called Garona briskly walked over towards him and checked his neck, where she lowered her head by Michae's neck and immediately spotted the small and faint four leaf clover tattoo on Michael's neck.

The woman touched the tattoo with tremblings hands like she was touching a fragile relic, then her eyes trembled at the realization that the tattoo wasn't fake the moment her fingers touched the tattoo as her arm quickly became numb.

"The tattoo is real" Colonel Garon said rigidly as she still can't feel one of her arms from the numbness she got from touching Michael's insignia.

Old man general also came over and carefully inspected the tattoo, and the man in question felt uncomfortable at what they are currently doing to him, even General Ouki has an embarrassed smile on his face when he saw what was happening in front of him.

The old general then nodded and tried to see the face of the man behind the hood while mumbling to himself, "That old hag had really taken in a student"

Hiding his face might have seemed disrespectful to them, but for Michael, it isn't. After all, he is a Sage's student, and this little bit of conduct is something that he's at least entitled to.

Michael looked at him and said with an annoyed voice, "It seems that you're very familiar with my teacher, General?"

"Ahh, Kwahaha! Sorry about all this young man, we were just shocked that the Sage had taken in a student. After all, she had once told the world that she wouldn't take in any student"

The old general laughed and was a bit embarrassed when he finally came to his senses and realized that what they were doing was not very appropriate.

"And yes, Sage Laura and I are what you'd call long time friends, and we had once attended the Imperial Military Academy back at the Capital at the same time during our younger years"

"This is my daughter Garona. If you need any help, don't hesitate to approach her" the old man was so sly that he didn't even forget to introduce the only woman in the room.

Even Michael was amazed on how the old man has a way with his words, that even introducing his daughter felt like it was only natural.

General Ouki who has been silent until now and just watched the spectacle in front of him has a stiff smile on his face while thinking, 'Sly old man, I shouldn't have let these two people come here! If Shadow gets offended because of them tells his teacher, then I'm f*cked up!'

"Hello, I'm Garona Lionett, from Lionett Household. It's an honor to meet someone of your status" Garona offered her hand while her eyelashes fluttered as her eyes flashed with naughtiness.

'Is she flirting with me?' Michael thought when he noticed her very suggestive eyes, but he just ignored what he saw and just politely shook her hand and said, "Shadow, my teacher's only student and an adventurer at the same time. Nice to meet you Miss Garona"

Michael also offered his hands towards the old general, and the latter shook his hand with enthusiasm which really made Michael confused as General Ouki doesn't even treat him like this.

In fact, Michael didn't know that General Ouki is not treating the same as General Brigham does is because he's not strong enough to be treated the same as his teacher, and it was because General Ouki is just one of the few who's not shameful enough to depend on someone because of their status to get a promotion that he doesn't deserve.

Else, his soldiers wouldn't respect him as this nation is where people are treated based on their own personal strength, and currently, the Emperor of this nation is the strongest Fighting Wizard, whose skills and power are comparable to an Arena Master of the Combat Arena.

The father and daughter then took a seat opposite of each other, while the latter would give Michael furtive glances from time to time.

Michael turned his attention towards General Ouki, "Do you need me for something, General?"

If Michael didn't have his current status right now, then the wording for his question would have been different, so he didn't really care if his words sounded arrogant. After all, he's also a person that wouldn't easily cower or subservient to someone just because of their status.

"Take a seat first, then we'll talk about the reason why I requested your presence here" General Ouki said, his voice and current conduct seems like he was just an ordinary person seeing a friend.

Michael hesitated for a quick second before deciding to sit down beside Garona, which to the delight of the latter.

In fact, Michael could have just ignored General Ouki's request to come here, as he was not obliged to listen to someone unless it was his teacher or someone close to her like her brother back at Calderock Village.

But because of the warning that the Elder Dragon had given him, Michael didn't have a choice but to get stronger, and it was because it would certainly turn out to be at least a worthwhile quest if its something given by an Imperial General.

That was the reason why he bothered even coming here, when he could have been on his way to Calderock Village and see his teacher.

"In case you didn't know, this is Brigadier General Brigham of the 10th Imperial Army Division, and as you already know. This is his daughter Colonel Garona of the same Division" General Ouki once again gave Michael a quick introduction to the two other people inside the room.


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