Fate Online: Shadow
90 Trouble
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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90 Trouble

Michael then came down from his apartment, and just remembered that he doesn't have a freaking car!

After all, he got home using the mini bus that he rented before. So he immediately went back and took a car key, and obviously, its Tom's car, of course.

Michael locked the door behind him, and immediately headed towards the garage at the basement floor.

Michael then took the Minivan that haven't been used for quite a while from the garage and left the building, and headed towards the mansion where the rest are staying at.

"I wonder why they have never been home lately" Michael muttered to himself, as he felt that the old couple haven't been home lately since five days ago.

But at the same time, he felt that it wasn't that surprising as they have been like that before he even became an assassin, as they would even call him over for a house sitting, to look after their place because they would be away for a long time.

An hour later, he finally arrived at the man where the rest are already waiting for him in front of the house, near the road.

"Let's go!"

Michael rolled down the window and yelled towards them.

"What took you so long?"

"There was an accident along the way earlier and interfered with the traffic, not really my fault"


The seven of them then got in the car, then Michael started the car and drove towards Laosun District and while driving he felt like he was the only person inside the car with how quiet it is.

Michael looked at the others from the rear view mirror and saw them just sitting there with their eyes closed, looking really gloomy.

Micheal looked at the person beside him, it was Genesis who is just quietly closing his eyes like the others.

"Did you guys already made your characters in the game?"

He asked because they still didn't contact him when he was playing earlier.

"We already did. All of us pick the same class, the same as yours, an assassin"

The voice of someone behind him answered. Michael looked through the rear view mirror, and saw that it was the bald man sitting directly behind him.

He is called Monk. Well, because he is really a monk, but not that kind of a monk who likes to talk about virtues and whatnot, and more like an asura or something along the line.

He doesn't live in the virtues of their religion, and he's more of a rogue monk instead, and he's also labeled as a heretic by his fellow monks.

He's even more dangerous than Genesis, who is a One Blade ranker! After all, who the heck would be one guard in front of a monk, who's known for their kindness!?

Well, even though all of them are assassins with the blood of their numerous targets in their hands, at least they aren't as cold blooded as those crazy serial killers who gets off killing innocent people.

"Ohh, don't forget to add me then. My name in the game is also Shadow"

After he said those words, the car once again descended into silence, as the car slowly headed towards the black underground market located in the slums of the city.

Because the place is really far away from where they came from, they took almost two hours to get there.

Michael then parked the car three blocks away from the location of the underground market, as he didn't want someone messing with the car, especially that the car he's using is not his.

Then he gave them a mask each for them to wear.

"Are we here?"

"Seriously? Are you asking us to wear this mask?"

"No, we're still three blocks away. I just parked here because the neighborhood gets worse the deeper we are inside. Of course, for us it would be just like a neighborhood, and yes, we need to wear a mask as I don't want other people recognizing our faces"

Michael chuckled as they all got down from the car and Michael led them towards their destination, while the people on both sides of the streets would glanced at them with wariness.

After all, Michael and his group are exuding an aura of coldness, that's making them shiver just by looking at them, and they already knew that this group of people are bad news. Only fools would try to pick a fight at this group of gloomy people.

"This is the place? Doesn't seem that special to me" Miya commented the moment they arrived in front of the rusty looking door with the same two guards at both sides of the door whom Michael saw before when he first came here.

The guards just looked at them and rigidly opened the door for them after Michael said a codeword, and the two guards immediately greeted him the moment they recognized that familiar voice.

Michael just nodded at them and didn't say anything, before leading the group through the flight of stairs that leads downwards.


"I didn't expect he'd be here again, and he even brought others with him" the other guard said as he suddenly felt a shiver down his spine remembering the people who came with Michael.

"They're killers, right? Only killers would have that kind of frightening aura"

"En, it's the same as the boss"

"Hoo~ I just hope that no one is dumb enough to want to butt heads with them"

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"F*ck! How dare you!"

Viper kicked the man lying on the ground on his stomach, and sent the guy flying while he backhand slapped the guy that came charging over.

Then he ignored them, as he continued walking away from the scene, while the others followed behind like nothing even happened.

Michael held his face in frustration before he quickly caught up to them, and glanced at the woman crying her heart's out on the floor.

'You have a pretty face, but you wasted it to become a freaking whore. What a horny woman' Michael thought in disdain.

'Haa! This people are so troublesome. I'm pretty sure someone is going to confront us later"

The woman earlier was Viper's ex wife who cheated on him, and the man who got beaten up is probably someone who booked her in advance, or maybe even her lover, which also really surprised Michael as they didn't even wear a mask while they are here.

A little while later, a group of armed people came barging over, and saw the scene in front of them with the two men lying unconscious on the ground, while the woman earlier is already gone.

"Where did they go?" the leader of the group asked the nearby stall owner.

"Over there" the stall owner pointed towards the direction where Michael and the rest disappeared to.

The group of armed people immediately rushed towards that direction that the stall owner told them.

The stall owners here didn't intervene earlier, as they felt that Michael and his group aren't people that they could easily mess with even though they are also considered skilled people themselves.

After all, those people who owns a shop here are truly the experts of this place, and not them.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call them the cannon fodders of a gang if the shop owners here are gang bosses.

The group then arrived in front of a store called "Black and Blue", which was the store that Michael had visited before and where he had bought all of his weapons.

"This is the place, they have good toys here"

"Do they have all of the toys here?"

"A lot, but don't compare them to that "place" though"

"So much chit-chat, let's just go inside" said the oldest of them, he's someone in the late fifties, and have been retired for almost thirty years now.

A former Two Blade ranker called Circle, he got that name because of the birthmark on his right chest that's in the shape of a perfect circle, and someone who could have become a One Blade if he didn't retire early.

A former assassin who specialize in the used of Chakram, and someone of Indonesian descent, but other than his primary weapon, he's also proficient in other weapons like the others.


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