Fate Online: Shadow
117 Teacher 2
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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117 Teacher 2

"Mister Dragon, where's teacher? He asked me to come here!" Tina yelled happily as she quickly went over beside the dragon and started rubbing the side of the dragon's head.

Michael wanted to stop her, afraid that the dragon might accidentally kill her and waste their time getting her to Level 16 if she dies, but he quickly halted in his tracks when he saw the growing hostility in the dragon's eyes.

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

"Huh?" Michael thought the dragon was glaring at him, but then he thought wrong when he heard the sound of an electricity crackling beside him, where he saw black lightning condensing around the horns of his pet rabbit, who is also glaring at the dragon with eyes full of hostility and arrogance.


Michel knew that things are getting bad and wanted to stop the freaking rabbit from attacking, but he was already too late as the lightning suddenly disappeared and quickly condensed into a ball of lightning like a chidori and immediately zapped towards the dragon and Tina like a lightning strike raining down from the skies..

"Fuck!" Michael cursed in anger.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!


But of course, the dragon just wouldn't let itself get attack especially with Tina beside it, where it immediately conjured up a towering wall on the trajectory of the lightning and successfully blocked it, causing dust and smoke to billow around them, which made Michael sigh in relief, but then he suddenly felt death looming before him

As the dust settled, the wall made of earth also disappeared, and what greeted Michael was the opened mouth of the dragon with a huge ball of fire gathering on its mouth.


"Stop!" Tina yelled in panic, but the huge ball made of flames is already hurling towards Michael.


'F*ck this shit! I'm gonna scold you a lot later you freaking rabbit!' Michael cursed inside, and just as he was about to execute Shadow Dance to resist the dragon's attack, a figure of someone suddenly appeared before him, then the person stretch one of his hands and caught the fireball the size of a house on his hand.

The figure clenched his hand into a fist, and the fireball disappear into nothingness like it wasn't even there in the first place.

"My, my, I told you reign in your temper, you don't even hesitate to strike a child" the figure shook his head as he walked over towards the dragon and reprimanded it.

"Teacher!" Tina exclaimed in happiness when she saw the new arrival, and quickly dashed towards the figure with eyes full of admiration.


But Michael just clicked his tongue inside, as he knew that the little girl is on her ways again of cosying up to the person.

Instead, Michael turned his attention towards the rabbit clinging on his shoulder and started berating it like a parent would, to his or her child.

"I told you that you shouldn't just attack anyone without my permission! You could have attack anyone, but you just had to have the guts to contend against a freaking dragon!"



Michael screamed as the Dual Horned Elemental Rabbit suddenly struck him with lightning, and Michael fell down on the ground with smoke coming out of his body, while the peach white rabbit just look at him with disdain in its eyes, and hopped over towards Tina, leaving Michael with a sliver of his health.

'F*ck that perverted rabbit!' Michael cursed when he saw the rabbit heading towards Tina while putting on a cute expression.


"Aiyo, just what you'd expect from someone of the tribe of Elemental Rabbits, they're ferocious like dragons" a voice sounded above him, and he immediately felt warmth surrounding his body, and his health bar gradually started filling up until it was full.

Michael then slowly stood up from the ground and glared at the perverted rabbit comfortably lying in between those two soft white hills, with a hawk screeching at it angrily.

Then Michael turned his attention towards the person before him.

The person is a man with a bald head, a huge beard that reaches his upper chest, and dressed in a typical monk dressed with bits of pieces of armor on the lower garment, with a pair of identical gauntlets, along with an aura of peace and ferociousness combined together.

But the thing that made Michael's smile stiff is how the man talks, which is very similar to a person that Michael knows, and whom he has a grudge against that person lately.


'Damn that old man, he even haunts me all the way inside the game!'

Michael cursed inside, but he just smiled outside as he didn't want to offend the person before him.

[Hermit Kos]

Level: ???

Title: Dragon Slayer, Dragon Rider, One of the Arena Masters of Combat Arena

'Holy shit! Tina just freaking hit the jackpot!'

Michael exclaimed inside with disbelief, not expecting that Tina's teacher is actually one of the twelve arena masters of the Combat Arena.

Bear in mind, that if the Pope is the person with the highest status in the Church of Freya, then the Arena Masters are also the people with the highest status in their group, similar to the Pope.

Every single one of them are Legendary NPCs, with an immense influence in the continent that even kings and emperors would pay them their deserved respect when they see them.

"Greeting and thank you for your help, Master Kos" Michael greeted him politely.

Then Tina quickly came over and started introducing them to each other.

"Teacher, he's Mic- I mean Shadow, and we may not be blood related but I think of him as a real brother"

"And Shadow, this is my teacher, a renowned Herbalist, Master Kos"

'It seems she doesn't know that a legendary figure had just taken her under his wings'

Michael thought when he noticed that Tina doesn't have a single clue of who the man really is, he even wondered if he's the only one who could see those rows of titles.

But what Michael didn't know is that the reason he's only able to see those titles was because he read a book regarding the various influences on the continent, along with the people leading them.


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