Fate Online: Shadow
79 Half Elf
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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79 Half Elf

[Mysterious Egg]

Description: An egg of unknown origins.

"Mysterious...wait, is that it?"

"It didn't even tell me how to freaking hatch this thing!"

"How freaking unreliable"

Michael was cursing at the egg, and the people around him are looking at him weirdly.

"Sorry, sorry, don't mind me" Michael finally realized what he was doing and immediately apologized to the people around him.



In a remote corner of Nevareth Continent, an old man with sharp eyes, short black hair and a stocky build is currently fishing in front of a wide lake in the middle of a huge mountain all by himself, with the gargantuan monsters around him, just literally ignoring his existence like he wasn't even there to begin with.

"Sir, an error has occured while patching Code:0er8w6gh6723"

A beautiful woman suddenly appeared beside him.

She has long red black hair that reaches her waist, her appearance is so beautiful that it can't be described with just mere words, that her appearance is almost a crime!


The man was suddenly startled, that he looked at her wide eyed.

"How..how the hell did that happen?"

"An unexpected situation suddenly happened, and now Subject 3077 is now in possession of Item 01"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The man then just sighed in helplessness, "Does that mean the game's balance is now destroyed?"

"No sir, the item would have been taken by a player sooner or later, and the event were just put forward and with the next update coming soon, his short lived advantage towards other players would disappear the moment the update is put to use"

"Alright, then get the update implemented in two days, instead of doing it a week from now"


Then the woman disappeared after that, and the man just enjoyed his alone time, as he busied himself with fishing.

"How the heck did an error even happened under her watch?"

And until now, he's still confused about it.


Michael is currently headed towards the Northern Gate, where he saw a ranch before with many animals and monsters being reared at the place, because Michael thought that the people over there would be able to help him with the egg, especially on how to hatch it.

"Uhh..wait, did this place look like this when I passed by here before?"

Michael said after arriving in front of a run down sign with the words "Sky Ranch" written on it, and fifty meters behind it is a run down building with an enclosed space beside it, where there are only three boar monsters inside as they graze on the grass, and at both sides of the pathway that leads towards the building is a huge plot of land where there's some kind of a plant planted in it.


Knock! Knock! Knock!

Michael knocked on the door of the building, and he even tried to sneak a peek inside the place through the window, but saw no one inside except for the furnitures lying around inside.


A woman's voice sounded from inside the building along with the rustling of things like things are dropping off on the floor, and rushed footsteps heading towards the door.


The door suddenly opened wide before him, and Michael saw a young black haired woman, probably around sixteen or seventeen year old standing before him.

"What you do want brat!?"

Michael's eyes twitched, and when he was about to retort back, he suddenly noticed that her ears are very pointy, and then remembered something.

"You...are you an elf?"

"Half-elf, you dimwit" the woman scoffed, looking really annoyed now.

"So...why are you here? What do you want?"

"Uhmm…" Michael suddenly didn't know what to say, as it felt very uncomfortable and at the same time awkward for him, that someone who looks younger than him is actually being rude like this, but at the same time, he didn't want to offend her as he came here with a goal in mind, and he's not even sure if she's actually older than him because he'd head read and heard from stories that elves, and half elves are older than humans.


"Scram from here if don't you have anything to say, people are busy you know!"


Michael waved his hand in front of him, clearly flustered at how forward the woman is, and so he immediately took out the egg from his [Storage] space and showed it to her.



Michael was about to say something, when he suddenly heard the wind being cut through, and the egg on his hands suddenly disappeared.

"It's an Arodan's Egg!"

The woman suddenly exclaimed in shock, disbelief, awe and respect, as her hand softly caressed the surface of the egg.


Michael suddenly noticed that the original pearl white egg suddenly changed, and now has tattoos like patterns of sea waves on its egg shell.

'I don't remember those things being there when I had just picked it up'

"You! How did you get this egg!? With your feeble strength, it's impossible for you to get out of "that" place alive after "stealing" this egg!"

"Uhh...I just picked it up from the ground earlier" Michael didn't know why, but the young woman's piercing eyes makes him very uncomfortable.

"Bullshit! Are you saying that it just drop down from the sky and you just happened to be around then!?"

"Uhh...it certainly didn't drop from the sky, but from a runaway carriage earlier and I just picked it up and immediately came over here"

The woman looked at his eyes intently, and then she sighed and said, "It seems you are not lying"

"Huh? What?" Michael suddenly looked around confused, and then a message windows suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Druid Sage Lira have put you under her Hypnosis!]

[Hypnosis has been dispelled!]

[You have successfully unlocked the character attribute "Willpower"!]

[You are the first person to unlock the Attribute: WIllpower! You have received +1 attribute increase to all attributes!]

'Holy shit! This game is f*cking scary!'

Michael is having cold sweats as it was his first time being under hypnosis, and at the same time he was shocked that he didn't even notice a thing at all!


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