Fate Online: Shadow
75 School Fight End
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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75 School Fight End

"You! You're coming with me!" Jackson pointed at Michael, then he turned around and headed towards the exit of the gym.

Michael slowly followed behind him, and the people standing on his way, immediately made way while looking at him.

"Don't worry about it, Mr. Jackson is a nice guy" Tina caught up to him and said.

"I know, don't go anywhere without me, you hear? I won't be able to explain to Dylan if something happens to you"

"I won't, me and my girlfriends still plans to watch the basketball game" Tina smiled, as she immediately went back to the stands, and the game that was postponed for a short minute immediately continued after Michael left the gymnasium.


Jackson brought him in his office in the locker room.

"What the heck are you doing Michael!?" Jackson sat on his chair behind his desk and angrily yelled at Michael.

"Wait, you remember me?"

"Of course I remember you! You and that Dylan are one of the most troublesome students we've ever had in these school!"

Michael chuckled and said, "We sure were"

"This is no laughing matter young man, do you know who those kids are? Those two whom you gave a beating?" Jackson angrily said to Michael.

"The sons of the PTA president and a City Councilor?" Michael shrugged off his shoulders.

"Yes, and it seems someone called the police, now you really got your ass in trouble young man!" Jackson sighed helplessly.

"The only good thing is that both of them are already eighteen or they would charge with you assualting a minor"

'Now that I think about how I could have just threatened them instead of beating them up, it seems my temper is getting worse lately' Michael thought with a wry smile.

Ring! Ring!

The phone on the desk rang, and Jackson immediately picked it up.

"Alright, thanks for telling me"

Jackson put the phone down and looked at Michael, "The police are here with those two and their parents, it seems trouble is really coming for you, so when they arrive here, make sure to not say anything and let me handle it"

"Alright" Michael answered, and sat down at a vacant seat.

He wasn't really worried about it, as he knew first hand that no one could easily influence the police or military since the new president took office, so he wasn't really worried about them bribing the cops, or else they'd get sacked from their positions and face jail time if discovered.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't any corrupt cops at all. Sadly, their happy days would only last for a week before they are arrested and immediately thrown into prison without even a trial, and this series of events that was almost reported three times a week have probably scared those corrupted officers that they had become more lawful since then.

After all, the president is practically ruling the country with an iron fist, and that is the reason why those mobs and unlawful gangs can't go rampant like before, and most importantly, he also has another identity, that probably only Michael and few people knows.

A few minutes later, two cops, a white man and a black man arrived at the office along with Marc and the brown haired kid earlier, that Michael didn't even get the chance to learn his name yet, and there are also three more people with them.

'Their parents?' Michael thought as he recognized that chubby middle-aged man as one of the city councilors.


Michael even heard Jackson clicking his tongue when he saw them standing in front of his office.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in"

The cops and the rest entered the room after getting permission from Jackson.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What can I do for you officers?" Jackson stood up from his seat and greeted them.

Michael just stood up and smiled at the two officers, then sat down again, ignoring the rest of the people who came with the two cops.

"Uhh…*cough* *cough*!"

"We got a report about a fight earlier and we learned that one of the involved is here with you..Mr. Jackson" the black cop said after giving Michael a quick glance.

Michael looked at the two students, who are also looking at him with smug faces like they had just won a war or something.

"Ohh that..yes. Michael here is the one you're looking for, but why, if I may ask? Is he being charged with something?"

The officers looked at each other, then at the parents. It was because they didn't know anything about that, as they were just dispatched here because of the fight earlier and the two groups only bumped with each other when they were heading here.

After all, they only heard one side of the story till now and still haven't heard Michael's side of the story, so they can't decide yet.

"Yes! Officers, I want to charge him with battery and assault!" Marc suddenly pointed at Michael and started yelling at him angrily.

"Shut up!" another middle-aged man with black crew cut hair, shouted at his son angrily for suddenly butting in.

Then the chubby city councilor walked towards Michael and even offered his hand towards him, "Hello, I'm Robert, City councilor Wilson"

"We just came here to see if you were okay, and apologized at our sons' behaviour if it had offended you" Robert said with a huge smile on his face, trying to be as sincere as possible.


All of the people inside the room except for the two father of the two students were shocked to hear what Robert had just said to Michael.

Even Michael was startled about it, as he was expecting for them to lash out at him like the cliche scene of stories are, but no, they even apologized at him.

"Dad! What are you talking about!?"

Even the two police officers are so confused at the scene in front of them, because they had never witnessed someone before who would actually be the one to apologize to the person that gave a beating to their own son.

The two looked at each other, "I guess...our job here is done"

"Thanks officers!" Michael smiled as he waved at them, while the two cops just awkwardly glanced at each other and left the office.

"What the heck just happened?"

"Don't ask me, I was even expecting for a fight to break out or we would arrest Michael for assault on the two kids"

The two officers left the gym locker, with baffled looks on their faces.


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