Fate Online: Shadow
103 Making Waves!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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103 Making Waves!

"Are you guys okay!?"

Amanda, and injured bodyguard who was being supported by the former was the last one to come, and the paramedics who had just arrived immediately took the injured bodyguard from her towards their vehicle.

"We're fine, any idea who they are? It's pretty sure that you were their target"

"I don't know, I haven't seen them before"

"I know them"

The bodyguard who had been silent until now suddenly interjected.

"You know them?"

The army and police office quickly turned towards him and asked almost at the same time.

"Yes, back when I was still in the army, me and my squad had a deadly encounter with people like them"

"And how can you say that they were the same people"

"Follow me"

The bodyguard then gestured them to follow them inside, and towards one of the dead bodies.

"See this? This is the Lion Insignia of the Blood Lions, a notorious criminal syndicate"

The man pointed towards the almost non-noticeable insignia on the pistol grip of one of the weapons that the intruders used.

The two civil force officer suddenly had a change in their expressions the moment they heard him, as they realized that the matters today wasn't so simple after all.

"Wouldn't that clue give them away when the police discovers it?"

And Amanda being somewhat a bit ignorant towards the matters of the underworld suddenly raised a question which sounded dumb towards the people around her.

The redhead woman called Taylor sighed and turned her head towards Amanda and said.

"What you said is right, but at the same time, it's also a way for them to tell the government that the Blood Lions were here and they were behind this incident. It's a way for them to build a notorious fame among the people in high society"

"And even if the police discovers it, it would still be useless as they wouldn't even be able to track them, unless the people from MBI makes a move themselves"

Taylor and the police officer called Troy gave their own answers towards her question.

And the MBI that Troy mentioned, also known as the Military Bureau of Investigation, are a group of elite soldiers who are a group of people especially handpicked from the army, and they only answer towards the President of their Country.

They are like the imperial guards of the ancient emperors, and their jobs are like the Secret Service and FBI in the real world. They deal with matters that the police can't handle, you could even say that they are a separate entity from the army and police.

And their very jobs is very similar to the Men In Black from a certain movie, and even Michael would admit that he would be wary of them if they meet each other on the road, but not at the level that he would fear them, as he could still dispatch them if they were all alone by themselves.

Because what makes them scary is their teamwork with each other, where they could supplement their individual flaws.

Meanwhile, the two masked men who fled earlier failed to escape even when they changed vehicles, as they got themselves killed during a car chase with the police SWAT team.

After that, Amanda and the rest were interrogated by the police about what happened, and where they recounted to the police on how the event went down.

While Jenny also arrived at the scene ten minutes later along with her entourage of bodyguards which made the police officers around the scene raised an eyebrow when they them, but when they recognized her, they just ignored her and didn't even try to stop her from approaching the crime scene.


Meanwhile, a person who was riding a mountain bike stopped just a few meters away from Amanda's place where the gunfire took place, while pretending to check if there was something wrong with his bike, even though his attention is fully geared towards Amanda, who is currently being interrogated by two police officers.

'This event wasn't caused by the so called butterfly effect right?' Michael thought to himself, a bit worried, but then a few moments later, he finally remembered something that was reported on the news before the events of his "time travel".

Where a group of people from a notorious syndicate engaged in a deadly gunfight inside someone's home, and that news did point towards this neighborhood, which means that event happened inside Amanda's house.

Remembering that memory made Michael sighed in relief, as he even left the game and hurriedly made his way towards here when he heard about this news from the informants planted by the organization around Central City.

'Blood Lions'


Remembering the people behind this incident, Michael's eyes burned with flames of anger, as a malicious aura suddenly surged forth from his body, but it quickly disappeared just as it appeared, because Michael realized that he was releasing too much killing intent, which is really bad when there are tens of police officers just a few meters away from him.


Multiple assassin players are making huge waves inside the game, as they assassinated multiple players who are from the three guilds of the Council of Elders.

And the Blackskull Guild was the one who took the most brunt of damage from this event, especially towards their reputation as fifty players who are at least considered important in their guild got killed within an hour, and the culprit behind this event wasn't even captured or killed, and the only information they had towards the culprits are that the players are all assassins, and dangerous ones at that, because this group of people killed all their targets in just under three strikes!

And left the scene like a gust of wind!

Now all members from the Council of Elders have become wary of their surroundings as they became afraid that they would be targeted next.

And the people behind this incident are respectively Viper and the other retired assassins!


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