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92 Yeah, I Thought So

"Prepare you-"

"Boss! Run!"

That guy who was sent inside suddenly cut him off and yelled as he ran towards them, and then they finally realized that his legs are trembling as he ran.

"Oh no, it's too late! They're here!" the guy just arrived in front of his boss and was about to tell him what he experienced, but he suddenly heard the sound of the door opening behind him.

"What are you doing!? What happened Alex!?" their boss yelled at him, as he look at Alex with eyes full of anger from getting interrupted.

The guy was about to say something, but he suddenly fell unconscious right in front of them, which dumbfounded them.

Wondering what the heck just freaking happened.


Michael and the others just came out when they were greeted by the sight in front of them, and the two guards beside the entrance felt their legs turning jelly.

They could literally felt that ominous aura coming from Michael and his group with how near they are from them!

"Don't tell me these people are here for Viper?" Miya said in disdain when she saw the crowd before them, while one of her fingers is covering her nose because she could smell that stinky sweat around her.

"No, they probably came for me" Michael suddenly felt a headache coming, as he didn't expect this hoodlums to actually discover him, and he felt like he's being careless lately that even low level hoodlums could find him.

"You and Viper are such troublesome creatures" Genesis shook his head, wondering why these two even became assassins in the first place.

Viper's face immediately darkened after hearing that, but Michael just chuckled and at the same time wondered how the heck did this hoodlums even knew he was here? Then he looked at the two security guards then shook his head, as this kind of people wouldn't tattle tale, especially with the rules of this place they're working for.

It would instead get them killed if they do something like that, something that breaks the rules of this underground black market, like being a tattle tale.

Of course, not unless you have the strength to get out of this place alive, like what Michael and his group just did earlier.

"Boss! It's him! I recognized the mask!" suddenly a guy with dreadlocks hair near them started yelling while pointing towards Michael, more precisely his mask.

"Oh so it was the mask" Michael tap his left palm with his right fist as he suddenly had a moment of realization. It was because there is a bruise mark on the left cheek of the mask that he got before, and at the same time, he was amazed at the guy for being able to spot it even under the blanket of darkness of the night.

Genesis and the others who were with him turned towards him, because that is not something an assassin would do, leaving behind trails of clues that could get him or herself in trouble.

"What? They're just street goons" Michael just shrugged off his shoulders.

"Get them! Make sure to teach them all a lesson they would never forget!" someone suddenly yelled among the crowd, and of course the others quickly got riled up and started charging towards the direction of Michael and the rest.


Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

These people had the courage to pick a fight towards them because Michael and the others already reverted back to their casual selves, and not releasing that gloomy and cold aura around them.

Then Michael suddenly turned around and snatched the briefcase from Miya's hand and pulled out something from it, and pointed it towards the angry crowd charging towards them.

"Hey!" Miya angrily yelled at him, as she didn't expect that Michael is actually faster than her that she didn't even managed to react in time.

"You guys were saying?" 

Michael snickered from under his mask, and the crowd immediately halted in their tracks and stared hard at those things on Michael's hands.

The ferocious looking beauty that instills fear in the heart of every man, that long black barrel that glistens in the moonlight.

It was a pair of Desert Eagle Mark XIX!

'Shit, this is f*cked up'

'We completely forgot that they just came out from below'

'F*ck, this is cheating!'

No one made a sound as they just stared at the pair of guns pointed at them as they all cursed at Michael inside their heads!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Yeah, I thought so"

Michael chuckled, then walked forward with the rest following behind him, and the people who wanted to pick a fight with them immediately made a path for them as no one is dumb enough to try if the thing is fake.

Even the leader of this group broke into a cold sweat when he realized that one of the pistols is directly pointed towards him, and what really scared the shit out of him is that the gun would keep following him around, no matter where he goes, even those people where he tried to hide behind them broke out in cold sweat.

No one dared to move, they just helplessly watched Michael and the rest disappear into a corner, because no one wanted to have an extra hole in their bodies, as they are already contented with what they currently have.

"Haa! Holy shit, I thought I was gonna die back there when he suddenly pulled out a gun!" one of them started breathing raggedly, but his face was full of relief when the grim reaper scythe hanging above their heads is finally gone!

"Boss! We should have brought our guns with us!"

"Yeah, we just didn't expect that he would really pull out a gun in front of us!"

"Boss, aren't we going to send someone to follow them?"


That man who asked that got knocked on the head for asking something stupid.

"Stupid, do you want to die? People like them would become harder to handle once they are out of the ghetto!"

Their leader huffed in anger, it was because there is also a certain rule in the ghetto, which is that buyers couldn't just carelessly bring in their bodyguards, at most they could probably bring three of them by making them wear simple or fancy clothes, and that's where they would become easier prey to people like the lot who tried to obstruct Michael and his group.

Of course, no one would try to rob them, but events like that still happens, even though it's really rare for it to happen.

Because bringing in a lot of armed bodyguards here is a sign of provocation, and it could result in a shootout. After all, the ghetto is the only neutral ground of the city, including the churches, and the neighborhood around Michael's apartment, it was because they live near the police headquarters of the city.

Doing that means you'd be provoking every group operating in the ghetto, and only a dumb person would something as stupid as that...probably a second generation rich guy would do something stupid as what was mentioned!

And following Michael to his place? It would be troublesome if they really did send someone and the place where their targets are actually living at is actually the territory of another group, because it would certainly cause a huge trouble and friction between groups if they get discovered, especially that they are just living under a fragile peace where it could be destroyed anytime.

It would have been okay if they have orders from their bosses above, and so they wouldn't just move without orders.

After all, organizations these days are very strict about their rules and regulations towards their members, even those in the higher rankings of the group wouldn't be exempted from punishment if they do something out of line.


"Next time, I would cut off your hands the next time you do something as stupid as that!" Miya growled and snatched the pair of guns from Michael, before storing it back inside her briefcase.



A few minutes later, they returned back to the car without any interesting events happening along the way...probably the only exception would be that they bumped into two kids fighting earlier on the way earlier.

After that, it was already late into the night when Michael got back to his parent's place.