Fate Online: Shadow
85 Shadow
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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85 Shadow

"Alright, follow me and let's assess your skills" the clerk called Charon gestured towards Michael to follow him, then Charon led him at the right door, where they walked through a small hallway and arrived inside a training room, almost similar to that in the Hunger Games.

Michael wasn't even surprised though as he had been here multiple times already, and the place is over two thousand square feet..underground!

And half of the place is full of virtual capsule, and the other half are training equipment and large gun cabinets!

"You can now pick-"

"Assassinating a high ranking official"

Michael immediately cut him off, and said his choice. Charon raised an eyebrow then smiled, so he gestured him towards one of the capsules, similar to the one he purchased a few days ago that came from Mine Tech. Industries.

And yes, the capsule this place have came from Mine Tech. Industries, sold to the organization for training and assessment, and the most amazing thing is, it has ninety nine realism, even higher than the one Michael bought!

Michael then entered the capsule after Charon set something at the back of the machine, and a few moments later, Michael appeared outside of a huge mansion while donning a similar attire to a ninja outfit, armed with a pistol with two spare magazines, and two daggers, just like what he told Charon as a preference for his weapons earlier.

Michael then snuck his way inside the Victorian Style Mansion, but because of his lack of skill right now, Michael was even forced to get rid of some of the guards who discovered him.

A few minutes later, Michael was able to assassinate the senate member in his sleep, and managed to leave the mansion with no mishaps happening this time.

[Congratulations! You have achieved A Rank result for completing the mission under five minutes!]Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

[Splendid! You are now a Two Blade Assassin!]

The two message windows appeared in front of him in the virtual space the moment he left the boundaries of the mansion.

The capsule then opened as Michael got up and left the game cabin.

"My, oh my. How splendid" Charon could only say those words as he didn't expect Michael to finish that mission in under ten minutes, and almost flawless at that!

After all, the place is heavily guarded, with elite security guards and state of the art security machines, but Michael just breeze passed all of them like it was nothing, and even Michael was surprised about it though, and if the mask weren't there, then Charon could have witnessed Michael smiling from under his mask.

"Becoming a Two Blade rank in one go, how amazing. There are only a few people who could do that" Charon said, then he pulled out a tablet or something similar.

"Two Blade Rank, what would be your codename then...sir?"


"Congratulations Mr.Shadow... and welcome to The Continental!"

Charon and Michael then went back to the front desk, where Charon picked up a gold coin with two identical daggers engraved at the front, at the back of it is a "TC" engraved in it.


"No problem, I look forward to working with you...Mr. Shadow" Charon said with a mysterious smile.

"Me too"


"Someone used my name as a referral to join and he even became a Two Blade assassin in one go?"

"What an audacious and interesting person" a beautiful blonde haired woman laughed when she received an email that came from The Continental, notifying him that the person she referred actually became a Two Bladed assassin in one go.

In actuality, before someone could join the organization, they would need a letter from their referral and show it to the person like Charon who is manning the front desk before they are allowed to join and take the assessment.

Of course, Michael knew that, but there would be an exception, and that is to pass the assessment as a Two Blade assassin in one go, and if you fail and get an assessment below that, then that person who faked his way to join without a letter from a member, and bluff his way through, then that person would either be killed the moment he or she walked out, or hunted down by the member whom the person used to take an assessment.

That was the reason why Charon was giving off a mysterious smile earlier, as he didn't expect that there would actually be a person who is so audacious, or just plain stupid to use the name of Storm as a referral, but the most surprising of all is that he actually passed the assessment and became a Two Blade Ranker.

Michael then left the place and arrived back at the surface, Michael didn't even had the desire to tour the place, as he already knew every nook and cranny of the place.

"Well, I guess that's done. I'm pretty sure Lilian must have heard what happened by now"

Michael laughed, as he certainly knew that this would pique Lilian's interest.

After all, who the heck would have the audacity to use her name, and someone even pretty skilled at that?

Michael then headed toward his first destination, towards one of his old friends.

But the weird about Michael's friends is that they are all retired, but instead they are living near one of the places they used to work for, because the most logical to do for people like them would have been to live far away from "dangerous" places like that, but no.

They instead live normally beside their old job, but that wasn't the reason, it's because no one really knows what they were before, and even if they do, who the heck would court their own death by making trouble with them?

After all, those retired professionals also had their own circles where they would look out for each other when one of them is in need of help.

Making trouble with one of them is like poking a hornet's nest!

Even Michael wouldn't be stupid enough to do that, unless it's necessarry!


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