Fate Online: Shadow
37 Soloing A Boss
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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37 Soloing A Boss

Meanwhile, in the vicinity of Haven City.

A lone player is currently engaged in a tough battle with a huge green skinned monster, who's armed with a coarse shield buckler and a bronze saber.

[Dylan Calling…]
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While Michael is fighting, a sudden interruption suddenly appeared from the corner of his eye, and it almost caused him to get struck by the [Shield Bash] of the boss in front of him.


"Damn...why is this dude calling me now of all times!?" Michael cursed, as he immediately rolled to the side as he dodged a downward slash from the monster he's battling with, and the attack struck the ground where he was standing at earlier.

"Accept!" Michael yelled as he circled around and jumped at the back of the monster and stabbed the side of its neck.


The green skinned monster roared angrily, as it let go of its shield, and slapped towards Michael who is hanging on its back, using its left hand.

But the monster only struck nothing but air, because Michael had already jumped away from its back, as he backflipped and landed ten meters away from the monster!

"Michael, are you busy? If you are, then I'm hanging up and you can just call me later when you're done over at your side" Dylan's voice suddenly rang beside from the window beside him, showing him that soundwave thingy that moves when someone talks.

Dylan asked as he could hear a monster roar from the others side, and didn't want to disturb Michael.

"It's fine, so what is it? Are you already at Haven City?" Michael asked, as he told him to choose Haven City after creating his character.

"Alright… That's actually the reason why I'm calling you. It seems the set location was random the moment I finished creating my character, and was sent to a small mountain village called, Black Rock Village as my starting location" Dylan replied.



Michael didn't immediately answer him, as the monster in front of him suddenly went berserk and it started attacking him recklessly by waving its saber towards him.

Then Dylan just waited, as he could hear the ruckus happening at Michael's end.

The monster's weapons, the buckler and the sword immediately glowed in white, and the monster started slapping the side of its sword at the front of the buckler.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound got louder and louder, until the green skinned suddenly spun around and threw its now red glowing saber towards Michael like a baseball pitcher!

Michael's eyes immediately narrowed as the saber was already a foot away from reaching his face, and like the time suddenly slowed down around him, he slowly bent backward like Neo from the Matrix movie and adjusted the side of his now new steel curved dagger in front of his face, as the blade of the saber grind along the side of his dagger, causing sparks to fly around him.

"Grrr" Michael groaned, as he suddenly fell on the ground on his back, and the saber swished passed him and pierced through five trees before getting stuck at sixth tree behind Michael!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Michael looked down and saw that the monster was actually just running behind its saber from a three meter distance, as it rushed towards Michael with its glowing red buckler, and its eyes full of madness!

"Damn!" Michael cursed as he tried to roll at the side, but unfortunately he was second too late as the monster slammed at his side like a charging bull, sending him flying as a huge damage counter appeared above Michael's head!

[ Critical Hit! - 277! ]

[ - 87! ]

And the monster also slammed itself at a huge tree, as it also received a damage, and the monster started shaking its head, looking like it was in dazed!

It suffered a stun debuff!

Michael then landed as he rolled along the ground, and he immediately stood up and took the chance that monster was stunned to stabilize his body, as he could hear the ringing noise inside his head.

But unfortunately for Michael, the duration of the stun on the monster only lasted two seconds, and when it spotted him, it once again charged towards him like a loose mad bull!

Thud! Thud! Thud!





"I wonder what monster Michael is fighting that its causing so much loud noises from his end" Dylan mumbled as he waited for Michael's reply like an idiot, standing in the middle of the village he was sent to.


Three minutes later.

"Die!" Michael yelled coldly as he appeared behind the monster, and stabbed the back of its neck as he executed [Backstab]!

[ Critical Hit! - 101! ]


The monster yelled in anguish, as its body fell forward, and slammed on the ground with a loud thud.

Michael then fell on the ground on his butt, as he breathed raggedly, his body covered in sweat.

[You have gained a level, you are now Level 7] !

"Damn, that was a hard battle" Michael smiled bitterly, as he felt that this time, he really pushed the limits of his avatar's body inside the game.

And the moment that the monster burst into loots, a loud worldwide announcement appeared!


System Announcement! Congratulations to Shadow for soloing the Field Boss - Green Goblin King - Reshiram! He is awarded +2000 Haven City Reputation and the Title - Goblin Slayer for doing the impossible!

System Announcement! Congratulations to Shadow for soloing the Field Boss - Green Goblin King - Reshiram! He is awarded +2000 Haven City Reputation and the Title - Goblin Slayer for doing the impossible!

System Announcement! Congratulations to Shadow for soloing the Field Boss - Green Goblin King - Reshiram! He is awarded +2000 Haven City Reputation and the Title - Goblin Slayer for doing the impossible!

This unbelievable announcement sent a huge wave of shock throughout the gaming world, as the players were dumbfounded about it, that some players even died from a monster due to the sudden distraction from the sudden announcement!


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