Fate Online: Shadow
148 How Come I Suddenly Don’t Understand Shit!? 1
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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148 How Come I Suddenly Don’t Understand Shit!? 1

"Ahhh, so tiring" Michael said the moment he came out of the capsule.

Michael walked over to his window and pulled the curtains aside, as the bright rays of sunshine pierced through inside his room and lit it up.

'It's night inside the game, but its still in the middle of the day in the real world' Michael thought with a smile, still amazed at how amazing the people who are behind the game.

Yesterday, the game company had sent people in every household that has a gaming capsule. It was because they performed some upgrades in the cabin, where players could now manually input buffering for the rest time in between game time and the time the users spend in the real world.

The shortest would be four hours and the longest is eight hours, and Michael had set his own cabin in four hours.

Which means that he would be able to go in again inside the game after four hours in the real world, which would mean that only eight hours would have passed inside the game.

There are even online rumors going around lately that there would be a specific day that the game would become offline for an entire twenty-four hours in exchange for an unlimited game time in Fate Online.

After all, sleeping inside the game for eight hours is equivalent to four hours of sleep in the real world, but it would be six hours of comfortable sleep if a user is using the gaming cabin, with the reason being that it could provide a better brain wave frequency than the gaming helmet, which could induce better brain wave activity during sleep.

"Michael! Michael! Are you done with your game!? Lunch is ready!" Alice's voice was suddenly heard coming from the direction of the living room.

Michael quickly made his way towards his door, opened it slightly and yelled back, "Coming! I just got out!"

Michael quickly went over to wash his face, took a change of shirt and made his way to the kitchen.


"So how's your game? Is your expedition quest going well?" Alice glanced at Michaell and said, while she stuffed a spoonful of food in her mouth.

"So far so good, I managed to capture three wolf cubs for potential mounts" Michael replied after drinking a glass of water.

"Those poor cubs, taken away from their parents" Tom commented from the side with a chuckle, which made Michael choke on his food when he heard him.

"It's a game, but at the same time it's also a survival of the fittest, if you're weak then you will get killed by the monsters or even the players around you" Alice said, while she softly laughed at Tom's mean comment to Michael.

Michael drank another glass of water and laughed as he looked at Tom and said, "Well, it's a pity though, they are probably dead by now. Thanks to the General and his soldiers who lent me a helping hand when I was being chased by a swarm of large wolves the size of an SUV"

"Oh my, that must be a terrifying experience" Alice said, with disbelief in her voice, as she already felt the shivers just imagining that scene...chased by hundreds of monstrous wolves that can't wait to tear you to pieces.

"Yes, it was" Michael smiled at her.

'Of course it was, it was even scarier than being on the receiving end from a hail of gunfire'

"Right, Tom and I won't be home for dinner" Alice said after a few moments.

"Ohh..why? You two haven't been at home lately" Michael said, as he really felt curious about what the two of them have been doing lately that the two of them have rarely been at home during the last few days.

'I wonder what they have been truly doing? It wouldn't be weird if the two of them are also part of the underworld. After all, her sister and brother in-law are also people of the underworld. Hmm...but the weird thing is that I never found anything about them having any ties in the underworld during my last life, timeline or something'

"Ohh...it's just your aunt and uncle asking for our help in something" Tom said, while shrugging his shoulders, as he stuffed a huge mouthful of meatballs inside his mouth.

"Oh..I see" Michael said, and he continued eating his lunch, but at the same time, he noticed that Alice and Tom took a quick glance at each other earlier after Tom answered him.

'Hmm...I really want to look into them but...something is telling me not to, which is weird as I tend to be nosy'

Michael thought while eating a slice of an apple pie.


"It's been a while since Michael came here" Viper said, while lounging in the living and watching some TV shows.

"He's been busy lately. After all, he's still in the process of finishing his expedition quest which would take another five days or so" Tony said, who's eating some lunch while watching with him in the living room.

"We've already raked in a lot of money from doing assassinations from our clients. We have even destroyed a medium sized guild in the process" Genesis said as he passed by them while munching on a cookie, as he headed towards at the back of the mansion.

Suddenly, Tony and Viper's eyes flashed, and they both looked at each other with a laugh.

"Speak of the devil, it seems he finally remembered us" Viper laughed, as he didn't bother to even get up and meet the person who's heading towards their front door.


"Wow...these people even have a gardener here" Michael mumbled with a snort, amazed at how these people are really playing as rich people to avoid suspicions on them, and being talked to by their neighbors behind their backs for being weird.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After all, they didn't even bother throwing a small party when they had just moved in.


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