Fate Online: Shadow
56 Hidden Boss
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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56 Hidden Boss

"J-just what...the heck...are you?" the Barbarian said in a broken sentence, as his body slowly fell on the ground, before turning into light and disappearing in a flash. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Barbarian dropped a piece of equipment and some silver coins upon his death, and the same also goes for his two companions who died before him.

Michael immediately picked up the item from the ground and threw it inside his storage space.

"Seriously, so early in the game but there are already red named players" Michael said while shaking his head, it was because he didn't expect that there would actually be a team of three Level 10 players that would ambush him inside the mine.

"Haa~ I should thank them though, that Dylan had been annoying me lately to give him some items"

Michael wasn't even bothered that three players had just tried to ganged up on him, but at the same time, those three are probably wailing in misery by now, knowing that they are missing some valuable items on them.


"Dammit! How the heck did we bumped into that freak!?" the Barbarian whom Michael just recently killed, angrily punched the trunk of the tree beside him, while he's two companions had just helpless smiles on their faces.

And the most noticeable about the two of them, is that the Hunter is actually wearing a different leather boots this time, while the Wizard is now using a cheap looking grey robe, a huge difference from his earlier azure colored robe.

"His attacks are truly bizarre...it was like he was actually fighting in the real world"

"En...I doubt those in the Player Rankings won't be able to do what he just did"

"Dammit! Are you two not even angry at all!?" The Barbarian called Collie, angrily yelled at both of them when he saw that they are acting like they didn't even seem to mind that they had just lost an item.

"Hey man, you can't just expect that we won't drop any items when we die, we're red named players after all" the Hunter called Aero said.

"What Aero said is right, you can't just expect everyone to die while we don't" the Wizard named Aurun said with a chuckle.

Both of them wasn't surprised that Sawbard is acting like this, because they are already used to this scene every time he dies and drops on item upon his death.

And even though it was also unpleasant for them, they also understood that dying inside the game is normal because it would be stupid to think that they are invincible just because you want it to be, and expect other players to just offer their heads to them and get killed.

"Come on, it ain't that bad, at least we died under the hands of an up and coming expert" Auran said as he patted Sawbard's back, as he passed by him and headed somewhere while Aero followed along behind him.

"Next time we meet, I'm gonna kill him!" Sawbard yelled as he hurriedly followed them.

"Yeah, yeah. You'd still need a lot of practice for you to be able to that and start it with killing three players around our Levels, just like how Shadow killed the three of us single handedly"

"Tsk, just watch me!"

Michael didn't know that these three players that he had just killed are actually famous from previous games before as PKers, and they are from a notorious group called Red Brotherhood, the Red in their group's names came from their members names always being red from numerous PKs!


[I'll send you a mail with a Wizard Robe later when I go back to the village] Michael sent a message at Dylan.

And a few seconds later, Dylan immediately sent him a reply.

[Thanks man! I'm already Level 8 by the way!]

[You're surprisingly fast] Michael replied back.

[Hahaha, it's all thanks to this guys I've teamed up with!] replied Dylan.

After a short talk with him, Michael continued heading deeper inside Augur Mine. Michael also realized a crucial information that anyone could enter a dungeon, but he didn't know if it has any limits for how many players could get in.

"Being alone is so boring" Michael sighed, as he stuck his back on the wall, and took a peek from a corner.

"I hope Dylan gets to Level 10 soon. I wonder where I could get a map though? Could I try asking some of the NPCs back at the village?" Michael was mumbling to himself as he sneakily arrived behind a Hobgoblin.



Michael executed his moves, and immediately retreated as he lured away the Hobgoblin from the rest of its group, as there are too many of them for him to handle alone.


"Aish~ my leveling speed has become slower since I leveled up twice even with the double Exp. Buff still active" Michael sighed with dejection as he slowly picked up the items dropped by the hobgoblins that he had killed.

Michael was just about to pick an item from the ground when his eyes suddenly turned sharp, and then he immediately leapt backwards in a hurry, as he heard a screeching noise of the wind, like a fighter jet passing by the skies!


The place where his hand was just about to pick an item earlier has now an arrow sticking out from it, still shaking from the force behind it!



[The Hidden Boss - Kobold Hunter has appeared!]

"What!? There's actually a hidden boss here!?


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