Fate Online: Shadow
68 Knife Training
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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68 Knife Training


Michael kicked the bald man's chest, sending the latter flying backwards for a good three meters.


The man coughed up some blood, as it trickled down his lips.

"And done" Michael said, as he walked back to the guard whom he handed his things earlier.

Michael took the briefcase from him, and the guard respectfully gave him the briefcase where Michael noticed the man's eyes looking at him with a hint of respect and administration.

"Thanks" Michael said as he started walking, and just when was about to pass by the bald man still lying on the ground, he suddenly stopped and looked at the man with a grin on his face.

"F*ck off!" Michael yelled as he kicked the guy in the stomach, and the poor guy immediately fell unconscious from the pain.

Then he walked away, as the people in front of him immediately made way for him, afraid that they would anger this ruthless guy.

"Wahh, that dude...was freaking awesome!" someone immediately said the moment Michael disappeared from their sight.

"He took them down single handedly, and these people aren't just your ordinary dick and harry out there. After all, all of them are boxers and mixed martial artist, and he didn't even break a sweat when the took them all down"

"That's not only the amazing part, they didn't even managed to touch him at all! It was like he was playing around with children"

"But now, he's in trouble, these people are very vengeful, the would surely try and investigate who that person is"

"Yeah, but let's get out of here, I don't want to get in trouble when these guys wake up"

Then the crowd started dispersing almost at the same time because they are afraid that they would suffer the wrath of people lying on the ground unconscious when they wake up, and they didn't want to be the people they first see.


Inside a taxi heading back towards his apartment.

'I didn't expect to see those guys again' Michael thought while smiling, but his eyes are clearly full of anger.

It was because he recognized some of the people he fought earlier.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Because five of those people were the ones behind the "murder" of Dylan before, especially the bald headed man he gave a good kick before he left.

And even though he was really angry earlier, he didn't kill them, but that doesn't mean he left them off easy though, giving them injuries that would take a month or two to recover from.

'They're lucky they haven't done anything yet or they wouldn't have just received injuries' Michael thought, as his eyes flashed with viciousness.

Half an hour later, Michael got down from a neighborhood three blocks away from his apartment and then went through multiple routes, just to make sure that no one tailed him.

After all, he doesn't want to bring more trouble around his neighborhood. Then after doing all those, he sneakily went back to his apartment after ditching his hooded jacket away, and sneakily headed back into his apartment.

*Click* *Click*

Michael locked the door behind him after making sure that no one saw him bringing a briefcase upstairs.

Then Michael took out some black packing tape from a drawer, and then he opened the briefcase, taking out his gun in a holster he bought leaving the bazaar..

And then he lied down beside his bed on the floor, and tape the gun under his bed, and the reason why he's hiding his gun under his bed him is that Dylan and sometimes his sister would come to visit him, and they are really nosy around his apartment, and that is the reason why he decided to tape the gun under his bed.

After all, no one is dumb enough to actually look below his bed, and even if there is someone who would do that, they won't notice the gun under it as he made sure to tape it at the far edge of the bed, and unless they would lie down like what Michael is doing right now, would only then they would notice it.

Then Michael stored the box where the pair of daggers is inside at the bottom drawer of his desk, then he just left the briefcase in his chair as he plans to throw it later in the evening.

Then Michael looked at the time, but when saw that there's still a couple of hours left before lunch, he once again took out the box where the pair of daggers are stored at, and took the daggers out, and then he wore a shoulder sheaths that he bought for his two daggers before.

Then he wore another jacket over them, to keep them from prying eyes.

Then he opened his door, and just when he was about to lock the door of his apartment, he suddenly saw one of his neighbors who had just gotten out of his apartment two seconds after Michael.

"Hello" Michael smiled and greeted him.

The man just smiled at him and gave him a nod as he passed by him, and then he turned into a corner and left by the stairs as Michael could hear the sound of the man's footsteps slowly getting further away from him.

Michael also made his way down the building, then he went towards the direction of a secluded spot where he saw a nearby abandoned building before.

Because it's currently in the peak hours, and so he made his way towards that place through the bustling crowd on the streets.

'Ughh! I hate crowded places the most' Michael cursed inside, it was because he doesn't really like noisy environments, and this is one of the reasons why he always moves alone inside the game and never joined any party until later on.

A grueling few minutes later, Michael finally arrived at his destination.

It was an abandoned hospital building during the 1970's, and a perfect location for someone like Michael to practice with his techniques.

The only problem for him is to not get caught as the place is a private property with "No Trespassing" signs posted at almost every corner of the building.


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