Fate Online: Shadow
119 Surging Brothers 2
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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119 Surging Brothers 2

The Sanguine Hawk is attacking the Lizardmen with small fireballs every five seconds that deals minimal damage, while the Dual Horned Elemental Rabbit is attacking it with a lightning blast that it used to attack Michael and the Earth Dragon before, the lightning might look ferocious but its damage is only minimal because the rabbit is just Level 3 right now.

Tina quickly nocked an arrow on her bow and pulled the bowstring, and let loose as the arrow darted towards the Lizardman and hit its left knee, then the Lizardman roared in anger and started limping around as it chased after Michael.

 "Hyacchahecchizo~ go~gyakutterowigya~ janbettenbachurua~!"

[Crippling Arrow]

"Looses an arrow that hits a vital part of the target. It causes paltry damage, but has a 55% chance of crippling the target. Last 10 seconds."

Mana Cost: 30 MP

Cooldown: 30 seconds

"Nice! Don' t stop, just keep attacking!" Michael yelled as he slashed his dagger at the monster's neck, then jumped back in a hurry as the tip of the Lizardman's saber slashed Michael's chest.

- 127!

Michael and Tina along with their pets continued spamming skills and normal attacks on the monster until it was only left with a sliver of its health left. Michael then continued running around as he wanted to give the last hit to Tina.

"Kill it!"

Tina quickly her bowstring and let loose the arrow, and just as it was about to hit the already weak monster, a flash suddenly appeared and killed the Lizardman before Tina's arrow could even land.

"Come out" Michael yelled as he already noticed that someone or a group of people had gotten near them when Tina let loose her arrow.

"Hahaha! That was a good shot little bro!"

"Of course, did you her dumbfounded when I killed the monster that they have been trying to take down for a while now, only to be killed by us!? Hahaha!"

A group of three Hunters all of whom had almost identical names came out laughing from a large shrubbery twenty meters away, just a sliver away from Michael's detection, and the reason why he belated realized that someone is waiting for their chance to land the last hit.

[Level 20] Surging Tide

[Level 20] Surging Flames

[Level 20] Surging Wind

'No, they could have just arrived and accidentally stumble upon us just as Tina was about to land the last hit, and I would have already detected that someone is watching us when they've been there for a long time'


But Michael didn't care if they just accidentally stumble upon them, or they used an item or a unique skill to hide themselves from his detection. What matters is that they took something they shouldn't have!

Tina also quickly took action when she saw Michael taking action, and she immediately nocked an arrow on her bow and pulled it, as flames started swirling around the arrow.


Tina quickly released it, as the arrow came charging towards one of the three hunters like a falling meteorite entering the planet's atmosphere!

"Shit! Scatter!" the player called Sugring Flames panicked as he didn't expect that Michael and Tina to suddenly attack them, without even exchanging some trash talk with each other.

But their reaction was already too late as Michael had already dashed forward for three meters, and disappeared, then reappeared behind Surging Tide.

"Behind you!"

"Crap! Get away from each other! Triangle Formation, now!"

But Michael didn't let them do whatever they had planned as he quickly executed Backstab and Vital Strike simultaneously on Surging Tide!

Surging Wind wanted to help his brother, but an arrow covered in bright red flames is already charging towards him, and he didn't have a choice as he used a grappling hook to dodge it, and the arrow instead swoosh past him and struck a tree as it burst to pieces!

The three brothers then ignored their following attacks and immediately got into their formation, while Michael continued chasing after Surging Tide, not letting his prey go and catch his breath.

But Surging Tide didn't care, as he leapt forward and turned his body towards Michael while he quickly nocked an arrow on his bow and pulled it, as frosty winds started swirling at the arrow tip.

Meanwhile, Surging Wind and Surging Flames had also pulled on their bowstrings, and their arrows also started getting covered by a swirling wind and flames, all of their arrows pointing towards Michael!

Michael just smiled coldly towards the enemy in front of him.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Bzzzzt!

Surging Wind and Surging Flames released their arrows at the same time, but Surging Tide's skills was suddenly interrupted, as multiple little fireballs and a bolt of lightning struck him!

And the bolt of lightning that just appeared from out of nowhere, inflicted him a paralysis status that lasted for a second, causing him to fail in casting his skill.

And when Michael saw that, his grin became wider as he didn't expect that his gamble prevailed even though the two attacks from Surging Wind and Surging Flames had landed on him, but because Surging Tide failed, Michael managed to survive with a sliver of his health, where he hastily drank a Greater Health Potion, immediately filling up his health and just a short away from fifty percent.

Michael actually wanted to cast Shadow Dance at the last second as he knew that he won't be able to dodge their combined attacks when he was going full speed towards Surging Tide.

But he immediately stopped himself from using it when he saw his already Level 5 Dual Horned Elemental Rabbit successfully paralyzing his opponent using his newly acquired skill from Level 3.

Lightning Hammer

Gathers forth a lightning by gathering mana in its horns to strike its targeted enemy. Inflicts 95% Magic Damage, and has a 20% chance of inflicting paralysis for a second.

It was a skill that the little rabbit named Aran acquired when it reached level 3!

Like the little rabbit, the small hawk also got a skill when it reached Level 3, where it would spit out three small fireballs, where it has the chance to inflict burn damage on the target.


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