Fate Online: Shadow
139 Herbs
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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139 Herbs

"Demon Hunter, the name already sounds intimidating. It must be a powerful class" Harrison suddenly had an interest in Michael's class when he heard its name, while Rick just clicked his tongue in annoyance that Michael is taking all the limelight to himself.

Michael clearly lied to them about his class, he wouldn't have minded telling Tina about it, but he just wouldn't trust the others whom he had just recently met as he doesn't even know what kind of character they have.

So telling them a white lie is the only option for now, maybe he'll come clean in the future.

"It is, I could switch weapons from daggers to swords, and used some basic skills from the Barbarian class" Michael replied with pride to make it sound believable at least.

"So that's the reason why you have a sword on you" Tina slapped one her clenched fist, realizing the reason behind the sword on his back.

"Damn, just hearing what it can do already sounds awesome" Emma clicked her tongue, as she stared at Michael with a fiery gaze, where the latter just laughed stiffly, while another guy who goes by the name of Rick looked at the scene with anger.

"Cheh! It must have some restrictions if its able to allow you to switch weapons from another class" Rick clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"It does, I can only deal eighty percent of attack damage if I'm using a sword" Michael didn't even bother to lie, as he could only use his abilities to the fullest when he's using a dagger.

But the drawback of his current class is very worth it, because it allows him to wield any weapon he likes and he can even use the basic skills of that particular class that uses that line of weapon, even though he'd need to buy the specific skill before he can use it.


On the way to the army barracks, Michael stopped by an Alchemist Shop.

"Why are we stopping here?"

"I just need to do something for a bit"

The shop is crowded with customers, with most of them users who are stocking up on potions for the upcoming expedition quest.

Michael nimbly went past the bustling crowd and arrived in front of the shopkeeper.

"Hello" Michael said.

"Oh..oh my! Welcome to my humble store brave adventurer!" the shopkeeper's face immediately lit up when he saw Michael, and that the fat on his body is even somewhat trembling from...excitement?

Michael just laughed.

"So what can I do for you today, Mr. Hunter?" the shopkeeper said while rubbing his hands against each other.

The other customers looked at the shopkeeper in shock, as they didn't expect the always stern shopkeeper/alchemist would suddenly act like this...trying his best to be friendly as possible.

"Who's that guy? I have over five thousand fame, but this shopkeeper doesn't even act like that towards me"

"Then that means he has more fame than you, simple as that"

"A--hole, let's just continue looking around. Let's see if we miss something, did we already get the antidotes?"

Then there's suddenly murmuring among the other players, but it only lasted for a few seconds before they focused their attention back to their own business.

Michael wasn't the least bit bothered, and started taking out bundles after bundles of herbs ranging from common to uncommon from his Inventory, and laid them down on the counter in front of the shopkeeper. There was at least twenty bundles of herbs of different quality on the counter, while those rare herbs inside his Inventory are meant for future use when the production classes becomes huge in the future.

"This...this is quite a lot of herbs you have here" the shopkeeper's eyes lit up when he saw the herbs on the counter, especially the uncommon grade herbs, because most of them are ingredients for concocting Healing and Mana Potions, and right now, he's really in bad need of those herbs due to the recent demand of potions, and he didn't expect that a meat pie would immediately dropped in front of him when he was just planning to post a quest to the nearby mercenary guild.

And because of the demand for potions due to the sudden increase of users, its prices even went up by ten silvers, which is something businessmen like them can't totally miss out.

"Hmmm…" the shopkeeper started sorting them out by quality and demand before he looked up at Michael and raised five fingers, and said, "If you agree, then I'll take all of them for fifty gold coins"

"Okay, deal" Michael quickly agreed and offered his hand for a handshake.

"Nice doing business with you Mr. Hunter, do come again when you have a lot of stored herbs" the shopkeeper shook his hand with eagerness.

"We'll see" Michael just chuckled.

Tina and the rest just watched the scene in front of their eyes with a dumbfounded look on their faces, and the other users in the store weren't an exception to that.

Michael then made his way towards Tina and the rest.

"You...you just earned fifty golds just like that?" Harrison stuttered for a bit, but his voice was tinge with amazement.

"I didn't know common and uncommon herbs could fetch a price that high, right Casey? Huh?" Emma said with a face full of regret, as she remembered the times that she would just ignore those herbs sprouting almost everywhere, but when she turned around to look at her friend...she discovered that Casey isn't standing beside her anymore and instead, the girl is question is already standing in front of the shopkeeper with Tina.

"Hello Mister, we want to sell our herbs too" Tina said cheerfully, while Casey nodded eagerly beside her.

The shopkeeper's eyes immediately lit up when he saw the two beautiful young ladies in front, wondering how he didn't notice them earlier. His thoughts is understandable because he didn't see them just standing hear the entrance door, as he was too engrossed with his transaction with Micheal earlier.

"Welcome, welcome, beautiful ladies are always welcome inside my shop" the shopkeeper laughed heartily with that perverted look on his face.

"Cheh, this pervert shop owner is on it again"

"Is he not afraid that his wife would beat him up again? It's always entertaining watching him getting beaten up"

The sound of whispers softly echoed throughout the shop, but the related person just ignored them.

"Uhmm..I don't have much. I only have five bundles here with me" Tina said.

"I have seven with me," Casey said.

Both girls then started taking out the bundles of herbs from their Inventories, Tina has two bundles of uncommon grade herbs, while Casey had five of them and the rest are all of common quality.

"What the heck? I can understand Tina, but Casey?" Emma watched the two of them in disbelief.

"She had always been gathering herbs everytime we're out hunting, didn't you notice it at all?" Rick said from the side.

Emma turned towards him and grabbed his collar angrily, "Say what!? This is betrayal! Betrayal, I tell you!"


"Shut up, you're being too loud!" Casey said with nonchalant look on her face as she hand chopped the top of Emma's head from behind.

"B*tch! I'm gonna kill you!" Emma roared in anger as she started biting Casey's shoulder.


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