Fate Online: Shadow
23 Lord Gustav
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Fate Online: Shadow
Author :ApocalypseX
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23 Lord Gustav

[ Gustav Mikhailov ]

Title: City Lord of Haven City

Level: ???

Class: ???

Health: ??? / ???

Mana: ??? / ???

"I thank you for your praise, City Lord"

Michael stared directly at his eyes, as he gave another bow, with a hand on his chest and without breaking eye contact.

And Marcus, who brought Michael here has bitter smile on his face as he slowly stood up.

Gustav just smiled, then said, "Why don't you present us the Anub'arak then lad?"

"And you can get up now Marcus"

"Yes, my lord"

"Yes" Michael then nodded, as he smiled.

"Open Inventory"

Then a window appeared in front of him, then Micheal clicked on the icon representing the Anub'arak and took it out.


A cute voice suddenly exclaimed, the moment the fish appeared in Michael's hands.

[ Anub'arak ]

Level: 5

Health: 300 / 300

It was huge five foot long catfish, with a long and spiky whiskers. Michael slowly dropped it onto the floor as it continued to wriggle his way out of his arms.

"Fish! Fish!"

The little girl sitting on her mother's lap suddenly jumped down and ran towards the Anub'arak, and squatted beside it as she started poking it with her cute fingers.


Michael suddenly uttered a surprised voice, when the information of the little girl suddenly appeared in front of him.

[ Tiana Mikhailov ]

Level: 7

Class: Beast Master

Health: 200 / 200

Mana: 500/ 500

Skills: Beast Taming (Max)

'The hell, a maxed out skill when she's just Level 7?' Michael looked at her in surprise, then something finally clicked to him, as he stared at the wriggling catfish on the floor, then back to Tiana.

"Father! Can it become my pet?" Tiana said without looking at her father, as she continued poking the monster fish.

"Yes, yes. That's the reason why I had it caught dear" Gustav answered her with a smile on his face.

"Yey!" Tiana cheered, as her mother looked at her with a huge smile on her face.

Then Michael saw Tiana directing her palms towards the Anub'arak, as a magic circle from thin air, as it slowly spun between her palms and the monster fish.

"In the name of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt, animals and the wilderness! Obey thy command! [Tame]!"

Tiana chanted skillfully, as the magic circle started spinning fast before it burst into and formed into a sigil of bow and arrow.


With her yell, the sigil charge forth towards the Anub'arak head, as it tried to imprint itself on the monster.

"Uhnn!" Tiana groaned cutely.

Michael just watched the scene in front of him with shock in his eyes, and the monster fish on the floor started thrashing more wildly, as the sigil on its head continued to blink rapidly.

Michael even noticed the Tiana's mana continued to drop by ten digits.

Everyone just watched, not making any sound, as the sound that could only be heard is that thrashing of the monster and the groans of Tiana as she continued to pour her mana towards the sigil.

Then a minute later, just when Tiana was about to run out of mana, the sigil suddenly burst into pieces! Michael thought that she had failed as he sighed, but then the lights formed into a huge green magic circle above the monster fish, as it slowly came down and slowly passed through its body, like it was scanning it.

Then the magic circle slowly became smaller while slowly it slow reconstructed itself, and became sigil of a wolf head, before it finally imprinted itself successfully in the monster's forehead.

"Haa..haa..Success! I did it mother!" even when she was perspiring in sweat, the little girl still smiled cheerfully.

"Good job dear!" her mother stood up and walked towards Tiana as she patted her head.

"Why don't we put him in its home now?"

"Yes and I'll name him, Miki!"

Then Tiana turned towards the monster now called Miki, and said, "[ Return ]!"

Then the monster fish was suddenly covered in light before disappearing, then both of them walked passed Michael as they headed out.

Michael sent Gustav's wife a quick glance as a window with information about her appeared.

[ Sasha Mikhailov ]

Title: ???

Class: ???

Level: ???

Health: ??? / ???

Mana: ??? / ???

'Her title is unknown?' Michael thought, as he found it strange, because Gustav's title was clearly visible.

"Did you enjoy the show, Mr. Shadow?"

Gustav's voice immediately Michael back from his thoughts.

"Yes, Lord Gustav and it seems Ms. Tiana is really talented even with her young age"

"Of course! As you might have guessed already, my daughter is a Beast Tamer, and not an ordinary one at that! Her profession is one of the most sought Epic Professions in the entire Nevareth Continent and in the entire Kingdom of Brightmoon, she's the only one!"

'This asshole is really proud of his daughter that he didn't even hide anything. Well, maybe it's not really something of a secret'

'And it seems this place is in the jurisdiction of a Kingdom called Brightmoon'

'And on another note, it seems classes or professions as he calls them have different rankings in their own'

Michael had multiple thoughts running inside his mind when he heard what Gustav said.

"I like you lad, so I'll tell you this"

Suddenly, Gustav's voice rang again, and what he said made Michael's ears perked up as put his focus on him.
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Gustav just smiled and continued, "In this lands, there are different professions, some are born with it, some are not. Those in the latter would join different organizations they desired, to receive the profession they wanted"

"Barbarian, Soldiers, Priest, Assassins and many more are considered just 3rd Class Professions, on the other hand, Crusaders, Paladins, Knights, Clerics are 2nd Class, then Holy Knights, Blade Masters...are 1st Class"

"Then there's the Hidden, Master and Legendary Professions, which I won't elaborate, you will need to discover them on your own"

"Just remember, the higher your profession is, the stronger you are"

"Thank you for telling me about this things, Lord Gustav"

"Good, Marcus, go bring him and give him his rewards"

"Yes, my lord"

Marcus bowed, as Michael followed suit, the Michael followed him outside as he could still feel the gaze of Gustav from his back.


"You're really brave you know" Marcus turned towards him, as he said those words.


"Because there are only a few brave enough to look at Lord Gustav directly in the eyes and talk to him like your equal"

"Then I guess I'm one of those brave enough to do it"

"Haha, I guess you're right"

Both of them started having talking to each other as Marcus led him towards the treasury.


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