Fate Online: Shadow
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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The two families left Jackson's office.

"Can someone explain to me why we aren't pressing any charges and why you two even apologized to that brat? Need I remind you two that he beat both of your son!?" the woman called Alison angrily raised her voice at her husband, while also glancing at Robert.

Her voice attracted some attention from their surroundings, but the people just gave them a quick glance before minding their own business.

Robert just gave a knowing smile to Alison's husband before bringing his son away, while Marc just stood beside his parents with an unwilling look and anger on his face.

"You don't understand anything woman" her husband said before walking away, while his wife immediately followed behind him as she continued her argument, but the husband instead just ignored her and had no plans to answer her queries.

And Marc, who's following behind them has a face full of hatred on his face, it was because he had never suffered any kind of humiliation even before when he was still a kid, till now!

"Michael...this isn't over between us"

Marc gritted his teeth in anger, as his eyes flashed with a malicious glint.


An hour earlier.

"You already know what to do, right?"

"Yes,yes, please don't worry about a thing, sir" Alison's husband called Chris is talking at his phone with trembling hands, with his body covered in cold sweat.

The same exact scene also happened a minute later at the City Councilor Robert's side.


"Are you okay?" Tina came over beside Michael and asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, nothing to worry about" Michael said, then he gave a smile towards Emma and Casey.

"Are you guys really going home now?"

"Yeah, we felt like we've already seen enough, and seeing you punching Marc and Brandon was exhilarating enough!" Casey laughed for the first time in a long while they had been together.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Okay, I'll drive you guys to your homes then. No one came with you guys, right?" Michael asked as he looked at the two girls because he noticed before that there wasn't anyone with them when they met each other a few hours ago.

Michael then led them to the parking lot and towards his or maybe Tom's car.

Beep! Beep!

"Get in" Michael said, as he immediately jumped inside the driver's seat and as usual, Tina sat beside him while the two girls sat on the back of the car.

"Is this your ride?" were the first words that Emma uttered to them the moment she got inside the car.

"Yeah, this car is pretty awesome. I bet this thing is expensive" Casey also said, as she put her seatbelts on.

"No, it's my old man's car and yes, this car is also very expensive. I'm just not sure how much it is" Michael replied, as the car's engine brimmed to life.

"Ohh I see. Hey, can you drive me home first?" Casey leaned forward beside the driver's seat and said to Michael.

"Sure, why not?"

Then Michael slowly dropped the girls to their houses one by one, with the last being Tina.

Tina got down of the car, but didn't immediately leave.

She ducked down and looked at Michael, "Thanks for today, and make sure to watch your back. Marc and his gang are known as pretty nasty guys"

"No problem" Michael replied with a smile.

"See ya later!" Tina said as she closed the door, and waved as she saw him off.

It was already mid afternoon when Michael arrived at his parents' place.

"Did you have fun out there dear?" Alice asked him from the kitchen.

"Yeah, it was...fun I think" Michael replied as he laid on the sofa while watching a show on TV.

"I think the school festival is gonna be successful this time though. I commend their new principal for doing something like that…a school festival I mean, which is something you could only witness or experience in some of the eastern countries and now, we could experience something similar to that in our city"

"Anyway, I haven't seen the old man since I got here mom, is he playing Fate Online in your room?"

Alice walked over to the living room while wiping her hands with a towel and looked at the show that Michael is currently watching and said, "No, he's at work"

"Work? I thought you guys doesn't work anymore?" said Michael while raising an eyebrow.

"Of course not dear. Tom is at the gym because a lot of new equipment just arrived and his presence is needed there" Alice smiled, and went over at the sofa on the left of Michael and sat there and started watching the TV with Michael.

"Oh I see" Michael said while thinking of something in his mind.

"Well, I'm gonna go back to my room. I'll be spending the night here today mom" Michael said, and then stood up and stretch his body before making his way towards his room.

Alice looked at him from the corner of her eyes, she smiled, then quickly put her attention back to the show she's watching.

"Hahaha! That Kwang Soo is so dumb sometimes!"


Michael stayed holed up in his room for an entire three days and would only come out to eat, take a bath or take a sh*t.

During those times, Michael managed to reached Level 16 after six grueling in game days of monster grinding.

"Just who is this Solitary Tempest? She's always a level ahead of me" Michael grumbled, as he felt very curious of the said player.

A few hours ago, the Level Rankings in the game was finally implemented, and that players could finally see who are the players leading the game in levels in the leaderboard, but of course, Michael's in game name Shadow wasn't there as he preferred to go anonymous instead.

The current player leading the leaderboards is the Level 17 Solitary Tempest, who's always been the leading player for the past five years from many virtual games, similar to Fate Online.


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