Fate Online: Shadow
66 Arms Trade
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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66 Arms Trade

Michael immediately charged forward, ignoring their surprised and bewildered looks as he already knows what their purpose of coming towards him.

"W-what are you doing!?"

"Beating you guys up!" Michael replied back as he threw a hard right hook at the guy who asked him the question.


The guy immediately went cold as he dropped on the ground unconscious!

"You! How d-Offt!"

Then another guy wasn't able to finish what he was about to say when Michael kneed him in the face, and the others immediately threw themselves at Michael after they regained their senses.

"Die, you motherf*cker!" a man with dreadlocks hair sent a kick towards Michael's body, but Michael just grabbed the man's leg and spun over it, then dropped an axe kick towards another guy!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Not even a minute pass by, but all of them are already on the ground groaning in pain, while those onlookers wore faces filled with shock and disbelief, and there's even a guy that dropped the cigarette from his mouth onto the ground as he looked at the scene in front of him with mouth's agape.

Then Michael just walked away, but not before taking all of their money.

After all, an eye for an eye, right?

"N-no way"

"They...they didn't even manage to retaliate at all"

"But that person is in trouble, Alex and the rest are from Black Skull after all"

A few minutes later, another group of people from Black Skull came and started asking people where the culprit behind the beating of their members went, and without any hesitation at all, they pointed at the direction of where Michael headed to.

All of them didn't even care one bit about what they did, and instead they were excited at the prospect of a fight happening, so they followed behind the people from Black Skull, who are tracking where Michael is.


"Aish! Why do I always encounter those asshole almost everytime I go out?" Michael sighed, as he went down through a darkly lit staircase.

Then a few moments later, Michael finally arrived at a puzzling place, that looks like a bazaar or something but everyone had their own stores like an underground mall or something, but the only difference is that all of the people here are wearing long robes and hooded jackets with face masks that hide their appearances like Michael.

The place was like a small underground community, with all of its residents being dangerous people.

The arrival of Michael didn't attract even a little bit of attention, because all of the people here are already used to people like Michael coming here, they are either gangsters, criminals, CEOs, gang bosses or even people with influence.

The area that Michael arrived to is an underground Arms Trade of the Black Market, where anyone can buy anything as long as you have money or items of similar value.

But Michael is already very familiar with this place, and he even knows who's the boss of this Underground Black Market is, because "he's been" coming here multiples already, that's why.

But there's only one rule in this place, and that is fights are prohibited. After all, everyone here are all dangerous people, but if there is someone who ignored that rule, then that is someone's unlucky day, because they would be immediately subdued by either the people here who are also customers or the guards around this place.

And if they resist, they would be immediately killed on the spot, no matter who you are outside of this place.

This is also one of the reasons why Michael isn't worried about people making trouble for him here while looking for something to purchase.

Michael then made his way through a path very familiar to him , as he weaved through the people around him like a slithering eel.

Then a few seconds later, Michael arrived in front of a gloomy looking store that goes by the name "Black and Blue".

"Seriously, this name is really asking for a beating" Michael chuckled, as familiar memories surfaced in his mind.


"Are you really sure about this? You know, you won't come back alive if you do that, right?" a man wearing a mask that covered half of his face, along with a scar across his right eyelid, said to Michael as he handed him a suitcase with a rocket launcher inside.

"I know, but the person I truly cared about is no more. That's the reason why I will make "them" accompany her or maybe us in death!" Michael replied with a chilly voice.

"Alright, but remember that no matter what happens, you're always welcome here man," the man said, as he patted Michael's back.

"Thanks, I'll get going then" Michael said as he gave the man a bro hug before leaving the shop and went back to his car.


"I guess I'm back here again, I wonder what he's up to during this time of the year when we still haven't met each other before" Michael said, as he walked up the small staircase, and entered the shop.


The ringing of a small bell sounded the moment he opened the door of the shop, and inside, he saw that there are also other customers like him, browsing through the catalog provided to them, and there are also products displays inside glass cabinets, like a rocket launcher, an AK-47, a japanese katana, and many more.


Suddenly, a man with half of his face covered with a scar across his right eyelid approached Michael and handed him an iPad with a list of the shop's products.

"Talk to me when you're done"


Michael smiled at him as he took the iPad from his hands, but it was just for courtesy as he already knew what items he should get even before he stepped foot in here.

Then Michael walked over to his old friend and said, "Give me a pair of Steel Curved Daggers and a Heckler & Koch P30 with suppressor"

"It seems you know your stuff" the man grinned and took the iPad from Michael.

"Wait for me here" he said before he walked at the back of the shop.

Then a few moments later, the man came out carrying two small boxes of different quality and put both of them down on the desk.

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