Fate Online: Shadow
100 Big Day For The Kids
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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100 Big Day For The Kids


A beautiful blonde woman continued to send punches after punchest at the punching bag in front of her, the power beyond her punches are so unbelievable that the punching bag continued to tilt away from the woman.

"Amanda, here"

Jenny came over with a bottle in her hand, and handed it to Amanda, and both girls are currently in a gym attire while Amanda is wearing a MMA gloves in her hand.

In fact, Amanda is actually a black belt in Krav Maga, and that night that Michael saw her with her cousin who tried to molest him, she actually was about to beat the shit out of him, but Michael just suddenly came out of nowhere and accidentally killed the guy, and one thing led to another.

And she did tell him about it, which dumbfounded Michael before, which he just laughed it off and accepted it, and it's not like she could even do a thing about it now that it happened.

This is the reason why Michael wasn't impatient in making moves towards her, as he knows that she could protect herself, as long as she doesn't get herself entangled with Jin and his family.

Michael had two goals before thoroughly leaving the life of an assassin, and one of them is him reaching the One Blade rank in the organization and so that he could undergo genetic engineering, he wanted to do that as a precaution in case he meets enemies more powerful than he his, as he knew that relying on his human body isn't acceptable as it has it limits in increasing his physical prowess, unless he's Hercules or something.

And his second and last goal is to kill Jin before his encounter with Amanda, so that the problems that happened before wouldn't happen. Of course, he knew the repercussions of what would happen if he does that, so he would make the hit as clean as possible so that any clues they found wouldn't lead to either him or Amanda.

After doing all that, he would slowly leave the life of an assassin and also retire early like the others did, he would instead put all of his attention in the game.

He wasn't even worried even if they eventually find out that it was him, because he's a force to be reckoned with.

"I have news for you and it's bad" Jenny said as she wiped off her sweat.

"What is it?" said Amanda.

"Jin is coming in a week, it seems one of his men spotted you here and reported his findings to him," said Jenny, a tinge of worry in her voice, as she knew that her family couldn't carelessly make enemies out of Jin, as his father is one of the shareholders and owners of their Blackskull organization while her father is only an elder of War Angel.

Which is a really huge disparity in their status, this is the reason why Jenny wasn't able to help Amanda and Michael much before, because her father was afraid that Jin and his family would retaliate against if they try to shelter Amanda.

And as mentioned before, it was a family problem, and they couldn't just butt their noses in their matters. It would have been fine if they weren't related, but that was the problem, Amanda and Jin were cousins.

"I'll take care of it, I don't want to implicate you and your family"

"You're not going to do anything stupid, right?"

"I won't"

"You always say that, but the next day I find out that you did something stupid. Just don't do anything when you see him later, let me think on how I'll take care of him, alright?"

"Fine" Amanda sighed as she answered, as she knew that Jenny would certainly nag her about it if she really did do something stupid. After all, she even had thought of bashing Jin up until he would stay in the hospital for his entire life, while she would just go into hiding after that.

She might me a kind and generous lady, but that doesn't mean anyone can just bully her. If push comes to shove, she would even kill just to live.

This is the reason she was able to become a Four Blade ranker before, as she is also pretty skilled herself.

"Jin" Amanda muttered, as a cold light flash across her eyes and gripped her fist tightly that blood is already trickling down from her palms.


Amanda left the private gym of War Angel, while leaving a deep knuckle print on the sandbag along with a five inch horizontal cut, as the sand inside slowly trickled down onto the floor.

A few days later.

At Angel's Home Orphanage, a line of trucks stopped in front of the orphanage, almost occupying an entire street, as workers dressed in blue uniforms came out and made their way behind their trucks.

"Be very careful of things inside! This is one of our biggest orders so far in this city!" a person clad in black suit came down from one of the trucks and started supervising the workers.

This scene immediately attracted the attention of the people around the street, and started watching and taking pictures of the scene in front of them, especially when they saw those gaming cabins being pulled out by the workers from their respective trucks, which made gasped in surprise and jealousy, as they knew how expensive those are!

Of course, the people inside the orphanage already noticed the scene in front of their place, as the Director and the others already came out of the house and headed towards to where the workers are, while the kids quickly ran towards the front lawn the moment their eyes landed on those gaming cabins.

And Michael was also with them, as he knew that the ordered gaming cabins would delivered this morning today.

But the problem is that there isn't enough space to fit all of cabins inside the orphanage, but the lucky thing is that there is also a large warehouse at the back of the house, where Michael had hired cleaners from the other day to clean the warehouse and throw anything that isn't usable anymore, where fourteen to fifteen of the gaming cabins would be put inside the warehouse, and the rest would be inside the orphanage home.

"Awesome, they are so big!"

"Are we really playing in that!?"

"Are your friends really donating those to us?" the old director turned towards Michael, as she also glance at the corner of her eyes, towards those building materials that was left at the vacant lot yesterday.

"Yes, don't worry about it"

"Can we meet them then? I want to thank them"

"This..I'll try, because those people have eccentric personalities, so I'm not sure if they would come"

Michael didn't even know if Genesis and the others would be interested to come down here. After all, this is all just chump change for them.

"Just try, okay? After all, this is really a big donation, they are even donating a building to us. How could we not thank them personally?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

And the kids and workers who heard her, nodded their heads in agreement.


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