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Michael took off all of his current equipment, put them inside his inventory space and donned the green overalls for farm work.

Michael then left the barn with a pail in hand, as he headed towards the pasture where the animals or monsters are.

When he exited the barn, the other workers looked over him with interest in their eyes on how Michael would fare on his quest. After all, the world inside this game doesn't have the same technology like in the real world and you would need to do everything using your very own hands.

But when they saw his appearance, they were shocked to find out how good looking the man is.

"Is he a model or something?" one of the male users said with indignance.

And Black Duke who saw Michael's appearance suddenly arched his eyebrows and thought, 'Damn, why wasn't I born with a handsome face!?'

"How handsome, I would die just to have a boyfriend like him" a female user said as she felt like she was suddenly lovestruck.

"I'm already feeling wet just by looking at him. Haa~ I wonder how he'd feel inside me" a woman mumbled with a sexually aroused face, and the woman beside her who managed to hear what she had just said even felt embarrassed for her.

'I shouldn't have sold my mask before if I knew this would happen' Michael thought when he saw the eyes directed at him, as he felt some lustful and admiring eyes or just full of envy and anger directed towards him.

"Are you sure you can do this lad? You don't need to push yourself" an amicable looking old man said, as he sat beside a huge cow that has three horns, and bigger than the average human. 

'It's as big as a Chianina cow breed' Michael thought looking at the cow before him.


Level: 15

A monster that's as tall as an adult man, its upper back are covered with solid looking scales, because of their gentle nature, they had become the most sought farm animals and the largest provider of milk in the market.

The edge of Michael's lips twitched when he read the monster's name.

'Were the developers high on drugs when they made this monster? Who the hell names a monster, Cowerker? Like it was some kind of a colleague or something'

One of the users beside them immediately noticed Michael's expression which really made her chuckle.

"Their name is truly something, right?" the woman said with a blush in her face.

Michael just smiled at her and looked at the old man in front of him, "Please show me how to do it"

The old man then started showing him the ropes on how to properly milk the cow.

"Your turn" the old man said.

Michael nodded and started following the instructions the old man had told him and copied how the old man did earlier. It was difficult at first as he didn't know a single thing about things like this, but Michael slowly got used to it as the minutes go by.

Even the old man was a bit shocked on how easily Michael managed to get the hang of it.

While Michael is busy milking the cows, Millie was watching the people working around her ranch from a window on the second floor, but her eyes are mostly directed on Michael.

'He seems okay enough so far'

Millie grinned with mischievousness.

After that, Michael also went over to a small group of sheep to milk some of them, but when he saw their names…he spurted blood.


Level: 17

A very tame and gentle monster that provides wool and meat. These monsters are the least providers of wool in the continent but are considered luxury to nobles because of their rarity

In the entire ranch, there are only seven sheep compared to the cows that numbers over fifty. It was because monsters like Sheeporn are very rare because of their low reproduction, as a female sheep only bears one sheep per year or even none at all.

It was like how once a certain country had once banned its people to only having one child because of a rapid growth in their population.

While Michael is busy doing his chores, he also had some spectators watching him from the sidelines, most of them are women while some are men who are looking at Michael with gritted teeth, as they can't wait to tear Michael into pieces because of envy.

"He's so handsome and manly"

"Yeah, just look at the way he fondles those breast, ahhn~!"

'What do you mean fondle? I'm freaking milking her, you horny woman!' Micheal cursed inside when he heard her.

But the women who's looking at Michael with aroused expressions are NPCs, even the female users carefully backed away from them when they heard their mumblings as they didn't expect that the women inside this game are easily aroused.

It's not that they are easily sexually aroused, it was because the women in this continent just wanted to get laid with Michael and bear his seed, as they know that they would certainly give birth to a child with superb DNA if Michael impregnates them.

Like how Garona wanted him to be her husband.

And yes, users can have sex inside the game with both parties consent. They could even get laid with the NPCs with no problem, and that's by either going into the red light district or by wooing them.

Even Dylan had sex with NPCs before, which he would sometimes brag about it front of Michael everytime they hang out together.

Worse off, he even managed to get one of them pregnant, and now, he's being hunted down by that woman's family to take responsibility.

An hour later.

"It's done" Michael said, he would've talk trash by now if Millie isn't such a beautiful woman, but more importantly, she's…a Dragon. So he'd just get an a*s whooping if he did that.

"Good job, little brat" Millie said.

You have completed the Quest: Help Around The Dragon's Ranch

You have levelled up!

Light fell upon Michael as he leveled up to Level 30 after he received a huge experience points from the quest.

"Wait here"

Millie went upstairs while Michael just stood there and watched her go through the stairs, as he can't help but daydream a bit on getting laid with her.

'What am I even thinking? It's not like she's even a real woman' Michael chuckled.