Fate Online: Shadow
155 For Being Annoying
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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155 For Being Annoying

"Oh my god! What the heck just freaking happened!?" Harrison yelled in horror, as his heart started pounding like hell.

A little over an hour ago.

Michael and the rest had just arrived at the mansion, where they could already hear the excited chatter coming from the back of the house when they had just drove up from the driveway.

Meanwhile, Emma's secret bodyguards were stopped by the security at the gate and wasn't allowed to inside.

"You said that this is a housewarming party, but it looks like its not, and the only thing that's missing is the music and it would be a bang!" Emma laughed as she walked over towards Michael and Dylan, with Tina and Casey, and following behind them are Harrison and Rick, with the latter wearing a dark look on his face as he cautiously looked around the place.

"You really do have a huge home" Casey said as she gazed at the mansion before her eyes.

"Haha, my parents don't own it anymore" Michael said when he heard her.

"Eh, really?" Tina and Dylan almost said at the same time.

"Yep, it was already sold half a month ago, and I had just found out about it a few days ago," said Michael.

"I know this neighborhood. One of my friends lives around here" Harrison said while looking around him, especially towards the other invited guests who are just coming over because of the housewarming party.

Inside, Harrison was a bit surprised as this gated community is considered as one of the most well known neighborhoods around the city, which just literally told him the reason why Michael is capable of driving a car that's even far more expensive than Rick's GranTurismo.

'And here I thought he was just an ordinary person with amazing capabilities inside the game, but I guess he's not that ordinary after all' Harrison thought while glancing at Michael from the corner of his eye.

If only he knew who Michael and the people who owns the house were...so much that he would probably sh*tting his pants by now.

"Come on, let's go inside" Michael said to them, while he also nodded at the somewhat familiar people who are also coming for the housewarming party tonight.

Michael then led them inside, where they were immediately greeted by the noises around the place by the people who are drinking wine and eating from the living room.

And surprisingly, there were also kids around Tina's age who probably came with their parents to socialize with the people around their neighborhood.

After all, this is a gated community where rich people live, and a housewarming party is also a good place to meet people who might become their business partners in the future, and also a good chance for their kids to socialize with other kids around their age and build up their network for their future endeavours.

"Well shit" Michael cursed, as he wasn't expecting that a lot of people would actually turn up and turn this simple housewarming party into a pseudo business party where most of the guests here are talking almost about their businesses.

Michael saw Miya and Genesis entertaining this group of guests inside, where they quickly gave him a small brief nod the moment they noticed Michael and his group. 

"Come on, let's circle around to the back instead" Michael said to them, where his suddenly decision instantl made some of the people around him breathe a sigh of relief which he didn't miss.

So the group once again left through the front door and circle around from the front towards the back.

Michael and the others were quickly greeted by the sight of at least thirty people laughing there, as there are also those who are busy grilling meat on the barbecue grill, while there are others swimming by the pool, and even though most of the people here are around in mid thirties, you can still see them playing some simple party games, like what you would sometimes found in a typical teenager party.

"Now, you can at least call this a party" Emma said smiling, where she quickly walked towards where the fun is, while the others quickly followed behind her.

Emma and the others immediately picked up a bottle of beer each inside a cooler box and started drinking after they popped it open.

Michael quickly pulled someone he knows from the crowd and towards the side.

"I thought that this was just gonna be a "simple" housewarming party?" Michael said, and then continued, "So what the heck is this?"

"Don't look at me, it just happened. We didn't expect that almost all of our neighbors around us would come" Circle said while shrugging his shoulders.

"And besides, isn't this a good chance to get rid of that guy?" Circle said, as he light gestured with his eyebrows and eyes towards a man wearing striped black and white shirt, and a pair of denim shorts. Who is currently drinking and eating while enjoying the festivities around him, especially among the ladies.

"Geez, this guy had the guts to come here?" Michael scoffed.

"Of course he wouldn't if he knew who the heck we are" Circle chuckled.


"I wonder what they are whispering about?" Emma said, as Casey and Tina along with the other two guys stood in a corner and looking towards the direction of Michael, where they saw the latter currently having a discussion in a low voice with a man shorter than him.

While Dylan is out there hanging out by the pool with some of the young ladies.

"Don't know...wait, who are the owners of this place? We didn't get to meet them because we immediately left Michael" Casey said.

"Who the heck cares, at least the food is good" Rick snorted, annoyed at the thought that the girls are paying too much attention on Michael, while Harrison just sighed helplessly from the side.

"We should at least greet them. That's the purpose behind this housewarming party, stupid" Casey said, which startled her two friends because she rarely cussed at someone.

"Grr. I hate this woman" Rick whispered in a low voice, but the person beside him clearly heard what Rick had just said and gave him a quick kick on the back of his leg.

"Oww! What the heck was that for!?" Rick angrily looked towards Harrison while rubbing the back of his leg.

"For being annoying" Harrison snorted.


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