Fate Online: Shadow
116 Teacher 1
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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116 Teacher 1

Six o'clock in the morning.

After washing up, Michael immediately Tina a call early in the morning.

"It's already the weekend, are you ready?"

"Of course, I've been ready since yesterday!"

"Alright, I'll be going first then, let's try to hit Level 18 by the end of the day!"

"Okay! I'll just have my breakfast quick, then I'll immediately follow suit"


Michael then ended the call, and started drying his hair before making his way inside the gaming cabin, and lay there, as the gaming cabin slowly closed before him, and what greeted him after that is a flash of light.


Michael appeared inside a village after a flash of light, and what immediately greeted him is the hubbub of players around him, especially the peddlers who went on to become craftsmen of various production classes like Blacksmith, Tailor, Brewster or otherwise also known as Alchemist, and then there are the Herbalists, Miners, and etc.

"Selling Lesser Grade Potions for only 30 Copper Coins! Get them now before they're gone!"

"Daggers! Swords! Axes! Shields! All Uncommon Grade! Only 20 Silvers each, 10 Silvers cheaper than when you buy it from an NPC! Make sure to get them now!"

"Selling Rare Grade Gray Wolf Leather Armor and Uncommon Grade Gray Wolf Boots for 3 Gold Coins only! Get them now while they're still hot!"

The game has many varieties of classes, especially in the production class, and that a player could even become a farmer or a fisherman.

Basically, the game doesn't restrict players from getting their "secondary classes or professions"

This introduction of secondary classes, along with the new system, called Pet Panel was the new update of the game a few days ago.

Putting those aside, Tina even became an Herbalist and miraculously became the student of a roaming hermit called Kos, who is known as a Grandmaster Herbalist, who roams the continent looking for those unique and exotic herbs that haven't been discovered yet.

And she was even given a book called Grete Herball, a compendium which details the medicinal properties of plants and some non-botanical items, and the locations of where this particular herb can be found or what monsters would be there guarding the herbs.

And the freaking book is even graded as an Epic grade item!

In one part of the history of Nevareth Continent and even today, Herbalist are even more respected than an Alchemist or Warriors. 


Because they are just one of the few people who ventures on the most dangerous places in the continent just so that they could discover or unearth those unique and exotic herbs, and they wouldn't even hesitate to battle against dragons just so that they could get that particular herb that's guarded by a dragon.

And because of those feats, some of them are even dubbed as dragon slayers or dragon riders!

They're practically legends!

Michael was even in disbelief when he read this part of the world's history at the largest library, back when he was still back at Haven City.

And the most robust requirement to become an Herbalist is having a combat profession, but most of them are Monks from the Combat Arena, it was because their abilities are so versatile, as they have powerful bodies like a Barbarian, minor healing abilities and attacks empowered with holy might similar to a priest or paladin, and they could even employ protection mantras around their bodies.

It was because of this range of abilities that they could battle against dragons that would have even needed an army to deal with them.

Of course, not all monks are that powerful, as there are only a few of them who could learn their three virtues at the same time!

When this part of history was revealed by player, it suddenly became huge, where most players had taken the Monk Class after their class advancement when they were Level 10.

Dreaming that they would become dragon slayers or dragon riders in the future, where they would be able to brag in front of their friends, or the girls they fancy.

Presently, the monk class is so popular that they're everywhere, and every single one of them are armed with a pair of gauntlets in all shapes and sizes.

And right now, Michael is accompanying Tina to her teacher deep inside the mountains behind the village from where they had come from.

A few minutes later, Michael and Tina came before an almost desolate valley with only a few flora growing here and there, and before them is a towering being.

It was a freaking…Dragon!

[Earth Dragon] [Wild Boss]


Status: Tamed

Description: A dragon defeated by the famous Hermit Monk, Kos, who's also a well known Herbalist around the continent.

"What the..hell?" Michael exclaimed in shock at the thing in front of them, he wouldn't have noticed the small mountain in front of them as a dragon, and would have just treated it as a small hill if it weren't for the floating words above it.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The dragon in front of them slowly stood up, it ginormous body blocking the sun, while casting a huge shadow before them, and then brought its enormous head in front of them. It looked at Tina with tenderness while it glared at Michael with hostility, but then the dragon immediately withdrew its hostility when it saw the rabbit clinging on one of Michael's shoulders, where the former is also staring at the dragon with interest and curiosity.


The dragon in front of them is at least two times bigger or maybe even more than the Forest Dragon that Michael saw before. It stands on all fours like a western dragon but it doesn't have a pair of wings, its body covered in rocks, stones and protruding boulders, while its scales are similar to that of a reptile, and its color is the same as the color of the earth, which would make it the perfect disguise.


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