Fate Online: Shadow
84 Codename: Two
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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84 Codename: Two

Michael finally arrived at Bulgaria and he is currently standing at the entrance of the airport of Stara Zagora Airport.

Michael hailed a taxi, and it immediately stopped in front of him.

"Where are you going?" the driver said in a rough english.

"Village of Gela please" Michael answered him in Bulgarian.

"Ohh! You know our Bulgarian! Haha, get in!"

The driver laughed heartily and Michael opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

"Where are you from, my friend?"

"Gordonia, my friend"

Gordonia is one of the biggest countries in the world, and the USA being its real life counterpart.

"Ohh, you came from a very far place. If you don't mind, are you here for a tour? After all, you're going to Gela"

"Haha, no. I'm just going to meet an old friend over there"

Michael and the driver, whom he learned his name is Andrey, started talking among each other, and the latter was surprised to hear from Michael that he learned their language in only a year from his friend, and it's the one he's planning to visit.

And yes, that former assassin friend of his is currently working as a tour guide.

Michael met him when he and Amanda were still hiding in this country from their pursuers. After all, the influence between the allied guilds also applies in the real world.

'Thinking about it, it's still eight years too early to meet him, but I remembered that he did tell me that he had been a tour guide for eight years, so it means that he's probably new or haven't started yet'

'I hope it's the former though, cause it would be troublesome to go to his house'

Michael thought, and he just hopes he and the others would be interested in his proposal, and at the same time, he plans to register himself in the branch of "The Continental" located at the village.

Just in case, as he planned to reveal himself as a retired assassin from the continental. After all, it would be weird if he just suddenly shows up in front of them and knows them even though you're a rogue assassin, someone not part of any group.

And yes, there is a secret branch of "The Continental" in the Village of Gela.

A few minutes later, Michael finally arrived at the village after paying his taxi driver, included with a tip for being a nice guy throughout the journey.

The village is actually ten kilometers east away from the City of Stara Zagora.

"Here we are again"

Michael smiled as he gazed at the village from atop a small hill, surrounded by trees and different kinds of flora.

"This place is really heavenly, and the air here is so fresh"

Michael didn't immediately head towards the village, but instead made his way towards an isolated house towards the very far side of the village, at least three or four hundred meters away from the nearest house. Michael walked through a small and rocky path filled with greenery.

Michael arrived in front of a small house made from rock minerals, but he didn't knocked at the door, and instead circled around to the back of the house.

He looked around his surroundings, making sure that no one is around him.

Michael pressed a couple of stones on the wall of the small house, and there is suddenly a small rumbling sound coming from behind him, and when he turned around, he saw that the huge pine tree behind the house suddenly had a hole enough for one person to fit in, and inside, it looks like an elevator where there is only one button to press.

Michael then took his backpack from his back, and pulled out a mask and a cloak, enough to cover his whole body.

After donning them, Michael then pressed the button, where he immediately felt that he's going down.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

And a minute later, he finally arrived at his destination, and the door in front of him immediately opened upon arriving.


Michael saw the sight in front of him, there is a victorian style hallway in front of him decorated at both sides of the wall are full body armor of knights and different kinds of paintings, and the end of the hallway is a desk with a person looking directly towards Michael, and at both left and right of the desk are two doors that leads to somewhere deeper inside.

Michael walked towards the end of the hallway, while giving off an aura of coldness around him.

After all, he's inside one of the most safes and at the same time dangerous places in the world. Inside here, no is allowed to cause any violence or trouble, or they would be immediately kicked out of here, and any intruders not registered in "The Continental" and causes any trouble inside here would be immediately shot down.

And this place is one of the many places where Michael and Amanda hid themselves before.

And this place is very dangerous with how that there would be at least thirty to fifty assassins here of different ranks and skills living in this branch of the organization, and any kinds of weapons could be bought here, even a nuclear bomb is possible as long as you have the means and money to get one.


"Surprisingly, a non member is actually able to find this place, but can I know if someone recommended you this place?"

The elegant looking black man wearing a tuxedo looked at Michael and asked. After all, every member of the organization would have a personal badge that represents their status, and that's the reason why the man assumed that Michael is a non member, as members would immediately flashed their badge the moment they got near him.

"Storm" Michael said with a flat tone, even though he was lying, as the Storm, is the only One Blade rank Assassin in "The Continental", whom Michael replaced as the number one assassin before, and yes, the two of them were good friends before everything that's happened to Michael.

"Storm? Now, that's something surprising" the clerk suddenly smiled after being shocked for a second when Michael said the name.

Storm is a codename, but her real name is Lilian Petrova, from the Federation of City States, a huge country as big as its real life counterpart, Russia.

"My, my. What a surprising day it is. Our Lady Storm actually referred someone to join us"

"What a delightful day, isn't it?"

"It seems so"

Michael knew this clerk is also dangerous despite his amiable personality, he was also one of the few people who helped Michael before, and a good friend of him.

Then the clerk immediately registered Michael to their database, but it wasn't done yet, as Michael would need a show of skill to determine his rank.

In the organization, every assassin would have respective ranks of their own, and the lowest being a Five Blade Assassin, and being a One Blade Assassin is considered the highest.

And Michael, was once a Zero Rank Assassin, a legendary rank  and before him there was only one person who had achieved it so far, and that is the current leader of the organization.

Shadow was Michael's codename, but others mostly referred to him as Two.


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