Fate Online: Shadow
87 Heading Back
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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87 Heading Back

And the following hours and the next day, Michael slowly went and looked for his old "friends".

Some acted very hostile, eccentric, and he even exchanged blows with some, but even with that, out of the fifteen people he met, only six people showed interest, and promised him that they would join him.

After all, all of them are also getting tired of their ordinary lives doing the same thing over and over again everyday, and playing the game could at least bring some color in their boring lives!

But Michael wasn't disappointed, as he already expected for these six people to agree with him, based on their interactions before, and at the same time, he's also feeling happy as this six people are actually his closest friends before, while the others are just normal friends, mostly because Michael was really famous back then.


The sun is already starting to set, and at the village entrance, there is currently a crowd of village residents standing there, all of them saying goodbyes to the people whom Michael was able to convince to join him.

After a while, they all dispersed, and six people approached Michael, as all of them started talking with each other.

Two of them are women, while the rest are men, and the oldest of them are probably around mid fifties, and the youngest being someone around early thirties except for Michael, who is still twenty four years old, all of them are carrying bags of different sizes, and inside are probably their most prized possessions as they didn't even bother putting them inside the mini bus.

But the weirdest thing is that most of them are looking at Michael, as they're probably still in shock at finding out how skilled this kid is, and Michael on the other hand wasn't even worried that "The Continental" would know who he is.

And after all, he registered a fake name and didn't even use his real name, and it would take at least quite a while before they figure out who he is.

"What are we still waiting for kid? The sun is already setting, and we'll be late if we keep standing here" the oldest of them asked. He's Arthur, known in the underground world as Robin, and that's actually not his codename in the least, but he got the name Robin because he acts like the legendary heroic outlaw, Robin Hood.

He would kill corrupt officials after taking almost all of their money, and would donate those money to those organizations who's fighting for a cause, sometimes he would even kill some of the director of those humanitarian organizations if he finds out that they actually pocketed half of the money he donated.

And the old man, was actually one of the few who managed to achieve the One Blade rank, and he's considered very famous among their profession, as those people who managed to achieve that rank could be counted on two hands.

Because to achieve that rank, one needs to assassinate a prime minister, a president or someone who's importance and threat is the same level as those people.

And Michael before assassinated a corrupt and tyrant King of a kingdom from the land of sand.

"Just a few minutes more old man" Michael replied while looking at his watch.

"Someone's not here yet?" a long black haired woman, called Miya said while looking at Michael. Miya is someone of asian descent, she's around late thirties and a former Two Blade assassin.

"I guess"

Michael said, as he really wasn't sure if that person would show up, but Michael is hoping, after all, that person could be considered very close to him before, like a brother would. So he's hoping that Viper would show up because if he doesn't, then it would be very disappointing as Michael had high hopes of recruiting him.

A few minutes later, the person that Michael is waiting for still didn't show up.

"Come on, that person is clearly not coming" Miya said as she came out of the mini bus and told Michael who's been standing outside by himself throughout the minutes that he's been waiting.

Michael sighed in disappointment, "I guess".

"Wait up!"

But when Michael was just about to get inside the minibus, a voice suddenly sounded from a bit off a distance behind him.

And hearing that familiar voice made Michael smile.

"Oh my god, it's actually that old snake!"

Someone suddenly exclaimed from inside, as they didn't expect that the one they have been waiting for is actually Viper. After all, they were just talking about him earlier, and they even assumed that he probably rejected Michael's invitation.

Michael turned around and saw Viper walking towards them while pulling a small travel bag behind him.

"You came"

"Hmmp! Don't think that I came because of you, and we just met today. I only came because it would be boring without these guys around here"

Viper said, as he pushed Michael aside and stepped inside the minibus and swept his gaze towards the people sitting inside.

Michael who got pushed aside just bitterly smiled as he also went inside the minibus, where the others are already talking among themselves like they are going on a vacation, anyone who saw this scene probably wouldn't think that these people are actually very dangerous people, they are literally wolves in sheep's clothing.

Every single one that Michael managed to invite are all dangerous individuals whose skills didn't regress that much during their peak years!

Just think how this group of assassins would wreak havoc if all of them are psychos who goes around killing people, probably a heavy firepower or groups of similar abilities could only stop them!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

All of them are like a walking time bomb, that would blow anytime if even one of them is triggered.

After that, all arrived at the airport, and waited for a few minutes before they boarded their plane to Central City!

And the group flew to Central City, while Michael used his virtual helmet and busied himself in the game en route.


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