Fate Online: Shadow
104 The Seven Sins
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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104 The Seven Sins


"What the hell happened!? Why are these people, who calls themselves Revenants, targeting only us!?"

A supervising elder, that was assigned to manage the Blackskull Guild in Sharval Kingdom is currently raging at his men, and the people who are at the receiving end of his anger hung their heads low while sitting at both sides of a long table in front of them, not daring to utter even a word.

Then after pouring all his anger out, the middle aged men sighed deeply and plopped himself on his chair while rubbing his temples.

'Just who the hell has the audacity to target us?'

He thought to himself while tapping his fingers on the table, while the people in front of him had their heartbeats beating at the same time as the taps of his fingers due to their nervousness.

The other two guilds are also in the same predicament, while those guilds from the other two guild alliances had also ushered an emergency meeting for a countermeasure in case they also gets targeted by those assassins.

Meanwhile, the name Revenants swept throughout the Kingdom of Sharval, and every player in the kingdom have already heard about their notorious feats of assassinating the members from Council of Elders.

Michael named their in game organization, Revenants, based from what he had just experienced of coming back to life to his younger years, and where the current members are currently located and scattered throughout Sharval Kingdom, except for Michael who's currently stuck inside the Forest of Despair, with his pursuers hot on his tail.

It was because players could now only choose their starter kingdoms or empires, while their starting location would be randomized.

Inside a private or secret chat room inside the game.

"Should we kill some more?" Viper asked the other members.

"It's more than enough" Genesis replied.

Old Man Robin, who is also a retired One Blade and the oldest of them replied, "What are our plans for this anyway? Michael hasn't yet brief us about it, and only told us to make our names known throughout the kingdom"

"We can ask him later. After all, he's the brain behind this gathering. I only joined for the fun and thrill of playing this mystical game, and I'm pretty sure that also goes the same for you guys" Miya said in the chat.

"I second that..!"

Circle, Monk, and the other woman, called Tony, who also goes by the name, Ghost, agreed with Miya's statement, as they really did only agree to Michael because it sounded interesting for them.

And at the same time, they wanted to teach those so called Experts in the gaming circle, and show them what a true expert truly is!

After all, with their skills, they could literally play all kinds of professions that wields weapons inside the game, with the exception of Wizards and Priests, and any related magic professions.

Especially now that they are using gaming cabins that has a higher realism rate than the virtual helmets, which just made them even more dangerous than before, and it wouldn't even be an exaggeration to say that they are all like walking killing machines.

The only unfortunate thing is that Michael wasn't able to convince the others back at Bulgaria, or else…

"Hahaha! But this time, let's take the game world by storm! Just like back in the day when we were still active!" Old Robin, through the voice chat of their private chat room.

"Well said Old Man!"

In fact, this seven people that Michael had invited to join him are actually notoriously famous in the underground world when all of them are still active, and they were even dubbed as the Seven Deadly Sins!

Back in their days, there was a saying...When the Seven Sins makes a move, then you can only prepare your funeral the next day!

It was because no one had been able to survive an encounter with them if they take on a mission with all of them participating.

People back in the day would even say that they would rather have a One Blade assassin targeting them, rather than meeting those seven people.

This was also the time when Michael met them during a mission, where he was protecting a client, and that client of his were the targets of Seven Sins whom just recently came out of their retirement and took a mission just for the thrill.

And yes, as mentioned before, the organization doesn't just kill people, but they also take missions to escort and protect someone, and members are even allowed to kill each other as long as they don't do it inside the premises of any of the organization branches around the world.

And this event would have happened seven years from now, and that's also how Michael met them, where the name Shadow was a famous up and coming One Blade assassin.

Both sides tried to kill each other, and this was the very first time that Michael almost failed a mission, but he at least managed to cover his client's retreat, but this exchange almost cost his life as he suffered heavy injuries.

Genesis and the others also didn't fared well, as all of them sustained heavy and light injuries during their exchange with Michael.

And yes, Michael was able to repel them thanks to his trusty machine gun that his client lent to him when they met, he practically gave them the hail mary of bullets.

This event also solidified Michael's reputation in the underground scene back then, but it resulted in him getting a formidable enemy or enemies, as the Seven Sins announced to the world that they would take down Michael no matter what it takes, and Michael also did the same to them.

Their friction with each other caused more clashed between both sides, but with no victors coming on top.

And their respective enemies also took this chance to meddle in their affairs and try to kill them which in turn caused them their lives instead.

But because of this, their hostility towards each other lessened as they practically became frenemies. After all, both sides are considered Alphas and they wouldn't just let any Betas to touch their "prey"!

An example would be when Michael was escaping and got seriously injured after a confrontation with another One Blade, and his enemies who are in the dark and were waiting for a chance to strike, made their moves known as they immediately tried to kill him, but everytime that they would be able to corner Michael back then.

Genesis and the others would always appear on time and save his ass, and would always tell him that he owes them his life before leaving him.

And Michael would also save their asses from time to time, and in time, those pack of hyenas who wanted to meddle in their affairs slowly learned that they would just be sending themselves to their deaths if they don't try to learn from their predecessors mistakes.

Slowly, Michael and the Seven Sins slowly became friends after that, as they slowly realized that no winners would emerge from their conflict, and would instead gave their enemies who are hiding in the dark a chance to kill them.

Back then, Michael's path to becoming a Legend wasn't easy, as it had always been fraught with dangers.

This was the reason why Michael was able to invite the rest of them to join him, and even Viper who weren't really interested about it was forced to come along when he heard that all of his friends are coming with him.

And Michael really trust them, not because they were friends before, but because they are the people who believes in honor and fairness, and anyone who tried to question their beliefs, received an extra hole in their heads.

During those times, Amanda was always by his side, taking care of him and nursing him back to health.

And he wasn't alone on his path to becoming a Legend, there were always those people who helped him behind the scenes, like Amanda, and this is why he was so heartbroken when he lost her.

And when he finally avenged her, he didn't die because the police shot him, but because from losing a lot of blood from his injuries he sustained, and he was already hanging by a thread when he finally met and killed the senator, so he would have died right there and then even without the police shooting him down.


A certain post on the game forum of Fate Online, sent an unprecedented waves towards the gaming community, which shocked them all.


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