Fate Online: Shadow
133 Hedwig Silverstar
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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133 Hedwig Silverstar

"Holy shit...what a magnificent city. It truly deserves its name as Starlight City. It's almost similar to those small cities in the real world" Michael marvelled at the city around him. After all, it's really weird that a city as bright as the cities in the real world exist here...a world where magic and monsters exist.

Michael had already arrived at Starlight City an hour ago, an hour just after sunset, that's the reason why Michael was a bit amazed at the technological advancement of this particular city.

In Haven City or other places that Michael had been to, the lamp posts in their streets all use either fire or a post covered in glowing moss, but in Starlight City their lamp posts have light bulbs that runs by using mana instead of electricity.

After all, this city is where a lot of the Alchemist, Blacksmiths, Herb Gatherers and many more production classes resides, this is the reason why this city is more advanced than the few places that Michael had visited.

All this information is just something he learned in passing when he was lining up in front of the gates of the city, which made him really joyous as the chance of him learning more about the specific locations of the Blood Orchids would be higher here.

There are bars with men roaring in laughter, he even saw two drunk men having a go at each other on the street, while the people around them watched the brawlers with interest, excitement and laughter.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

"Shit! It's the City Guards! Run!" one of the spectators made a run for it when he saw the incoming group of guards garb in similar fashion, and all of them exudes the same aura as those soldiers from the special forces.

"Run! The City Guards are here!"

"Shit! Alaidon, let's go you fool! Stop fighting with him!"

One of the men pulled on one of the brawlers and made a run for it towards the direction of Michael. All of these people who were really drunk earlier seems to have suddenly returned to normal from their drunkenness.

Michael immediately went to the side when he noticed the commotion, and doesn't want to be mistaken as one of these troublemakers.

After all, he had just noticed that the levels of the guards here are truly absurd! Every single one of them are around Level 100, and the strongest guard is already at Level 120!

'Their levels are truly high! Don't tell me that there's a high level map near here?' Michael thought as he watched the men scramble into different directions as the guards chased after them.

Michael just shook his head and continued on his way, he visited a lot of establishments like bars, the well known mercenary guild, potion shops, blacksmith or weapons shop, he even went inside a large grocery store and even a brothel!

He felt that everything around him is really amazing. After all, who could say that they had already experienced the nightlife during the middle ages?

After that, Michael then left the brothel after curiously looking around inside for a bit.

He then started asking around the people along the streets of where he could find the city library. After learning where the direction of the library is, he quickly made a beeline towards the place as he didn't want to waste anymore time looking around the city, and wants to see if he could learn any information about the Blood Orchid in the library of this city.

After all, this city is where a lot of alchemist and other production professions gather, so the chances of finding any information about the herb in the library would be at least higher than most places in the continent, but sadly the only known information that he has about the herb so far are its characteristics and appearance.


"What a grand building, don't tell me this is actually an aristocrat's mansion and not the library?" Michael laughed as he quickly headed inside the building. After all, the building is clearly the library of the city and no one would mistake it with that huge plaque hanging above the entrance of the building.

Starlight Grand Library.

If Michael could have a birds eye view of the place, then he would have realized that the library is even bigger than he had imagined. After all, the entire compound of the library is as big or even bigger than the Fair Field Mansion in Sagaponack, New York.

Inside, Michael saw a couple of scholarly people walking around with books in their hands, while some are busy reading the books in their hands as they sat in front of a long table.

Michael looked at around first, and what he saw are countless piles of books on the shelves as they stood in a long row that probably reaches both ends of the building, and not only that, it also has a second floor, maybe even a third floor if he ascends at the second floor if he does.

Just think of the set up of this library like it was the Library of Congress.

Michael then walked over towards the woman who is manning the circulation desk, who's probably the librarian or assistant librarian of this place.

"Hello, where can I find the book where it has detailed information about all of the known herbs in the continent? It would be better if it has any information about the Blood Orchid" asked Michael.

The white haired woman stopped what she was doing and looked at Michael carefully, "Blood Orchid, you say?"

[Hedwig Silverstar] [NPC]

Level: 30

Title: Head Librarian of Starlight Library, Young Lady of Silverstar Household

'Well shit, another noble' Michael thought as he didn't expect that he would actually bump into a noble tonight, much less the daughter of Duke Silverstar.


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