Fate Online: Shadow
142 Leading The Battle
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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142 Leading The Battle

"Goddammit Michael!" Tina yelled angrily, as she shot an incoming High Orc charging towards Michael in the head, while Harrison and Emma ran forward and followed behind Michael.

There's only a few meters away before Michael and a High Orc are about to collide with each other, and the latter even raised its huge club above it, ready to strike Michael's head!

Michael just grinned, and his right foot that had just stepped forward dug through deep on the ground, as Michael suddenly spun towards his left, with his sword following behind his actions, and he quickly brought his sword above him and hack downwards!

Press Impact!

Plant one of your feet firmly on the ground and spin with your sword and hack it downwards towards your target.

Boom! Roar!

The High Orc who were just about to attack Michael, suddenly had a long gash wound in its chest, which made it scream in anger and pain, followed by a huge damage that floated above the monster's head.

And just as Michael was about to be surrounded by monsters from all sides, Emma who was running just a few meters behind him suddenly thrust her weapon towards the skies as it lit up, and a huge totem like sword struck down beside Michael, and sent the monsters stumbling backwards.

Healing Totem

Summons a Healing Totem to heal all allies and attack enemies within a five meter radius from the totem. Causes knockback to enemies upon being summoned. Last fifteen seconds.

"Nice" Michael yelled, as he gave her a thumbs up.

The healing totem started pulsing like a heart, causing a green healing wave to spread towards its surrounding five meters, healing Michael and Harrison who are already arrived in front of Michael in the process, and the healing waved caused all the monsters that steps within the radius of the healing wave to scream in pain while they would continuously received damage.

"You shouldn't rush like that you're the Tank jerk!" Emma angrily scolded Michael as she arrived beside him.

"Sorry" Michael laughed and watched Harrison with interest as the latter aggroed all of the monsters towards him by using a skill...of angrily roaring towards them.

Call for Battle

Attracts all the attention of monsters towards you by issuing a deep provoking roar.

The levels of the monsters are low, just around the same as the levels of the current player base, which was a bit suspicious, as Michael had also faced the High Orcs of this place before when he was out here all alone, and even the weakest High Orc are supposed to be around Level 30, while the monsters they are currently facing are just between Level 22 and 28.

'Wait...we're still at the edge of the forest. I can understand the Kobolds and Goblins, but why are the High Orcs also here? They're supposed to be staying deeper inside' Michael thought, as he beheaded two goblins at the same time.

"All tanks listen to me! Form up a shield wall around us! Hunters, Wizards, and Healers, are to converge towards me, NOW! Move your a--ses or we'll die one by one!" Emma suddenly shouted loudly, attracting all the attention of the users towards her.

The leaders unhappily looked towards the direction of the voice and was about to argue, but they stopped, and instead their eyes lit up when they saw the beautiful lady that looks like a Valkyrie amidst the chaotic battle, as she bashed the head of a kobold using her flail while shouting the same thing for the second time.

"God freaking dammit! Listen to me! All tanks listen to me! Form up a shield wall around us! The Hunters, Wizards, and Healers, are to converge towards me!" Emma hollered angrily, as Rick and Tina are busy providing support towards Harrison, while they stood beside her.

The other users took this chance to get closer to this beauty, and told their teammates to listen to her, and its not only because of her beauty that made them listen to her, but its because they're not dumb enough not to see that they wouldn't get wiped out if they don't work together, and it would be pretty embarassing for them if they suddenly die right here when the expedition had just started.

After that, most of the users followed her and converge towards her location. The tanks had formed up a large circular wall around them, with the combat classes after them, then the Wizards, Healers, and Hunters in the middle of the shield wall.

"Healers, don't let any of the tanks die! Consume mana potions if you're running out of mana! These monsters are all EXP points, so let's take this chance to get a level up!" Emma yelled.


The users yelled in excitement when they heard her, especially the boys as they felt their blood pumping in excitement. After all, scenes like this only happens in movies, and now they are experiencing those scenes first hand, which made them howl in adrenaline as they started shouting their skills.

"Shield Wall!"

Some of the tanks slammed their shield on the ground, as a huge shield phantom appeared above their heads.


While some roared, attracting the aggro of the monsters towards them as they executed the skill, Call for Battle!

"Healing Totem!"

"Arrow Storm!"

"Fire Blast!"

Totems of different gods struck in the middle of the charging monsters, while rain of arrows and fire struck them from the skies!

"This is exhilarating!" Michael laughed, as he rushed forward and stepped on a tank's shoulders and jumped towards the fray of monsters.

Emma quickly noticed him, and yelled angrily, "Michael! Goddammit, get back here!"

"Shadow Dance" Michael ignored her and mumbled, as his body slowly got covered by a dark cloud.

"Press Impact!"

Michael slammed his sword on a goblin's head, and started running and slashing around the fray of monsters, while some of the users, even some of the NPC soldiers looked at him stunned, thinking how crazy this person is, and some even wanted to copy him but their rationality prevented them from doing something as crazy as what Michael is doing.

"That man is crazy!"

"Dammit! He's a true man!"

Michael sent a torrent of punches towards the side of the face of a High Orc with his right fist still clenched around his sword hilt.

His sword suddenly disappeared from his hand, and replaced by a curved dagger, and slashed it towards the High Orc's neck, killing it.

And at the same time, the duration of his Shadow Dance disappeared, which forced him to retreat behind the protection of the tanks.

A couple of minutes later, the battle was finally over.

The ground in front of them are littered with corpses killed by the NPCs and items scattered around as the players run towards the nearest item from them, and started a spree of item looting.

And there are only monster corpses if the NPCs kills them, unlike the monsters killed by the users that disappears upon death.

There were no casualties among the users that listened to Emma, which was pretty surprising, and all of the players knew the reason behind it and were amazed at Emma's great leadership skills, and even Michael wasn't an exemption as he didn't expect that this flirty woman had this kind of talent all along.

Emma ignored the players buttering up to her and angrily walked towards Michael.

"What were you doing? If it weren't for our Healers, you could've died multiple times already!"

"Yeah, tell him!"

Emma angrily scolded Michael, while Tina on the side tried to ruffle Emma's feathers.

"Hey, but I didn't die, right?" Michael just chuckled, and then noticed a group of players walking towards them.

"Bro, what you did back there was sick!"

"Yeah, I also wanted to do it, but I know I'll probably die if I did it, Hahaha!"

"Brother, what's your class by the way? I've never seen those skills before!"

Emma just snorted and walked away, and joined the rest in looting the items on the ground, while Michael watched her from the corner of his eyes.

'What a woman, I never knew she could actually lead. I'm pretty sure that there would be countless guilds that would invite her to join them because of this talent of hers, and maybe even the imperial army would offer her a military rank after this'

Michael smiled, as he suddenly thought of something.


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