Fate Online: Shadow
96 Mine Tech Industries, The Continental
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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96 Mine Tech Industries, The Continental

Michael really wanted to curse at this NPC's for bullying players like them!

He really wanted to dodge the person earlier, but he felt that the person earlier suddenly teleported in front of him with how fast the person is and just bumped into him, like he was some kind of a lamp post or something that could destroyed anytime and would have replacement anytime.

And after that small episode, Michael then logged off of the game even before his time limit is reach as he didn't want to see that cloaked person, in case the person realized he or she just lost a very important item.

Meanwhile, at another corner of the town fortress.

"Hahaha! Stupid soldiers and so called Elemental Warriros!"

"I finally got it! It's finally in my hands!"

The cloaked figure earlier is hiding in a dilapidated warehouse while laughing to himself, but then...his body suddenly turned stiff.

"Huh!? Where the heck is it!?"

The person threw off his cloak, revealing a man who's wearing the standard attire of an assassin, with those leather pants and armor, along with a pair of shortswords on his waist.

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And right now, he's frantically searching every part of his body, and he even started shaking the cloak he was wearing earlier.

"No! Where the heck is it!"

"He's over there!"

The man yelled in anger, and the soldiers that were scattered around the surroundings looking for him, immediately heard his anguish scream, and quickly made their way towards where the scream came from!

A few minutes later, the assassin got captured when he accidentally bumped into a member of the Combat Arena, resulting in him getting captured by those people who would help anyone in need.

After all, unlike the Church of Freya where everyone could enter and worship the Goddess, the Combat Arena is like a huge clan of sorts where every members are all skilled warriors, and not just anyone could enter the place without permission.

All of them are all tough people but with soft and kind hearts, that's the reason why they are all respected wherever they go, and no one dares to mess with them, as that would be equivalent to poking a hornet's nest.

But that doesn't mean that they are people that could easily be bullied, as they would immediately turn from a kitty to ferocious tigers when angered. They wouldn't even hesitate to declare war to a kingdom if some stupid nobles or royalties receives their ire..

After all, they are people who believe in the God of Combat, also known as the God of War!

That's the reason why the guy was so unfortunate to bump into them! He could have easily escaped the fortress if he didn't unfortunately met these warriors on the road!

After all, the only one who could probably catch him is the army commander who's currently inside the army barracks.

"Bastard! I will find you and I will kill you when I get out!"

The man yelled in anger, as the soldiers handcuffed him which is covered in some kind of runes that prevents anyone from using their skills or abilities, and the soldiers immediately escorted him out of there and towards the direction of the prison.

"Shut up! You should worry about yourself first if you're able to get out alive or not!"

A soldier with the rank of a Captain yelled at the captured thief who stole a very important item from the royal family of the kingdom, and in actuality, those people from Combat Arena were there to capture him when the royal family requested for their help when this thief headed towards the Forest of Despair.



The door of the gaming cabin opened as Michael jumped out from it, and landed on the cold hard floor.

Michael have a sneaky grin on his face as he thought how much would a fragment of a legendary item would sell.

'There would certainly be a bloodbath if that happens' Michael thought, and at the same time, he was also a bit worried about the person who probably purposely "gave" the item to him.

After all, he's so weak inside the game, that even the weakest NPC could probably kill him, and the kids who are NPC's inside the game are even around Level 15 - 20, which means they are as strong as the current players if they didn't have skills.

And what if the kids have skills then? That means even a little kid could slaughter them, which is really an embarrassing event if that happens to someone.

"But seriously though, what's with the sudden luck I suddenly had when I was just about to log off? I just got a fragment of a legendary item just like that, without even breaking a sweat. I'm pretty sure there's a catch to it" Michael muttered to himself as he walked out of his room and headed towards the kitchen.

Michael opened the fridge, and took out a jar of water and poured some water inside a drinking glass before chugging it down.

'But I need to be careful when I log in later, as it's impossible that there aren't others who were looking for the guy, and I don't even know if the thing has some kind of a tracker or something, that would let anyone know where my position is' he thought while drinking.

Michael's ears suddenly moved as he heard some muffled moan of pleasure coming from his parent's bedroom, but he just raised an eyebrow and walked over to the living room and saw that Alice wasn't there anymore.

Michael just smiled and walked back to his bedroom as it was already early in the morning of the next day and he wanted to get some good night sleep before the sun rises.

'Now that I think about it, I haven't had sex for a long time now' he thought with a helpless snicker on his face.

There are a lot of thoughts swimming in his head as he lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling of his room.

But the one that he's actually thinking the most are his adoptive parents as he doesn't know much about them, and even when he reached the peak of his career from his previous timeline.

He only knew that they are actually multi millionaires, and they own the biggest and most popular gym in the world, as they have multiple branches into hundreds of countries around the world.

And they also owns a lot of real states, from land to buildings, and the apartment building they're living at is actually they're oldest building among the others, and also has the cheapest rent.

And because he was very well informed back then, he also knew that they were one of the biggest sponsors of the World Cup, Central League, South East League and the North Western International League.

Those were championships of the game Fate Online, and with World Cup being the most anticipated and biggest championship around the world, where all well known and even hidden experts comes together and compete with each other, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that they are even more famous than those movie actors.

And during those years, no one really knows who the owners or owner of Mine Tech. Industries, and with the only information, is that they own over ninety percent of the shares of the company.

They're practically a hegemon, and calling the world as their own backyard wasn't an exaggeration.

And even those powerful countries like Northern Rica Principality, Federation of the City States or other powerful countries are very wary of the group.

After all, they are the only people that openly recruits Assassins from "The Continental"!

Mostly only those Five and Four Blade Assassins would take the job as Secret Guards for the company.

And that was the one that really amazed Michael before! As he knows that the leader of the organization wouldn't just let someone control their members in the guise of being security guards!

But no, there weren't any orders that restricted their decisions of taking the job, which really baffled a lot of its members, including Michael!

And when Michael asked the leader before, he only told him that he's authority is not high enough!

He freaking told him that his authority is not high enough! Even when he was already a Zero Blade ranker!

Even those powerful countries weren't given that kind of treatment, and that could only mean one thing, and that is Mine Tech. Industries and the assassin organization has a very close relationship with each other for them to turn a blind eye from their blatant "poaching" of their members!

One should remember that a Five Blade ranker is equivalent to a soldier from the Special Forces, and a Four Blade has skills and abilities from three special forces combined together

A Three Blade is twenty, and a Two Blade is thirty, while a One Blade is like Captain America, and lastly, a Zero Ranker is equivalent of Captain America and Winter Soldier combined together!

One Blade and above are practically super soldiers!


If Mine Tech. Industries are leading in terms of Virtual Reality Technology, then "The Continental" are the leaders in terms Genetic Engineering!

And only One Blade and above are eligible to go to the process of altering their DNAs!

That's how scary this organization is, and this is also the reason why the organization are so deeply rooted in the underground world scene, that their enemies could never uproot them no matter what they freaking do!

After all, they are such a behemoth that having multiple enemies, like rivaling groups or organizations, and even some powerful countries that wants them out of this world isn't a surprise.


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