Fate Online: Shadow
35 Dungeon Run 2
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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35 Dungeon Run 2

They finally arrived in front of triangular crevice after a hard and long battle, the passageway was just enough for two people to walk side by side.

All of them then carefully entered through the narrow crevice in groups of two.

"Get ready, we're almost there" Rory, who is walking beside Amanda said to them.

"What are you doing?" Rory suddenly asked as she noticed Amanda doing something with her arrows.

"Putting poison. This way, my attacks would deal more damage along with a poison debuff" Amanda answered as she continued dipping the arrow tips inside a bottle, half filled with green gooey liquid inside, she said those words like it was something a normal human does.

"It's good for killing a fleeing prey" Amanda smiled, oblivious to the sudden change in Rory's and others facial expression when she uttered those words.

After all, getting poisoned during this early in the game where almost all players are poor as hell is the worst thing that could happen to them, as the price for an antidote is expensive, like one silver and thirty coppers a piece!

A few moments later, they are finally reaching the end of the passage.

"Tank, get the front!" Rory immediately ordered, the moment they were about to reach the end of the narrow passageway.
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Jack rushed forward a second earlier than Rory's order, like it was already rehearsed countless of times!

"Get into your positions!" Rory barked, her usual friendly look was replaced by a stern face, that doesn't allow for any mistakes to happen.

When Amanda went passed the passageway, what greeted her was a spacious circular room around twenty meters in diameter, and there's at least fifteen meters in between the ceiling and the ground, the place is littered with bones and rags scattered everywhere at every inch of the place.

And in the middle of the room, is a human size kobold, covered in brown fur from head to toe, with a wolf like head, wearing a leather armor and armed with an over one meter long fine looking saber.

[ Kobold Chieftain ] [ Dungeon Boss ]

Level 8:

Health: 5000 / 5000

Mana: 1000 / 1000

Skills: ???, ???

"Faster!" Rory urged them, Jack immediately rushed towards the boss followed by Mad Snail while Rory, Sylla and Amanda, kept a ten meter distance from the boss.


The boss howled the moment it spotted the intruders to his lair, then it quickly rushed out to meet Jack head on, as it lifted its sabre and slashed down towards him!


Jack immediately raised his hammer as he blocked the attack, his feet even sunk on the ground for a bit from how powerful the force behind the boss attack is.

"Grr!" Jack groaned, as his face turned red and the veins on his face, arms and legs bulged out to resist the attack, it was because he didn't expect the boss to suddenly charge towards him and attack him like that, that simple attack took out five percent of his health even when he blocked it, but his health immediately went back up as a green light covered his body, as Rory immediately casted a [Heal] on him.


Then the Kobold Chieftain pulled back its weapon as it roared in pain, it was because Mad Snail circled around them and stab the Boss's back using [Backstab], he didn't even bother going to stealth because it would be just useless in front of the boss, as they have better senses that normal monsters.


Then another attack followed, as a fireball, the size of a basketball struck the monster on its chest, and forced the boss to staggered backwards for a couple of times.

Thwack! Swoosh!

But the attacks wasn't over yet, as an arrow flew out and fly passed above Jack's head and directly stuck the boss's head!

Every one of those attacks resulted in between [ -33 ] and [ -41 ], with Amanda's attack being the highest!

[ -77! ]

[The boss has been poisoned! Loses 5 Health every second for 10 seconds!]

The message popped up beside them, as to not block their sight, informing them the boss was poisoned.

'What the? Isn't her damage rate too high!?' Rory thought in shock, after all, she remembers that Amanda had put poison to at least fifty arrows!

Amanda just kept shooting arrows after arrows with precise accuracy, as it would hit the boss's head every time an arrow flew out from her bow.

Her attacks wasn't only contained with a poison debuf, it also carries a slow debuff because she is also using her [Frost Arrows].

Which truly helped a great deal to Jack at keeping the boss in check, and gave more chance for the assassin and wizard to attack, and it also eased Rory's burden of continuously healing their tank.

Amanda just kept shooting and shooting along with that expressionless look on her face, and she didn't even move a single step from her spot! It was like her feet was already glued to the ground!

'She's acting like the boss was just a normal monster in the wild! That powerful boss that wiped us multiple times looks like a child being played on her palm!' Mad Snail exclaimed in his mind, seeing arrows after arrows hitting the boss, as the boss never once left its slow debuff state since she started shooting!

'She's been shooting for a full minute now with the same skill. Isn't the cooldown of one second to overpowered? And how low is the mana usage for her to still able to continuously use it?' Rory thought as she glanced at Amanda from the corner of her eye, while sending a heal towards Mad Snail when he was sent flying on the wall.


Mad Snail groaned in pain when his body was slammed on the wall, before he slid downwards, as he knelt on the ground with one knee, as his health went back up a bit because of Rory's [Heal].


The Kobold Chieftain suddenly issued a long howl when it's health drop to 20%!


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