Fate Online: Shadow
82 Ahhhhh!
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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82 Ahhhhh!

"Mr. Wood, the installation is now complete. All of the parts are no problem"

"The connection with the game server is secured, so the machine could be used anywhere you wanted to"

The person who is leading the installation team said to Michael with a flattering smile on his face.

"Other hazards are listed in the manual, so please read through it"

"Yes, Thank you very much"

The people then slowly left his parents apartment.

Michael didn't left but just stared at the front door with a frown on his face while thinking of something.

'That person was really weird, it's like he was trying to butter up to me, and why is team managed from their company even accompanying the installation or delivery guys?'

'That was weird'

"Hmm...no use thinking about it. Dylan and Tina will be here soon"

Michael then locked the door behind him, and went to the kitchen and prepared some food they will eat once the brother and sister arrives at Michael's place.

After doing that, Michael went back to his room and started checking out the game capsule he had bought and installed.

"Seriously, aren't the people from the Mine Tech. really low key on trying to earn more money from their customers?"

"Good thing that my virtual helmet could be given to someone else, or I would have really curse those guys for being greedy"

Michael chuckled, as he felt that the game company is really good at being low key. After all, it's not even a month since the company released their game but they already released a new machine for their consumers to play Fate Online.

After all, by releasing a new machine, they are not only targeting those rich people to buy their expensive game capsule but also most of the consumers who could only afford the virtual helmet, and by lowering the monthly fee for it, those who can't afford the monthly fee before would probably now get themselves a virtual helmet of their own.

And with how the world's economy is booming right now, a $150 monthly is still affordable for most people, but the only problem is that if they're willing to fork out a thousand dollars just to buy a virtual helmet to play a game that's been really popular recently.

"Dylan must be one of those people who are really happy right now with the reduced monthly fee"

"But this capsule used to connect to the popular virtual reality simulation game is really expensive"

Michael chuckled before going back to the living room as he waited for the siblings, and he would only play later when they're here.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Half an hour later, a knock came from the front door.

Michael slowly stood up from the sofa and went to the intercom to see who it is, and when he saw that the siblings are the one standing at the front door, Michael immediately went to the door and opened it for them.

"You guys are finally h- Ohh? What the heck happened to your face?"

Michael raised an eyebrow when he quickly noticed a small bruised on Dylan's cheek.

"It was Marc and his gang, they tried to harass us when they saw and Dylan beat them all up"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Tina quickly answered him, with a face full of anger like she really wants to hit someone.

"Ohh? Did you break their bones then?"

"What do you think? Hmmp!"

Dylan snorted as he proudly walked inside like he had just won a lottery or something, which made Michael chuckle, and he even wondered why those organizations haven't recruited someone like Dylan who is really good at fighting multiple opponents

"You didn't kill them, right? I don't want the police coming here!"

"I made sure I didn't...I think"

Michael yelled, and the latter immediately replied to him, sounding really annoyed, like he was some kind of a criminal or something.

"Enough about that, you told me that you're finally giving me a virtual helmet for me to play with!"

Tina said excitedly as she closed the door behind her.

"Alright, alright. Just go to the living room with your brother and wait for me there, and I'll bring you the virtual helmet"

Michael then headed towards his bedroom, and when he passed by Dylan who's standing dumbly at the kitchen, staring into something.

"What is it?"

"Oh my god! Isn't this refrigerator is one of the most expensive refrigerators in the world?"

When Micheael asked him, Dylan looked at him and pointed at the huge refrigerator in shock!

"Oh my days! It really is!"

Tina immediately came over and when her eyes landed at that huge machine, her eyes immediately widened in shock!

"So cool"

Tina murmured as she opened the refrigerator, and both siblings started checking out the machine, like the two just discovered a new continent.

"If you want something to eat, then just get it. Feel yourself at home"

"Oh, we will"

MIchael just shook his head at them, after all, even he was shocked at that this sight before when he came to this place for the very first time.

Micheal then back to his room where both his game capsule and virtual helmet is lying inside, then he caressed the capsule's surface as he headed back to the living witt the helmet in head, and he could hear the TV in the living is now running of those favorite shows of his mom.

Michael came to the living room, and the scene he saw the moment he arrived made his face twitched.

The two siblings are watching a show while food are sprawled at the table in front of them, they really took Michael's words to heart, and started treating the place as their home!

"I didn't know they also watch this show!"


Michael then quickly came over behind and snatched the thing in Tina's hand before she could even put it in her mouth.

"Give me that!"

"What the!"

"Shut up, how dare you! You know that this is my favorite chocolate!"

Michael head chopped to top of Tina's head, and immediately devoured half of his favorite chocolate.

"But it's freaking delicious! Give it to me!"

Tina quickly stood up with tears in her eyes and threw herself towards Michael, and both people started wrestling on the floor as Michael tried to his food away from her!


"Woman! Get the f*ck off of me or I'll throw you out!"

"Give me the chocolate first!"

"No way! This is freaking expensive and a limited edition at that, and you had already eaten half of it!!"

Dylan glanced at them from behind the couch and muttered while shaking his head, "Kids"

Tina immediately bit his face seeing that he was so stubborn about it.



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