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120 Radiant Adventurer’s Necklace

"Shit! Brother!"

Michael grinned as he immediately bolted towards Surging Tide, and delivered a powerful kick on Surging Tide's abdomen.

Spartan Kick

A powerful kick that knocks the target back and dealing 160% physical damage. Causes knockback, and a stun for one second.

Mana: 50 Mana

Cooldown: 7 seconds


Surging Tide eyes bulge as he was pushed back from the force of the kick, and Michael immediately followed after him, and started attacking him with a flurry of normal attacks.

Surging Flames wanted to help him but Tina and the two pets had already locked him down, preventing him from providing any help, but because of this, Surging Wind was able to move towards where Michael and Surging Tide is, and enter the attack range of a Hunter.

Surging Wind quickly pulled out three arrows from his quiver and nocked all three of them at the same on his bow, and let them loose towards Michael's back, his eyes blazing with fury!

Triple Shot

Notch three arrows and let them loose all at once towards the designated target, the arrows deals 40%, 30%, and 20% attack damage respectively, and stunning the target for a second.

Mana: 200

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Michael decided to abandon his attacks on Surging Tide, and immediately jumped at the side when he felt danger looming over him, and just as he predicted three flashes of light flew past him, as he narrowly dodge the arrows.

And with no target on its trajectory, the arrows instead struck towards Surging Tide, but the arrows immediately disintegrated when it was a foot away from him, it was because there's no such thing as friendly fire inside the game.

This is the reason why Hunters and Wizards have no qualms attacking any monsters even when their tanks are fighting it on close range, as their attacks would be ineffective towards their teammate, unless they kick that particular player out of their team just as their attacks are about to land on him or her.

"Dammit! How could he dodge those!? Does he have an eye on the back of his head or something!?" Surging Wind cursed as he immediately ran towards Surging Tide to help him as the latter is already on the verge of dying.

"Use your freaking potion now! Dammit!" Surging Wind yelled angrily while running towards his brother.

Meanwhile, Surging Flames and Tina are having a three on one bout against each other, and surprisingly, Tina actually had the advantage over him in terms of skill damage, even Michael noticed that Tina's attack damage are higher than Surging Flames who's even four levels higher than Tina.

"Why the heck is your attack damage higher than mine!?" Surging Flames yelled angrily as he hid behind a large root of a tree.

Tina just ignored him, while her little hawk continued to fly around her, and the rabbit looking towards the direction of Surging Flames with disdain in its eyes like a monarch looking down on his subjects, showing his majesty as a child of an Empyrean Beast.

If Michael saw this, he would certainly clicked his tongue, as the little rabbit Aran always acts like an arrogant second generation son.

Tina nocked another arrow on her bow, and on Tina's vision she saw a small translucent crosshair, she looked towards Surging Wind who's busy harassing Michael with Surging Tide but then pointed her arrow towards Surging Flames, which made the latter shiver in fright as he hasn't recovered much of his health, then Tina let her arrow loosed as it flew towards Surging Flames.

"Sh*t! Is this woman not running out of her arrows yet!?" Surging Flames yelled in anger and tried to squeeze his body behind a large tree root, but unfortunately, his right arm is still within attacking vision.

Tina's arrow flew towards him, and just as the arrow was about to hit him, it suddenly turned and went towards the direction of Surging Wind who was just about to attack Michael, and hit him on the head, interrupting his skill, gaining a good two seconds for Michael to dispatch Surging Tide who was already in critical health!

"AHH!" Surging Tide screamed in anger, as his body slowly disappeared and was sent to the nearest graveyard, leaving only a will o' wisp, and a necklace.

"Dammit! Surging Flames, what are you doing!? Tide is dead! F*ck!" Surging Wind yelled in anger when he saw that Surging Tide was killed off by Michael.

"I'm low on health! Let's retreat!"Surging Flames yelled back and immediately bolted towards the opposite direction as he fled, but not before an arrow was embedded on his back.

"This isn't over yet!" Surging Wind cursed at Micheal before fleeing towards the direction of where Surging Flames ran to.

"Hmmp!" Michael just snorted, no plans of even chasing after them, he even signaled for Tina who was just about to chase after the two to stop.

"Why aren't we going after them? They just stole the monster that we were about to kill" Tina walked over to Michael and frowned in displeasure.

Michael just waved his finger towards her, and with a smile on his face, he walked over towards where Surging Tide died, where the will o'wisp had already disappeared, and picked up the necklace he dropped after he died. 

Radiant Adventurer's Necklace

Level Req: 15+ 

Type: Necklace 

Rarity: Uncommon

Strength: 2 

Agility: 3 

Intellect: 3

Requirements: All classes

Description: A necklace engraved with an elegant symbol that can't be seen with the naked eyes.

"Here" Michael handed the necklace to Tina, where the latter immediately took it with elation on her face.

"Thank you! Uwah! Such a cute necklace!" Tina said, and even wondered why a man like Surging Tide is wearing a necklace that's clearly for women's use.

But then she suddenly frowned and looked at Michael and said,"You haven't answered me yet, why didn't we chase after them? We could have gotten more of this if we manage to kill them"

"They clearly knew the surrounding terrain of this place, while we don't. It would be bad if they are actually luring us into a trap while we're after chasing them, and besides, we already killed one of them and even got you that necklace" Michael then just shrugged off his shoulders and started looking for their next prey, while Aran immediately jumped over on one of his shoulders.

"Fine" Tina said, as she quickly wore the necklace on her hands before hurriedly following after Michael.


Two figures appeared over a hundred meters away from where Micahel and Tina are.

"Dammit, they didn't follow after us" Surging Flames cursed, as he didn't expect for Michael and Tina to be that cautious. After all, they already did this trick of hit and run multiple times to a number of players, and it had always been successful so far, where their harvest had been bountiful.

They just didn't expect that they would actually bumped into a wall today, where one of them even got killed and dropped an item.

And in front of them are a pathway with multiple hidden traps, every single one of them deadly enough to kill.

And it was also because of this that Surging Flames are very much afraid of dying as he is the only red named player among the three of them, mostly because he had always been the one to initiate ambush attacks on their prey.

"What should we do then?" Surging Tide looked at his brother and asked.

"We'll wait for Surging Tide to get here and we'll have our revenge. I don't believe that they would know this place better than we are!" Surging Flames replied before turning around as he started heading towards the direction of their nearby hideout, while Surging Wind followed after him after giving a quick glance at the direction of where Michael and Tina disappeared to.

But what they didn't notice is that there's a pair of eyes watching their every movement.

'As I thought, they were really waiting for us, and wanted to lure both of us into a trap' Michael thought while licking his lips, as his eyes flashed with a cold gleam.

Michael then disappeared into the shadows, before a figure flashed through the swamp land, while producing a muffled sound of a foot stepping on a puddle of water.

'It seems we'll need to prepare ourselves for their possible retaliation'