Fairy Tail X
7 Picking Up Members
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Fairy Tail X
Author :TheSystemsChild
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7 Picking Up Members

I don't know if anyone is still keeping this novel in their list. I don't even know if somebody will still read this. I'm not a good writer. I can't come up with great novel ideas. Even with this one, it is still hard for me to write this. If anyone is gonna read this, thank you. If none, it's okay since I'm just writing this because I just want to rewrite the ending of Fairy Tail.

I am going to continue writing the novel. I will still going to stick with the original plan and try to write this by the manga(book). I welcome ideas but please make it reasonable for the plot or upcoming plot. I am trying to make this fan-fic a spin-off like fan-fic.


They started their journey, running away from the kingdom's soldiers. After leaving Crocus, they arrived at a small quiet city.

"What's wrong, Natsu?" Happy said noticing him being so absent-minded.

"It's so peaceful. Hmmm. Should we wreck havoc?" As he stared at the tranquil atmosphere. "No! Of course not, you idiot" She smacked Natsu with a paper fan that who knows where did that came from.

"I wanna cut loose, damn it! What was the point of all that training?" Natsu yelled on god knows who. Then he looked at Lucy enlightened as he remembered. "Lucy, rematch. It is time for our rematch." He eagerly said as he was already pumped up.

"Sure... Is that what you want me to say? No way. Hahaha" Lucy, of course, still want to keep her victory over Natsu so she quickly change the topic. "We should get going. We still need to go to Margaret City. That's where Lamia Scale is."

"Oohhh, Lyon and Jura's guild, right?" Natsu said as his eyes twinkled thinking about fighting them.

"And you'll never guess who else is also in Lamia Scale." Lucy smiled mysteriously to both males.

Arriving at Margaret City. It was their annual Thanksgiving Day. This event was being led by Lamia Scale itself. Different guild members, even their guild master, performed their talents for the citizens of Margaret City. Then, two young girls appeared next. It was Chelia and Wendy, the so-called sky sisters.

"Looks like we came at the right time". Lucy said as they begin to watch the two girls performed.

"What the hell is she doing there?" Natsu said as both him and happy are dumbfounded to see Wendy.

"Ah hehehe. Well, it's Thanksgiving Day." She laughed as she remembered that she was shocked like them as well before.

"I am already expecting you guys. Lucy, Natsu and male cat, I mean, Happy." A cat-eared girl appeared behind them.

"Long time no see, Carla." "Eeeeeehhhh!!!" Natsu and Happy was shocked at seeing Carla while Carla was shocked that Lucy figured out who she was immediately.

"Oh well. Let's not talk about it here." Carla then led the group to the Lamia Scale's headquarters.

After the event, Natsu talked to Wendy and Carla about Fairy Tail's return. Wendy hesitates. Then, a riot happened. Then, it was resolved by Natsu overpowering the enemies. Then, Wendy and Chelia resolves their issues. Wendy and Carla chose to go with the group.

'Everything went almost exactly the same as the previous timeline.' Lucy thought.

There is both bad and good thing about it. The bad thing is nothing changed and it might still points to the destruction of everything. The good thing, however, is that there's no tragic hidden variable yet to pop out. Since nothing change, they can prepare for the worst possible outcome.

Seeing Lucy in daze, Natsu went face to face with her. "Lucy... Where are we going next?"

"Kyaaahh". Seeing Natsu right in front of her face, she was startled and slapped Natsu in the face while blushing. 'Yep, nothing changed'.

"Hey, what was that for?" Natsu angrily responses while massaging his bulged cheeks.

"You should know. Hmp. Well, let's see... West of here, there is a small town called Sea Hare Village but, due to some phenomenon, it was being called now as Rainfell Village."

"Phenomenon?!" "Are there many fish there?"

Lucy facepalmed at Happy's remark, "Well, it seems that it never stops raining there"

"Rain??? You mean to tell us..." "No fishes?"

"You'll know when we get there" Lucy smiled mysteriously to both of them. 'I miss you Juvia.'

Arriving at Sea Hare Village...

They went inside the town. "I can smell Juvia's scent. It's this way."

Sitting at a bench, a girl with azure blue hair wearing a sapphire blue coat drenched with rain water can be seen.

"Hey~ Juvia~!!" Natsu greeted jovially but greeted by a launched hug from Juvia.

"Gray-Sama~~<3. Juvia missed you." Juvia said as she thought of Gray returning.

"Whops stop right there missy. Yo, been well?" Natsu blocked the incoming Juvia with a smile on his face.

"Natsu-san... Lucy and Wendy, too" Juvia's pent up emotions finally been released seeing familiar faces and collapsed. They hurriedly carried her inside the house and Wendy took care of her immediately as she noticed her high fever due to being exposed to the heavy rain.

"I can smell a bit of gray here" Natsu noticed as he went looking inside the house.

"Juvia has been living here with Gray" She said while heavily breathing. "The two of us together <3"

"That is quite a smug grin you got there." Lucy was still worried even though she already knows this would happen. But, unlike others, she already composed herself.

Juvia begins telling everyone how she and Gray have been living together and that one day Gray started going out for an errand on his own more and more and that it's already been almost half a year since he last came back.

"Juvia tried to walk around to look for him but i can't find Gray-sama anywhere so Juvia decided to wait here where all our memories together are." Tears begin to fall on Juvia's eyes.

"Don't worry. I'll drag him back here. I'll find him no matter what it takes. I'm gonna bring all of the together and revive Fairy Tail." Natsu clenched his fist looking very determined.

"Ohh?? So what's your plan?" Lucy raises her eyebrows as she asked Natsu with a smile.

"I'm going to Sabertooth. If I recall, it was pretty close by, wasn't it?" Natsu looking outside the window missed Lucy smile.

"I see. You'll search for Rogue and get his mission to find Gray. Well, I do know where Gray is."

"How-" "I knew it. You're his mistress. Gray-sama is betraying me to meet you. Waaaahhh" Natsu was shocked that Lucy knows what he thought of, but quickly got shutted down by Juvia's whining before even got the chance to ask.

"It's not that, you idiot." The paper fan magically appeared as she smacked Juvia in the head.

"Umm.. Lucy-san. Juvia-san is still sick so - uhmmm-"

"Ooops. Sorry." Teehee.

"Unlike you guys, I do kept in touch with the others." She said as she brought out a magical device in her pocket.

"Code Orange, this is Code Yellow. I got them all here now. Execute ASCENSION OF FAIRIES"
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