Fate Online: Shadow
97 Orphanage
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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97 Orphanage

Michael is currently driving a car, along with Dylan, and Tina who forcefully tag along with them, as they headed somewhere.

And at the back of the car, there are two boxes, and one of them had a leg of a pink teddy bear sticking out.

And where they're headed to is actually the orphanage where Michael grew up in. Michael knew how hard life is living inside an orphanage, especially when the place has a lot of orphaned kids, and the donations that the orphanage is receiving isn't sufficient to support all of them.

And the orphanage he came from aren't those well known orphanages where they have a lot of rich people donating to them, and this is the reason why Michael donated most of his money on the orphanage he came from before he died.

Of course, it wasn't donated fully, but the organization or The Continental would slowly give them money every month, because a person's greed would awaken from its slumber the moment its eyes landed on those cold hard cash, no matter how good the person is.

The thing they had brought with them are books, toys and mostly food, along with some spices.

Michael actually wanted to donate money too, but he's poor as hell right now, as he still hasn't sold a single item yet as he's been busy for the past few days.

"It's been over a year since we last visited the orphanage" Dylan said, while watching a video of someone playing Fate Online on his phone, while Tina is also watching it with him from the backseat.

"I wonder if the kids are doing fine? I was busy with school and haven't visited them for a few months now" Tina also chimed in, her eyes still glued to the screen of her brother's phone.

"I called Sister Jessica before we left, and she told that the orphanage is doing fine...I think"

Michael said as he continued driving along the road.


"Thank you so much for all the help Mr. Bond" a woman said thankfully at the young man in front of her as they shook their hands.

The young man has a dirty blonde hair and a crew cut hairstyle, square shaped and striking eyes, wearing a black suit and surrounded by at least ten people wearing different kinds of clothing, with three black sedan parked at the front entrance of the orphanage.

And if Michael were here, he would have recognized him as Storm Breaker from War Temple!

"It's our pleasure to help Sister Jessica" Storm Breaker, also known in real life as David Bond said smiling.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"We'll get going then sister, please don't hesitate to come to us if you ever need any help"

"We'll do"

Storm Breaker then boarded the black sedan in the middle, followed by the others before they sped away from there, and when they left, the multiple people lying on the ground groaning became everyone's focus, all of them suffered slight and mild injuries, as they were beaten black and blue.

Sister Jessica hurriedly closed the gate of the orphanage, and hurriedly went inside, and those people on the street lingering around slowly left, and not even a minute later, the police arrived and arrested those goons.

They were actually just waiting at the street corner and only moved at the scene when Storm Breaker and his men left, as they didn't want to have any confrontation with these people, and it's not like they are lawless people.

Well, maybe beating a group of people black and blue is overreaching the good guy card.

Storm Breaker and his men actually came to the orphanage with the purpose to donate things, and this particular orphanage that's called Angel's Home was their last stop and they just happen to arrive at the scene with a bunch of hooligans harassing the place.

They were just some low level goons who didn't know any better and started messing around the territory of War Temple.

And things happened, resulting at the scene earlier.

The police are shaking their heads, thinking how stupid this people are.

After all, people from the War Temple are known for their generosity, and solving misjustice on the streets.

This is the reason why the police, who even has a tight grip on the whole city are tolerating the three groups, who are War Temple, War Angel, and Blackskull in their city.

And even though people from Blackskull are a really troublesome bunch, they at least haven't killed anyone yet, maybe in secret, but at least the police haven't received any reports about them killing someone yet.

But that doesn't mean that the three groups can just do whatever they wanted, the police would still arrest no matter who they are, and that even the city mayor wouldn't be able to help them!

And unlike before, the police also had skilled officers among their ranks, similar to special forces, and all of them are allowed to carry high caliber firearms, with the exemption of the military grade ones.

And with the populace behind them, the police really does not fear anyone, and even though their influence at Laosun District isn't that great, no one would still dare to make trouble with them over there when police officers are doing their routine patrols.


Two hours later.

Michael, Dylan and Tina finally arrived at the orphanage, the same one where Storm Breaker was earlier two hours ago.

Michael immediately parked the car on one side of the street, before getting down and rang the gate doorbell of the place, while Dylan took out the two boxes from the car.

"Who is it?" a woman's voice came from the intercom.

"It's me sister, Michael" answered Michael.

"Michael Smith?"

"Yes, it's me. Dylan and Tina are also with me sister"

"Wait for me then, I'll open the gates for you!" the woman sounded really excited when she finally realized who they are, Michael could even hear the excited shouts of the kids coming from the house.


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