Fallout 4 Infinity
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Fallout 4 Infinity
Author :LordSpecter3366
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45 your Choice helps

@@okay, I have now posted the last chapter of Season one in Infinity Fanfiction, I will now be working on this novel starting back at the first chapter and as I am I have a few change options for you readers.

one, I can change my character name. or leave it as is. like the comment on this paragraph of your vote the most like will win. this is for the multiple requests to change it, XD.

two, I can change the messed up parts like the beginning of the first chapter how the MC was nocked out by a toaster as a funny moment but been taken to seriously this had many hates on it. I can remove it and change it a bit not going to mess with the story much besides the gag of the toaster or leave them in and not change it.

that is it on options needed, next is the things I will be changing. as I rewrite the chapters more and new enemies will be changed/added, and combat will be reworked and improved on. building explaination will gain more details about how things look to give the world more visual look. fixes are, the wording of Stimpak, Size of enemies, new weapons, new side missions not in game but my own personal ones short so it will not stop progress into the main story for long.

names will be added more then before and personality will also be improved, added as I am now not afraid of adding personality as I was previously. yes had that problem finally over came it.

I will think about opening a Discord to post the maps of the Game I use to help you enjoy it more.

I have no choice but to go back through my novel as I have forgotten all names, besides Wallace, MC, ... that is it lol.

sorry for bringing this up after saying I will not be posting a update to mess with you but this is for the Novel so it should be alright? right? yes? good. thanks for understanding!

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