Fate Online: Shadow
130 Pummeled
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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130 Pummeled

Michael and others arrived inside a VIP room of a Five Star Hotel at the middle of the city.

And the first one to enter Michael's sight is the man sitting directly opposite the door from where he's standing, and there are two women fawning and flirting on both side of his arms.

"Get moving!" Brodi, the leader of the three stooges angrily pushed Michael inside, while the latter just frowned but didn't say anything.

Michael just stood there and didn't say anything, while the tree bodyguards of Jin surrounded him side to side and at the back.

The man in front of Michael has a crew cut blonde hair, around early or mid twenties, has a pair of downturned eyes, straight edge nose, and someone with a round lips. He's handsome but has that arrogant look on his face like everyone is beneath him.

'Jin' Michael thought, as his eyes flashed with a cold gleam.

"So you're that Michael who's been very close with Jenny lately" Jin said as he let go of the two girls on his arms, and the two girls immediately moved away from him, as they suddenly felt the weird atmosphere inside the room the moment Michael and the rest walked in.

Michael just smiled and walked towards the table, picked up a bottle of alcohol and poured himself a glass before chugging it all down in one go.

Michael then looked at the displeased man in front of him and said, "You're Jin, right?"

"Hmmp! What of it?" Jin frowned, his voice growing colder.

Michael just smiled and put down his glass on the table, then his smile turned into a devious grin, his face looking like a devil.


The two girls that saw his face was so horrified that they screamed in fear, while Jin's eyes constricted into needle point that his body started having cold sweats!


Michae's figure flashed, and disarmed the three people behind him who were just about to pull out their guns and shoot him.

Crack! Crack! Crack!


The three stooges started screaming on the floor while holding one of their broken arms and legs, but a pity that no one from outside could hear their screams or else there would have been a group of people barging inside, and the reason being is that the room they are in is soundproofed.

Then Michael turned his attention towards Jin and slowly walked towards him with a huge grin on his face.

"You..you, what are you planning to do? I'm the son of a Senator! I dare..dare you to hurt me!" Jin yelled in fear, startled like a rabbit on his seat.

Michael jumped on top of the table and slowly walked towards Jin while saying, "Nothing much really...I'm just gonna beat you up as a warning"


Michael grinned and jumped from the table and arrived in front of the horrified Jin, "You're such a rare...piece of trash"

But when Michael was about to punch him, he suddenly saw a smirk on Jin's face as he suddenly shoved his hand under his suit and quickly pulled out a pistol and pointed it towards Michael.

"Hahaha, didn't expect this, did you!?" Jin laughed, as he already imagined Michael's fate of dying under his hands.

Michael just grinned as his hands suddenly turned into a blur and disarmed Jin, and both of their positions had suddenly switched in the blink of an eye. Now, Jin is looking at the muzzle of the gun resting on his forehead with a face full of terror and disbelief as he didn't expect this quick change of events when he just had taken an advantage over Michael.

"You have good toy...but sadly, its owner is an idiot" Michael grinned before disassembling the entire pistol on his hand.

"Don't...don't kill me!"

"I already told you, I'm just gonna beat the shit out of you...then we can talk"


"Stop! It...hurts!"


"Shtop ift! It..really hurlts!" 



The only two women inside the room watched the scene in front of their eyes in horror, not daring to even move...afraid that Michael would switch his attention to them.

"Now, we can talk" Michael said as he sat on the table in front of Jin, while lightly slapping Jin's face.

"Kukuku, if I see you or your men lurking around Amanda or Jenny" Michael said, and leaned his face towards Jin, their faces almost upon each other.

"Remember this day..because the Grim Reaper will be coming for you if you ignore this warning" he continued, and then he stood up and started walking towards the door.

Michael opened the door, stopped and looked over his shoulder and said, "Just don't forget, I can kill you anytime I want"

Then he closed the door behind him, and left the hotel.

'And with that I had finally gotten his attention towards me. Now, I don't need to worry about him harassing Amanda or Jenny for the time being' Michael thought while walking down the streets.

Michael actually remembered something before when Jin first mentioned Jenny's name. He had actually forgotten that this animal not only does he have hots towards his own cousin, even Jenny back then wasn't an exception of his harassments.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Fu-k! Fu-k! Fu-k! I'm going...t-to kill that g-guy!" Jin stood up in anger and lashed out on the glasses and bottles on the table, sending them flying everywhere in the room, while the three stooges lying on the ground are still groaning in pain.

"I will kill him!"

"...kill him!"



Midnight Summer.

Two ladies are currently sitting inside the only office of the cafe as they sat facing each other.

"He left? Did he really?" Jenny asked once more on the phone.

"Yes ma'am. He came out of the hotel safe and sound" the person on the other side of the call replied with certainty.

"Alright, thanks for the hard work"

"It's our honor to be of help"

Jenny put down her phone and turned to Amanda, "It seems he's okay, but my men told me that the person behind it was indeed Jin"

"So what happened?"

A curious Amanda asked.

"My men found out that Michael had beaten up Jin, and walked out safely out of the hotel" Jenny said, her face mixed with disbelief and amazement.


"What!? Does that guy has a few screws on his head!? I know Jin, he must have at least told Michael who he is! But you're now telling me that he actually pummelled that bastard!?" Amanda stood up from her chair and slammed the table in front of her in shock.

"Well, he mustn't have cared about it one bit" Jenny just gave a shrug, and stood up as she headed for the door.

"And where are you going? Don't tell me that you're going to meddle with their business?" Amanda immediately asked, clearly worried that her best friend would do something rash again.

"I'm just gonna head home, and don't worry, that dude isn't someone so easy to deal with either" Jenny turned back and sent her wink, as she laughed on her way out.

"Worried? Am not! I don't even know the guy!" Amanda quickly shouted.

"Whatever" Jenny yelled back with her back facing Amanda as she waved her goodbye.

Amanda just looked at the direction of the now closed door with a blank look on her face.


'I really should buy myself a car. F*cking bastards, bringing me all the way to the center of the city'

Michael complained inside as he headed towards the nearest bus station, and while walking along the streets of the city center, Michael couldn't help but notice that some of the girls he saw would either stare or glance at him as he passed by them.

'Did I become handsome lately? Why are all these girls looking at me? Maybe I just have something on my face' Michael thought, as he started touching every inch of his face, but in the end couldn't find anything wrong with his face.

He even went beside a parked car on the street and looked at his reflection, but didn't see shit and only his attractive appearance.

'I just realized...I'm actually pretty handsome, maybe I should go modelling sometime? Ha! Who the heck am I kidding? I'm still an Assassin even though I'm already semi retired!'

Michael just tilted his head and continued on his way, while smiling at the ladies that would throw him a wink or two and would even smile at him.

And a few minutes later, Michael finally boarded the city bus and headed back home.


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