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194 Galatine Silver Sword

The Duke turned his attention to Michael when heard what Michael said, and Beatrice, on the other hand, opened her mouth and answered Michael's question, "The Mountain Trolls? Yes, they are amicable, if not friendly creatures so long as you don't provoke or attack any one of them, why do you ask?"

"Really? But the time that I encountered a Mountain Troll, they were very hostile and would attack anyone upon seeing them. They seriously don't look friendly at all" Michael said, and then he realized that their expressions aren't that good and finally realized something from he had just said.

"Ohh~ that's not a coincidence, is it?"

Helen looked at Michael and replied, "Probably, probably not. You just need to know that Mountain Trolls are very friendly creatures and wouldn't seriously attack anyone. If what happened here and from what you had experienced is true, then it's definitely not a coincidence. It might even be related to the scheme of the Sea Tribe"

"Well, they never really descended from their mountains, so I'm not really sure," Michael said, realizing how dumb someone would be if they are suddenly thrown into an unfamiliar world. 

Where people like him don't even know what kind of characteristics and behaviors the monsters should have in this continent are.

"Then there must something preventing them from doing that. There could be a barrier or something, or maybe there's something they are afraid of" Helen replied.

Michael looked at her, seriously curious as what Helen does for a living, at the same time, he thought that it must be because of that annoying dragon that had thrown him all the way out here!

"Ohh, don't look at me like that. I'm actually the author of the Monster Encyclopedia, that's why I know a lot of things about monsters" Helen laughed, and her husband looked really proud of her.

"Moster Encyclopedia? You're saying..you are that... Helen Troy?"

Michael was amazed as he did hear about the Monster Encyclopedia, a compendium of knowledge regarding monsters. A huge book full of monster information, of where they live, what they eat, what they look like or whatnot. It's like the Nat Geo of this world, where it recorded information of at least eighty-five to ninety percent from every kind of monsters of the sea and land, except for Dragons or other similar Divine or Mythical Beast.

He had read at least two pages of that book back at Starlight City before but didn't manage to learn a lot because of the lack of time at that time. But this time, he actually didn't expect that he would meet the very author of that very book, who was once also an adventurer and famous one at that.

"Yes, I am Helen Troy. It's nice to get to know you again, Mr. Shadow" Helen said as she politely smiled towards Michael.

"Me too Duchess" Michael smiled.

Then he slowly stood up from his seat and said, "It seems that my goal here has been achieved. I'll be taking my leave then. Duke Cympyr, Duchess, Miss, I hope we'll see each other again in the future"

Michael gave them a short bow, he didn't even bother waiting for their reply before making his way over towards the door.


Duke Cympyr quickly called out to Michael when he was just halfway through from leaving the room.

Michael stopped and look back, where he saw that the Duke is whispering something to their butler, while two women are looking at Michael with smiling expressions on their faces, and the butler left the room from the door on the left side of the room.

"Please don't quickly leave, Mr. Shadow. It would be shameful of me if I don't reward you from what you've done to the Duchy. The portal might have been destroyed, but if it didn't happen, then my people would surely have suffered from the invasion of the Sea Tribe" 

Duke Cympyr said as he gave Michael a sincere bow of thanks while his daughter and wife also bowed along with him.

Michael wasn't surprised, as he had already heard that the Duke's family are upright people who really care about their people, and Michael couldn't agree more as he did see that the bustle and happiness beaming around this city doesn't lose out to Starlight City back at Sunrise Empire.

"Please don't be, as a student of my teacher. It's my job to protect the well being of the continent and its people" Michael said, also giving them a short bow.

Michael was about to say more when the butler came back holding something on his hands, it was a silver sword that would shine or glistens every time the sun rays hits it.

Michael followed the sword with his eyes as he had never seen a sword like that before, or precisely, there were no swords like that even back at The Continental.

Looking at his expression, Beatrice felt somewhat weirdly satisfied, it was because Michael had never look at her with a passionate gaze, not even once!

It was because Beatrice was already used to men looking at her with passionate gazes, but this is the very first time that a man doesn't seem to look interested of her and instead, he was acting like there's isn't a beautiful woman beside him during the entire trip when they were heading towards her family's mansion.

The butler presented the sword towards Michael, and he didn't even hesitate at all and took the sword from the butler.

Galatine Silver Sword

Damage: 100-150

Durability: 500/500

A sword forged from the highest quality mithril, Black Mithril!


Level 40

Strength 100


Effective towards monsters with dark affinities.

Grade: Epic

Michael's eyes bulged when he read the item's description. He looked at the sword then the members of Cympyr Household who are looking at him with smiling expressions.

"This...is it really okay to give something like this to me? This kind of sword could be considered a family heirloom"