Fate Online: Shadow
105 Dragon Race
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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105 Dragon Race

"This people are so audacious, but I like it!"

"Are they seriously telling us that they are hired hitmen inside the game!? Does that mean someone hired them for a hit towards the members of the three guilds of Council of Elders?"

"I was just about to say that! Look at how expensive their services are! A thousand gold for every hit! It means their services are targeted to those rich players!"

"But they are also accepting real world currency though"

"Yeah, but it's even more freaking expensive than the thousand gold, you dumbass! We poor people can't freaking afford it!"

The reason for these commotion, is the post that was pinned on top of the game forum by a player that goes by the name, Genesis.

And even though a lot of casual players are amazed at their arrogance, there are also those players who think they are chewing more than they can chew.

"People these days are so damn arrogant when they only achieve a small feat! Hmmp!"

"You're just jealous, you keyboard warrior bastard!"

"F*ck you! Let's go one one one in the game! I'm in Sunrise Empire!"

"Sure you dumbas*! Come over at Sharval Kingdom!"

"You idiot! I'm in the western side of the continent! How the heck could I even go there! You're clearly afraid of me!"

"F*ck you! If you have the guts, then come here at Sharval, you coward!"

"Shut up, you both are just freaking noobs!"



Genesis received at least ten missions during the first hour after posting that post in the game forum.

Genesis rejected seven of them, and specifically told them that they are still limited inside Sharval Kingdom.

One of the missions was to kill a guild leader of a small guild that has at least over a hundred members, and should be killed three times, and because the players doesn't really die inside the game, the cost only amounted to three hundred thousand dollars!

One hundred thousand dollars for every successful kill!

And another mission, is to help a small guild kill a wild boss, and the last one is to kill a player who betrayed the client.

For Genesis and the others, the amount wasn't important, but it's the thrill of having a body that gets stronger every level up! 

Their goal is to reach the peak of the game world just like Michael and strike fear to all players!

They weren't even worried that they would be left behind in terms of levels. After all, these people are even crazier than those players who spends all of their time killing monsters just to maintain their lead in the Leaderboards!

And when the seven of them teams up, they can practically bulldozed an entire monster map by themselves, that's the reason why all of them are already around Level 14 and 15 in just the few days that they started playing the game.

But of course, Michael also heard about the guild's first job from them, and unfortunately for him, he can't join in the fun, as he's still stuck inside the Forest of Despair.


"God f*cking dammit! Why is there a freaking dragon here of all places!?"

Michael screamed in anger as he madly ran away from the dragon, who's angrily chasing him from the skies!

Forest Dragon [Wild Boss]

Level: ???

It's a dragon covered in green and dirt brown scales, with vines and different flora growing on its back, and has the same head like the Saichania dinosaur.

Then the dragon suddenly opened its mouth and shot out a huge fireball, the size of an SUV towards Michael's direction, and when Michael felt the growing heat above him, he immediately executed Shadow Blur at the same time as his Shadow Dance.


Michael just barely dodge it, when the fireball exploded on the ground behind him, and shockwave of the explosion sent him flying forward, and the ground where the fireball exploded turned into a magma.

"Human..get out of my...HOME!"

The Forest Dragon roared in anger while it spoke in human tongue, which made Michael shiver as he rolled multiple times on the ground before managing to regain his footing.

And he would've died if it wasn't for his life saving skill.

"I'm trying! But you keep chasing me!" Michael yelled back in anger even though he knows that he would certainly get himself killed if he angers the dragon more than it is right now.



The Forest Dragon roared, the monsters, the animals within the fifteen mile radius all escaped in fear towards the other direction.

Michael immediately dashed away from there, while the Forest Dragon finally stopped chasing after him and just watched him as he slowly disappeared through the dense canopy of the trees.

"A challenger for the Night King's Inheritance, consider yourself lucky! Hmmp!"

The forest dragon then flew towards the tallest mountain that's covered in dense trees and flora, while surrounded by a thin fog.

'It seems the balance of power in the world had once again started to tilt'

The dragon thought, seemingly looking uninterested at what it just discovered, because for him, the Dragon Race doesn't need to fear anyone, even the gods!

After all, even though he's on the weaker side among the Dragon Race, that doesn't mean that those on the top of their race are weak! In fact, some of them are already so powerful that they could even rival the power of a god!


Michael was ecstatic as he could finally see the end of the forest!


Michael's yell was suddenly interrupted when his face quickly turned cold, while he slowly bent his head backwards, and the arrow that was heading towards his head is now just above the tip of his nose, and just when the arrow was about to brush against his nose.

He suddenly disappeared, and he's now charging towards the direction of where the arrow came from!

"What the fuck!?"

The hunter who sent that arrow along with his companions look at Michael in shock, as they didn't expect him that he would actually manage to dodge that sure kill shot!

"Shit! Kill him!"

Michael's eyes left a trail of cold light as he madly dashed towards his attackers, while he ignored all of their attacks as he activated his Shadow Dance.


The hunter who shot at Michael earlier cursed when he saw that their attacks are not having any effects towards their target when the black cloud suddenly appeared around Michael.

The Barbarian tried to stop Michael, but he just skillfully dodge the Barbarian and continued his mad dash towards the Hunter!

"Quick! Kill him!" the hunter yelled in panic, when he saw that Michael is almost upon him, especially when noticed that he can't seem to shake him off.

Multiple attacks immediately came flying towards Michael, and he wasn't even the least bit bothered, as he suddenly move in a zigzag pattern and dodge all of them, and this time, the direction of his feet wasn't going towards the hunter anymore and instead towards their male priest!


All of them exclaimed at the same time, as they didn't expect that his real target wasn't the hunter all along, but it was the priest instead!"

'We were duped!'


That was the last word that the priest heard before he was met with darkness, and in his ears, that very word sounded cold and distant, like a grim reaper.


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