Fate Online: Shadow
39 Sudden Fame
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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39 Sudden Fame

"Now then" Michael mumbled as he opened the [Virtual Auction], where he immediately saw rows upon rows of items, and every ten seconds, there would new items that would be added.

"They're mostly just common grade items, some are even shameless enough to sell items that someone could buy from the NPCs" Michael mumbled, seeing different items coming from different cities, towns or villages.

He continued looking through the assortment of different items, but nothing caught his eye.

Then opened another tab, and put his item [Arche Longbow (Rare)], and set the starting bid at $15,000 and a buyout price of $50,000!

He dared to put such a high price on the item, because he had not seen even a single rare item on the [Virtual Auction] when he was scrolling through it earlier!

"Okay..done" Michael said..but just when he was about to press the [Sell] button in front of him, his hand suddenly paused mid air.

"Damn...I forgot that I could actually sell it to someone" Michael then pressed the cancel button and opened up his friend list, click on Storm Breaker's name.

Michael remembered that he promised that he would sell some items first to Storm Breaker if he gets any items that is worth it.

Michael sent the information of the [Arche Longbow (Rare)] to him, along with the note, "[$50,000!]"

"[$40,000!]" Michael immediately received a reply from Storm Breaker.

"[Deal! I'll wait for you at the West Gate!]" Michael said, he didn't even bother to bargain.

After all, his focused are more in getting levels right now, and try to charge through towards Level 10!

"[Give me a few minutes!]"

While standing there, he noticed that almost all players that passed by him would look at him and would whisper to each other as they would stare towards his direction, he even noticed that the attitude of the NPC's inside the city had become a bit nicer, especially the guards.

"Damn...I think I need to look if there is an item that's able to hide my identity"

A few minutes later, Michael finally spotted a group of people coming from the direction of the Central Plains, lead by a burly figure that's armed with double edged waraxe.

"My..my..if it isn't our famous friend, Shadow!" Storm Breaker arrived in front of him, laughing.

His team looked at Michael with respect, they looked at him from top to bottom, and they were surprised at the changes in his equipment since the last time they met him, especially his level!

Michael just smiled at him, and sent him a [Trade Request].

"Straight to business, eh?" Storm Breaker said, as he accepted the [Trade Request] from him.

"Of course, time is precious. I'm not like you that has a team, you know" Michael said, as he put the [Arche Longbow (Rare)] inside the trade window.

"So you say" Storm Breaker chuckled as he glanced at Michael's level floating above his head.

Storm Breaker then opened another window, and type some numbers inside and closed it after a few moments.

[Storm Breaker has sent you $40,000!]

[The money has been transferred directly to your bank account!]

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Michael isn't really worried about personal transaction like this and not going through [Virtual Auction], it was because their transaction would remain anonymous for anyone trying to snoop around their transaction history. Of course, that would only be possible if there is a mole inside Mine Tech. Industries, and only if that said person would have the authority over the A.I.

And the possibility of that happening is zero, as no one is stupid enough to entrust that kind of huge authority to just anyone, probably except for the owner of the company or the person who created and lead the creation of the A.I.

Then both players finished the transaction, the two of them had small talk with each other, and bit by bit, players started to gather around them, and then Storm Breaker suddenly brought up something which Michael had already expected.

"My guild leader...had sent orders to recruit you" Storm Breaker stopped and looked at Michael's reaction, but when he saw that there wasn't even a shred of change on his expression, he just continued.

"Shadow, do you want to join our guild, War Temple?" Storm Breaker said, and when he said those words, his teammates behind him, who had been silent up until now, facepalmed.

"My god, what a crude way to recruit someone"

"It doesn't even sound enticing at all"

"I felt like I just heard an advertisement said by robot"

"What can we do, boss had always been bad at things like this"

"Aish~ I'm sure Falling Moon and the others had already received the word that Shadow is here with us and are probably hurrying over by now"

Storm Breaker heard all of the whispers about him from behind, as he glared at them, but they just acted as if they didn't see his gloomy look.

But those words he uttered was heard by the nearby players watching them, as it suddenly caused a huge commotion around them, as they once again started talking about Shadow fervently.

"I knew this was coming, those Major Guilds just won't sit by and watch an expert get snatched away in front of them"

"En, soloing a field boss by himself proved that he's definitely an expert, and his skills should be within the Rank 30"

"Yeah, but I wonder why such an expert would only show up now?"

"Maybe, he's a martial artist that just came down from the mountains from his sect? Like those from the Kunlun Guild and War Dragons Guild?"

"Impossible, those martial artists are very close knit to themselves, so they wouldn't just let go of such an expert roaming by himself and would surely try to rope him in with huge benefits!"

"Then he must be a hidden expert, who had been keeping a low profile until now?"

"En, that's the only explanation that we could come up right now"

The edge of Michael's mouth is twitching, hearing the whispers from the surrounding players around them.

"So..what do you think? Will you be joining us? There would surely be huge benefits waiting for you!"

Storm Breaker offered again, as he just ignored the growing commotion around them.


"Falling Moon! The goddess is here!"

"Omo...omo..Judgement Fall is also here"

"Are they also trying to recruit him? I thought they have a beef with him?"

"This parties are arriving one after another, look, even the Aqua Royals are here!"

"Why are they even here?"

"What do you mean by that? Their strength is just a level below the Major guilds, so it's pretty understandable that they would also try to rope in Shadow, so don't underestimate them"

Storm Breaker and his men had unsightly looks on their faces, when those three guilds appeared one by one.

"Shall we move to a...Eh? Where the heck is Shadow?" Falling Moon choked on her words, when she finally noticed that Shadow is now nowhere to be seen!

Everyone are also in shock, as they didn't even see him leave!

"Holy shit!"


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