Fate Online: Shadow
62 Dylan and Michael
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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62 Dylan and Michael

Dylan then took over two hours two get to where Michael and the rest are through hitchhiking rides that would head towards Haven City.

"Hahaha! I thought it would take quite a while before we see each other in the game, and who would have thought that we're actually just neighbors!" Dylan laughed, as he approached Michael and gave him a bro hug.

"Hey there ladies!" Dylan then turned towards Miya and Minerva and greeted them.


Both Miya and Minerva stifled with laughter the moment their eyes laid on Dylan, and even Maverick is already laughing by himself at the side, while Michael just shook his head helplessly.

It was because of Dylan's in game name!

"Cereal Killer! T-that's a great name you have there!" Minerva said, now laughing as she looked at Dylan with a mischievous glint.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"That's me, in the flesh!" Dylan said proudly, not seemingly embarrassed by their laughter. After all, his name really sounded funny and stupid at the same time!

All of them started introducing each other and started talking with each other, but when they found out that he's a member of the famous guild, War Angel. They were thoroughly amazed even when Dylan had told them that he's only a reserved member.

But all of them knew that if he's able to join them even though he is only a reserved member is already a testament to his gaming abilities.

"My god, you're awesome! You are really the friend of Shadow!" Minerva said as she looked intently at Dylan, with fire burning in her eyes.

Dylan flinched as he felt like her stare could bore a hole into his body, and even though he's not that handsome like Michael now is, he at least knew that he's also an ideal man of most women, and so he already got accustomed to women staring at him from time to time, but her eyes is something very familiar that even a kid would know.

It's the eyes of a starstruck fan!

'Its either he likes me or because I'm a member of War Angel, but I think it's the latter though' Dylan thought, then ignored her, it was because he's not into women who only likes someone because of their status and so, he instead glanced at Miya who seems to have already gotten over her excitement of being in the same team of a member of War Angel, and that she already ignored him and started talking to Michael and Maverick about their plans for the Dungeon Dive.

Michael is also putting importance into this matter, as this his first time leading a team, and what happened earlier couldn't even considered leading a team if there are troublemakers within.

"Dylan, let's go!"

Michael said, as they once again left Timor Village like before, but the only difference now is that they have a new team member, and Minerva who once were sticking close to Michael had now turned her sights to Dylan, and even though she is a beauty, Dylan is clearly uncomfortable with her actions.

This is the reason why Michael and Dylan are best friends because they almost have the same personality, and while Michael likes someone who is independent and strong, Dylan on the other hand likes someone who doesn't just like someone just because of materialistic things, just because of your status or because you're rich, he'd still prefer that woman who likes him for who he truly is.

"Hey, are you friends with Shadow in real life too?" Minerva suddenly asked him.

Dylan looked at her and said, "Yeah, we are best friends actually"

"Seriously!? When we were at the dungeon earlier, I just realized that you could actually employ your real life skills inside the game when we saw how Shadow fought before, does that mean he could fight in real life too?" asked Minerva.

"Yes...and no" answered Dylan after thinking for a moment.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" Minerva raised an eyebrow as she didn't get what he meant by those words.

"Well, before we first met, he didn't know how to fight but then suddenly one day, he suddenly does" Dylan shrugged his shoulders, not planning to give more information.

Then both of them started talking to each other, because Dylan can't get rid of her pestering him with questions, and so he didn't have a choice but to answer her queries as they would be teammates from now on, and they would be together for quite a long time.

A few minutes later, they finally arrived at the entrance of Augur Mine.

Arriving there, they also saw another two teams going inside the mine.

"Would that be a problem? After all, the dungeons doesn't restrict the entries of other players unlike the other VR games we had played before where every team would have their own instance dungeon, unlike Fate Online where everything is just one with no restrictions whatsoever" Miya said to them, with worry in her voice.

"It's fine! We'll just kill them if they mess with us inside!" Dylan wanted to make his knuckles crack, but no sound came out, which made the two girls giggle and they didn't even know why they are laughing..

"Come on, let's go" Michael said, as he lead the team inside the dungeon.

Michael then lead them to the path where he, Shanks and the others traversed through before when they brought him with them, and along the way, they also met one of the teams they saw earlier.

But they just warily looked at each other until they got out of each others sight, but Dylan on the other hand had the urge to PK them as he quoted, "I don't like how that guy looked at me, can we kill them?"

But their journey went smoothly without any problems as they finished all of their quest at the same time, but they didn't delve deeper inside as even Michael who is the highest leveled among them almost died before.

After that, they all went back to the village and submitted their quests to their respective quest givers.


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