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186 I’m Not A Virgin Anymore Though!

"So she already left?"

Michael inquired with a disappointed look on his face, while the nurses in front of him kept giving him second glances, some even took a photo of him in selfies.

"Yes sir, just an hour ago"

"I see, thank you for you time"

"You're very much welcome sir~!"

Then Michael left the hospital, he really wanted to see Amanda first before going back, but sadly, he didn't manage to catch up to her in time before she left.

When Michael left, the nurses quickly started talking about him.

"Oh my god, was that him? The hunk that just got popular on SNS because he got scouted by a talent scout from Dernier Cri but rejected him?"

"Yes! I'm sure it was him! He was here three or four hours ago, and his clothes might have been different, but I could clearly remember that handsome and striking face of his!"

"My god, that patient that was at Room 777 is really lucky to have a boyfriend like him!"

"I don't know about that. Earlier before, I saw the scene before she kicked him out of her room while yelling angrily at him. So I don't think the two of them are dating"

"Oi! What are you guys doing there chit chatting amongst yourselves!? Get back to work!"

Suddenly, the head nurse turned from a corner and berated them, and the nurses quickly went back to work, afraid that their strict head nurse would scold them again.

"Aish, this girls...gossiping about men all day"

The head nurse who was probably around late thirties murmured to herself, and then she took a look at her phone.

"Uwa, how manly this young man is. How I wish I was ten years younger or else, I would quickly jumped at him. It would be even better if he likes women older than him"

And the person that she's staring at her phone screen while murmuring to herself is a photo of Michael in his black suit earlier this afternoon inside the bus where he encountered that talent scout from Dernier Cri Fashion.

Unbeknownst to Michael, he's now a bit famous in SNS due to his recent encounter with Miz Anin a few hours ago.

While walking through the crowded street of Central City, as the sun on the horizon is slowly setting. Micheal noticed some people staring at him which weirded him out as he felt that the stares from those people who are looking at him with interest and amazement at the same time.


But as he was about to do something, he suddenly heard his phone ring from his pocket, and saw that it was Dylan calling him.

"What's up?" answered Michael.

"Bro, did you see it yet? You're already quite famous in social media! Dude, I didn't know that you were that good looking in a suit!" Dylan was almost yelling on the phone.

"Huh? The f*ck are you talking about?"

Michael was suddenly confused at what Dylan is talking about. After all, he's not very active in social media except when he's buying or selling items from the auction site of the game.

"Dude! Seriously! Didn't you get scouted by a talent scout from Dernier Cri just today!?"

Michael quickly realized what had happened when he heard what Dylan had just said.

"Did that guy do something?"

"No! Jesus! Do you have a thick skull or what!? You've become famous in just a few hours because someone took a photo of you and it was captioned that you were being scouted by a talent scout from Dernier Cri! Like what the f*ck! I didn't know that you were that good looking, even my mother and sister were shocked when they learned about it!"

"Don't forget us when you become a big thing in the future, okay!?"

Dylan's mouth was like a machine gun that Michael couldn't even cut him off.

"Shut up! I'm not going into that stupid line of work! Do you think I'm someone who craves for fame!?"

Michael literally yelled on his phone and ended the call, then noticed the people around him looking at him in shock.


Michael was about to apologize when he heard a camera shutter, and his expression quickly darkened as he hurriedly walked towards the nearest bus station.

'Holy sh*t! When did everything start going wrong today!?'


Over an hour later, Michael finally arrived home.

"I'm back!"

Michael said the moment he got inside their apartment.

"Welcome back lad, where's your mother?" said Tom when Michael went to the kitchen to drink a glass of milk.

"Uhmm...she went somewhere with a woman from University earlier," said Michael, looking really exhausted.

Tom turned his head towards him and said, "You look exhausted, did something happen?"

"It's nothing to be worried about. It's just exhausting today"

"You were really awesome and brave today son, but don't do something dangerous like that again. We don't want getting you into trouble"

Tom gave him a thumbs up, and continued, "And next time, don't lie to us saying that you have a girlfriend. It's really shameless to do that...well, not like I'm one to say that"

"Yeah, your skin is even way thicker than mine old man"

Michael laughed as he headed back to his room.

"At least I'm not going around telling people that I have a girlfriend!"

"Shut up, old man!"

"Get yourself laid, you old virgin!"

Michael opened the room of his room and yelled, "I'm not a virgin anymore though!"


"Geez, kids these days"

Tom just shook his head and continued watching the show on TV where a streamer is streaming his adventures while playing Fate Online.

"Goddamn, so much has happened today"

Michael mumbled as plumped down on his bed.


Michael looked at his phone and saw a message from Amanda.

"Don't do anything stupid"

Michael just smiled and quickly took a quick nap, so he could explore the dungeon that Viper had told him before.