Fate Online: Shadow
67 You“re Dumb
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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67 You“re Dumb

Michael opened the small gun safe, and inside, he saw a Heckler & Koch P30 along with a suppressor and an extra magazine filled with bullets.

Michael picked up the pistol and started inspecting the gun by checking its sight from different angles and releasing and loading its magazine.

"Good enough" Michael said as he put down the gun.

Then Michael picked up the small box made from some kind of high quality wood, and opened it.

And inside are two pairs of silvery curved daggers made from steel, lying on top of a red cushion.

Michael gripped the daggers in a reverse grip, and started playing with them around his hands and spinning them on his palms.

The knife movements were so fast that it looked too artistic. It was something he learned from a movie called Chronicles of Riddick, where the protagonist played around with a blade in his hand.

Though It really didn't have any meaning behind it... except that it was just cool.

While he was doing that, the other shoppers stopped what they were doing and watched Michael, all of them mesmerized on how he played with both daggers at the same time.

"Good, how much for all of them?" Michael smiled with satisfaction as he put them back in their boxes.

"$10,000" the shop owner replied, looking intently at Michael.

Michael just smiled and slowly pulled out the envelope from his jacket, then he counted the exact amount and gave it to the shop owner.

Michael didn't try to barter because every product in this place is untraceable, that's why they're more expensive than those licensed ones.

The man counted it, then looked at Michael and said, "You're good with your hands"

"I sure do" Michael replied.

Then the shop owner started packing them up, and put the gun and pair of daggers inside a secured briefcase and handed it to Michael.

"Goodluck with them"

"I will"

Michael took the briefcase from him, and when he was just about to walk out from there.


The shop owner suddenly called out to him, Michael stopped dead in his tracks and looked back.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"The name's Alexei, if you need anything, like anything, you can find me here"

Michael grinned at him and replied, "Call me...Shadow"

"And I'll keep what you said in mind!"

Michael's voice trailed off as he left Alexei's shop.

Alexei then turned and noticed that the other customers are looking at him.

"What are you looking at? Scram out of here if you don't have anything to buy!"

Alexei snorted and went to the back of the shop, while the customers that was left alone seems not even surprised at Alexei's actions of angrily yelling at them, like they already knew that he had that kind of a temperament.


"You said he went there?" the man leading the fifteen members from Black Skulls asked the guy who lead them here, as he pointed towards the entrance of the "Underground Bazaar".

"Y-yes, I saw him going there earlier" clearly flustered, the man stuttered in answer.

"We wait here then" the person from Black Skull said, as he didn't dare to go inside as he knew that consequences if they make trouble inside, and so they started waiting at the opposite direction of the entrance.

They stood there, their impatience growing thin as they already saw five groups of people leaving the place, but they still haven't seen the person they are waiting for.

"Are you sure he came here?" a bald headed man asked the guide again, this time, his voice is full of coldness.

"O-of course, I saw..there he is!" the man suddenly pointed at the entrance with excitement.

Then all of them turned towards the entrance, where they immediately noticed a figure wearing a hooded jacket, with a briefcase in hand, that had just walked out of the entrance and arrived back at the surface.

"Go get him!" the bald man yelled, as all of them immediately charge towards Michael without thinking, and the people who came with them to watch the spectacle are growing excited!


The moment Michael passed through the entrance, he immediately noticed the people around him.

"Go get him!"

The group of people who are directly facing him immediately surged towards him like a tide!

"Welp, it seems fate are really trying to pit us against each other" Michael chuckled.

"Hold this for me," Michael said, as he handed the briefcase towards the guard who's manning the entrance.

And the guard just took it from him, like he had already did this kind of thing a hundred times because he wasn't even the least bit surprised when Michael handed him the briefcase.

Michael then got into a boxing stance and waited for them to get near him.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Michael easily beat them all up, with the bald headed man the only one remaining among them.

"It's good that you can fight" Michael grinned as he gripped his fists tightly, and the people watching the scene in front of them were really amazed that Michael almost single handedly took them out, and for those people came late, especially for those members from War Angel had faces full of amazement at Michael's battle prowess.

They also trained in martial arts like boxing and MMA, but even then, they would still have a hard time fighting five or so people by themselves who also knows how to fight like them!

"Just who the f*ck are you!? Why did you attack my men earlier!?" the bald guy yelled angrily, while feeling a stabbing pain in one of his shoulders.

"Earlier? Heh, it's not like you don't know them" Michael said, his eyes formed in a crescent form with his smile looking really cold and scary, and that even those watching from the side felt a shiver in their spines.

"Hahaha, you do know that Black Skulls doesn't let go of grievances, right?" the bald man tried to intimidate Michael using the name of their organization.


"You're dumb"


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