Fate Online: Shadow
63 Reckless Driving
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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63 Reckless Driving

Michael added the two girls and Maverick before parting ways, but not before Michael gave Dylan the Wizard items that he had collected thus far.

The girls and the rest wanted Michael to just stick with them, but Michael refused as he still preferred going solo, and Dylan, knowing how stubborn Michael could be, didn't try to persuade him the second time.

Michael then went to a nearby stable in the village and bought a horse, then rode out of the village clumsily, like he would fall off the horse anytime soon.

"Damn, I don't know that riding a horse is this hard" Michael cursed, as his body kept slipping at the side of the horse.

Michael might have been the best assassin out there, but that doesn't he freaking knows how to ride a horse. After all, who would be in their right mind to ride a horse in the middle of the road if you can just drive a bike, right?

After all, riding a horse might even give you away to your enemies.


You have successfully learned [Riding]! You are now an [Apprentice Rider]!

Thankfully, the message window that he had been waiting for quite a while finally appeared the moment he reached the main road.

Micheal immediately checked the skill from his Skill Window.

[Riding - Apprentice Rider]

A skill which allows players to utilize a mount to navigate throughout the world!

You will gain an additional 60% movement speed as an Apprentice Rider!

"Nice" Michael said, as his body finally stopped slipping off from the back of the horse and instead look like he was now glued on the back of his mount, like an experienced rider would be.

"This is fun, Hyaah!" Michael said, and he suddenly felt his body move on its own, as the horse suddenly increased in speed as it now started galloping towards the direction of the town that the old man told him before when they went to Timor Village.

The horse's speed has become as fast as a bike speeding at 50 kilometers per hour.

And in no time, he started seeing some of the players and NPCs walking on the road as he galloped passed them.

The players were all startled by the galloping horse, as all of them moved out of the way, and that even the NPCs riding carriages didn't have a choice but to make way for Michael.

The players didn't say anything because all they saw about the person is all question marks floating above Michael so they didn't dare to make a comment, as they are afraid that the person would suddenly turn back and kill them, but the NPCs aren't like them as they immediately threw curses towards Michael.

"Hey you! How can you be so reckless, huh!?"

"Bastard, do you even know who we are!? What if something happens to our lady with how reckless you are!?"

"Hai~ People these days! They aren't even showing respect to us elderlies!"

"What balls! Get back here!"

But Michael just didn't care as he just continued galloping ahead of them until he disappeared from their sight, some of the NPCs even chased behind him in anger, but in the end, they were all left behind.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Wow, this horse is fast" Michael said as he looked behind him.

Michael then at the corner of his eyes, and saw that there's half an hour left before the system would forcefully logged him out from the game.

"But I'll probably reach the town that Old Hanks mentioned to me before my time is up," Michael said.

And almost half an hour after, Michael just reached a top a hill and gazed at the town within his sights with a only half a minute in his time left, and there's at least or over three hundred meters of distance between him and the town.

The town wasn't that large, but it was at least three times bigger than Timor Village, it is surrounded by a towering circular wall made from some kind of a grey stone stack and held together, and Michael could also see the patrolling guards at the wall from where he is standing at, and he also the nearby gate from where he is that there are a lot of people coming in and out, either riding on horses or carriages pulled by multiple horses, and he even noticed some soldiers in full attire of battle armor riding on top of varying large monsters like bears and wolves moving in groups around the walls.


A warning bell sounded beside his ears, as the system started counting down.

"Welp, too bad I don't have much time left" Michael sighed, as he called back his horse where the logo of a horse appeared inside his storage space.


When the timer finally reached zero, he immediately turned into a flash of light as he disappeared from his spot.


Back to the real world.

Michael immediately took off his helmet and put it down on his bed as he got down from it.

Michael looked through his window, and saw that it was already night time, then he checked his wall clock where he saw that it is already over seven pm in the evening.

Michael then took a quick shower and went to his parents' apartment.


Michael was just in time as Alice just finished preparing for dinner, even though it was already considered a bit late because of Michael.

"So how's your time in the game lately?" Alice asked Michael as she took a sip of water.

"Good, I just met Dylan earlier in the game" Michael replied as he took a mouthful of food in his mouth.

The mother and son started talking to each other about what they are today, and not before long, Tom also joined in with them, the moment he got home from a short walk.


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