Fate Online: Shadow
95 Fragment of the Night King
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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95 Fragment of the Night King

After much struggle, Micheal finally managed to free himself from the 'grasp' of the Forest of Despair, and arrived at the outskirts of the forest.

Michael arrived at Elwynn Fortress after half an hour of travel, looking really worn and ragged, he passed by the gates and immediately made his way towards the direction of a Blacksmith as Michael wanted to get his equipment repaired due to his constant battles.

"Old man, I'm here again" Michael said as he entered inside the shop, and the sound of hammering metals immediately assailed his ears.

This place is currently the biggest blacksmith in the fortress called Soaring Metal, with five other blacksmiths working inside.

"Oh, you're here again Shadow. The boss is not here right now. Are you here for repairs again?" a young man around Michael's age said the moment he spotted Michael.


A few minutes later, Michael came out of the shop, now his equipment looking a bit better from their ragged looks earlier, that made Michael look like a beggar that have lived on the streets for a couple of years now.

"Come again!"


Michael waved his hand with his back facing the clerk and also one of the blacksmiths of the shop.

This time he headed towards the direction of one of the Army Barracks inside the Fortress.

Michael then arrived in front of a huge and wide building surrounded by tall walls with groups of soldiers patrolling the perimeter of the place.


Two soldiers immediately stood in front of Michael and blocked him as the two of them looked at him with sharp and cold eyes.

"Please send someone to tell the commander that I already got the thing that he wanted"

Michael just casually answered them and wasn't even a little bit fazed by their murderous aura.

The two guards lightly lowered their guard when they heard him, and two looked at each other then at Michael, then the older one between the two of them gestured at the younger guard with his head, which the latter immediately understood and quickly headed inside.

A couple of minutes later, the guard came back and immediately gestured for Michael to follow him, which the latter immediately followed behind the guard after giving the older guard a quick nod.

Not even five minutes later, Michael came out of the army barracks with a dark look on his face.

'F*cking assh*ole! I thought it was a freaking treasure among Orc Tribe Chieftains!'

'But it was just something for your collection! A freaking collection! I almost died for a freaking collection!'

Michael cursed the commander inside as he wondered how a military man took interest in collecting those kinds of things!

'Motherf*cker! I won't ever take any quests that's issued by you from now on! Even if yours is the only quest in the world!'

Michael felt a bubbling resentment towards the commander of the army stationed in this fortress. After all, he went into so much difficulty thinking that it was an important item among tribe chieftains, only to find that it was just an ordinary item, and the commander only wanted it to add into his collection of things.

"Haa~ the only good thing that came out of this is that the reward is worth it for all that trouble"

Michael sighed, and smiled at his newly acquired dagger.

[Witchblade] [Rare]

Class: Chaser

Type: Dagger

Durability: 120

Attack Damage: 80 ~ 90

Level Req: 20

'At least the item is good'

Michael thought smiling, before he auctioned off his old dagger at the Item Auction Site, selling it for 100 Gold Coins.

Gold coins are really a scarce resource, that even Michael only had a little bit over 50 Gold Coins so far, but sure the large guilds by now have much more money than him to spend on that dagger if they decided to purchase it.

After that, Michael started walking around the fortress as he waited for his time inside the game to reach its limit.

Or else he would have submerged himself into monster grinding trying to level up.


Suddenly, a group of soldiers started shouting as they chased behind a person covered in a tattered cloak, and they are currently heading towards the direction of Michael, and the people around the street immediately back off, afraid of getting implicated.

Michael also did the same, but he felt that the person being chased by the soldiers is actually looking at him, which made him confused of why.

The person was just about to pass by him when that person suddenly turned and ran towards him!

'What the hell!?'


Michael didn't expect for that person to suddenly turn around and ran towards him, and his body was immediately flung inside the alleyway behind him when both of their bodies collided, and the cloaked person didn't bother about him and quickly flee through the alleyway with the group of soldiers angrily chasing behind the person.


Michael cursed in anger when he saw that his health bar was almost emptied out because of their collision, and at the same time, he didn't expect that, that simple collision could've almost killed him which really scared the shit out of him!

And if that really happened, he really wouldn't know if he should laugh or cry at his misfortune that's been happening to him today.

Then after that small "event", everything went back to normal, and the NPC's around immediately went back to shouting and yelling for people to buy their wares or produce.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Michael slowly stood up from the ground and dusted himself, but then he suddenly stopped as he stared at the thing sticking from his trousers.

Fragment of the Night King

Description: A fragment of a Legendary item. Whoever shall possess this fragment will receive the inheritance of the Night King. Your mission is to spread the glory of the night! 

Properties: Receive 2 Dexterity and 1 mastery point every 5 levels. Detection +15, Strength +15, Agility +10, Attack Speed +3 

Shadow Meld: Allows the player to stealth in the middle of combat. Has a certain probability of avoiding the enemy's attack. 

Moon Goddess's Blessing (Passive): Additional +1 Free Attribute and +1 Skill Point for every raised in level.

Restrictions: Can only be bound by a member who follows the path of the Night King.. 

Note: Item effects are applied immediately upon entering the player's bag.


"There's also a Moon Goddess!?"

"I thought they didn't have one because I haven't seen a church worshipping the Moon Goddess!"

Michael was thoroughly dumbfounded, it was because the game clearly stated that there are only five Major Gods in the continent.

'Wait, is this related to a quest!?'

He suddenly had that absurd thought which made him excited, especially when he read the description of the item in front of him.

As he had the feeling that this item is related to the path of an assassin, and at the same time, he was really amazed that his luck finally turned for the better!

After all, he's currently holding a fragment of a legendary item!

But then his eyes suddenly turned cautious as he knew that this thing clearly came from the cloaked person earlier!

The person either had put it on him or the item was accidentaly dropped and just happened to be wedged inside his trousers!


Michael cursed as he knew that it wasn't a coincidence at all!

That person clearly planted it inside his trousers!


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