Fate Online: Shadow
83 The Continental
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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83 The Continental

"Annoying bitch!"

"F*ck you asshole!"

"Give it to me, now!"

Tina tried to reach for the food but Michael saw it, and immediately put all of the chocolate inside his mouth, and Tina immediately turned rigid when she saw that.

"Ahhh! No, not my face again!"

Tina in anger immediately bit one of Michael's cheeks, while the latter wailed in pain.


A few minutes later, Michael's parents came home and saw what happened to the face of the Michael which made the couple laughed, they didn't even care about the two siblings took out a lot of things for them to eat.

Also Tina and Alice quickly got along with each other, because these two people who had a huge generation gap between them actually almost like the same things, and when she heard from Tina that Michael recently bought a game capsule, she looked at him, always with that mysterious smile on her face.

But Michael didn't noticed it as he was reading the manual that came along with the game capsule, and while Dylan and Tom started talking with each other, mostly from the game. At first, Dylan was a bit embarrassed talking to him as he felt that the old man is really intimidating like Michael had told him before, especially knowing that he's a retired army colonel from one of the most famous groups of soldiers called Hurricane Troop, a group of elite soldiers in the army.

While they were having a discussions of their own, another installment team arrived at their doorstep, and this time, it was a different group from earlier. The game capsule this time is for Tom, and the one he bought is actually a limited edition that wasn't told to the public.

And the siblings just looked on with envious gazes, especially when they saw the game capsule being brought inside by a team of technician, the limited game capsule looks really sleek that it even made Michael, the urge to ask for a swap to Tom.

"Come on, let's go to my room, and let's start playing. I'm already behind schedule!"

"And you! I dare you to take my stash of chocolates again and I would really kick you out of here!"

Michael angrily yelled at Tina, from which the latter just snorted at him, and both siblings then followed Michael inside his room.

Alice just watched them with a smile on her face, while Tom laughed seeing another side of this always serious son of theirs.

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Michael said as he handed the virtual helmet to Tina, as both siblings looked at the game capsule at the corner of the room with a mesmerized look, while Dylan caressed the machine with a longing look on his face.

"Come on, you'll be able to get one of yours if you sell more items in the game, so work hard"

Michael chuckled as he patted Dylan's shoulders.

"How about accepting me as your son and you buy me a game capsule, eh?"

"F*ck off!"

Michael snorted and kicked him in the butt.

After that small episode, both the siblings and Michael immediately dove inside the virtual simulation game, Fate Online!

But the moment the logged on, they immediately heard about the new update of the game, which sent a huge wave of shock throughout the gaming community!


A few days later, Michael is currently idling inside the first class section inside an airplane heading to Bulgaria, and sitting on his lap is another virtual helmet he had just bought recently before this.

The reason why he's heading to Bulgaria...is to meet an old friend who could help him in times of crisis. Why?

Because he could feel the dark clouds looming over Central City recently, and he might have told himself that he would not pursue the path of an assassin in the real life, but that doesn't mean that he would just stand on the sidelines as chaos breaks out in front of him.

And at the same time, he also had another purpose of heading to that country, and it was to gather those assassins that's living there!

Well, all of them are retired though, those were the people Michael met during his stint as an Assassin and they are also his friends and allies before!

The reason is because the Guild and Pet system have now been implemented in the game, and various guilds are popping out of nowhere, and started causing chaos by taking over monsters areas, banning all unrelated players!

And he wants to recruit these retired assassins and have them play the game, Fate Online, and create their own Assassin's Organization inside, just like how "The Continental" is managing all assassins or contract killers in the real world.

He wanted to do this because he's already used to the life of being alone while doing missions just like before he went back in time, and during his stint as assassin before, he rarely goes to mission with others with him.

That's the reason why almost Assassins are already used to the life of solitude, but there are also others who loves to live the fullest, like throwing parties on a whim, and Michael is one of the former.

This is the reason he'd rather have a guild, full of assassins unlike those rowdy guilds, who has members from different classes.

But the reason he's creating a guild is mostly because of Tina who continuously nags him about it every time she visits them, but mostly his mother whom she visits as these two people who are from different generations are very close, and even Tina's friends, Emma and Casey came with her once before, and the four girls immediately hit off.

After all, Alice's age doesn't really match her appearance at all, which shocked the three girls before when they learned about it.

The guild Michael's planning to create would operate like its real life counterpart "The Continental", and they would accept personal missions, like killing players. It's would literally become an in game Assassin Organization.


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